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Eventually, Nate reached where he was supposed to see the game sealer. but they were no one there, on the spot where he used to see the game sealer. no one was there.

" where is he?" Nate almost shouted with his brown frown.

it was a cross-line junction, at the side of the road near the traffic light, where Nate usually sees the sealer man.

is he not here or did I come too early? Nate thought to himself as he looked around to see if he can spot anyone on the street.

but the place he was in the street, was a place known for being deserted, with only a few people walking on the street pedestrian road.

if Im too early, then I think I should just wait for him to come with that thought in mind, Nate went to find a spot to sit down on the road.

one should know that Nate was too excited after school time was over, that he did not even care to check the time.

After finding a spot to sit down, Nate starts to wait for the game sealer.

After waiting about an hour, they were still no sign of the game sealer.

" What is taking him too long?"

after staying in the same spot for about more two hours, Nate became uneasy.

he couldn stand waiting any longer and decided to go and ask the few people around.

finding a shop that was opened in the middle of the street. Nate decided to go in.

They are no need for him to knock since it was just a shop that only seals, clothes.

" Hey, have you seen the man that seals Video games plate, and Virtual Reality game cards, over there?" Nate asked a chubby man, who looks like a woman with lipstick on his mouth.

They were a slight pause, as the man looked at Nate from head to toe.

"so what do you want darling," the man said coming a bit closer to Nates face.

Fu*k yourself, Nate, you hit the jackpot this time around Nate caused inwardly at himself.

But even at that Nate did not want to give up so early.

" I said do you know the man-sealing games, outside?" repeated his question.

" get out"

"What?" a confusing sign appeared on Nates face.

"Security!" the man called out.

on hearing security, Nate dashes out of the store the next instant.

" is it because Im not in my school uniform?" Nate caused this while leaving the store.

he was sure that if he was in his school uniform, the man wouldn have spoken to him like that, but he is not in his school uniform, so he has no choice but to go and look for another person that might know the sealer.

Nate had taken off his school uniform because he was not just in a deserted street, but also a dangerous one in that case. After all, the street was not isolated for no reason.

soon, Nate found another person to ask, but just then he heard someone calling out for him.

turning back only to see an old man with envelopes like paper in his hand.

"where have you been?" that out man asked.

"Really? Im the one that has answered those questions now right?" Nates eyes raised.

" Anyway, we

e his the package?" Nate straight out his hand.

"no. you will have to show me the cash first," the old man said taking back the envelope in his pocket.

silly old man thought Nate as he hand over the bundle of money to the old man.

"I hope this is not a scam" Nate dropped those words before zooming off to the distance.

The old man shook his head and said.

" Im sorry young lad, but I have to eat"


Soon, Nate arrived at his house and went straight to the bathroom to take his shower.

he lives in a one-room apartment.

how he came to live in such a place was still a misery.

one should know that Nate was given a house, a scholarship, a VR helmet, and platforms for the reward after beating a game programmer on his own game.

but Nate had sold the house and used most of the money to buy more VR game cards.

Just like a DVD plat, a VR card is what allows a player to play a different type of game.

VR card is more expensive than DVD game.

VR helmets have two types of helmets, one is known as the mental helmet.

While the other is the Platform helmet.

The mental helmet, just like its name, uses the players mental energy to transfer their consciousness into the game.

Meanwhile, the platform helmet is the one that the player would have to stay on a platform.

Its quite expensive, for one to have such, it was meanly owned by the rich people. but luckily for Nate, he was awarded one after defeating the programmer.

People believe that playing with the platform VR helmet was more fun.

one is that it gives the players free assess to freedom. another is that its more realistic than the mental helmet.

But they are also one thing about Platform VR game, and that is that it allows you to use your physical body to control yourself in the game, and this can also in a way make you stronger in rail life.

soon, Nate came out of the bathroom.

After setting things, in other, Nate went and wore black clothes that is elastic.

The reason for this is that he wants to have free movement while in the game.

Nate brought out the envelope and opened it.

looking inside, Nate could see a jet-black card with a red blood tundra bot crossing in the center. it was the same size as a credit card.

Seeing this left Nates mouth to drop.

without wasting time, Nate plugged the card into the slot and wait for it to start.

[Zombie game]

[Are you sure you want to play this game?]

[ Yes or No]

just then a message popped out in Nates interface shortly after put on the helmet on his head.

" what is this"

Nates gut has a bad feeling about the game.

"Who programmed this game, is this how you introduce your game to your players?"

"if thats it, just know it won work on me"

Nate before clicking yes.

quite unbeknownst to him, that he just took a path that he will never return from.





[Welcome to the zombie game]

this was all Nate heard before he lost consciousness.

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