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chapter 57

Finale (5)

After Chen Yan left, Cheng Yin fell on the bed and looked at the ceiling.

She reached out and touched her face, which was as hot as a tomato taken out of boiling water.

It’s Cheng Sheng’s fault for reminding her ambiguously before he left, making it seem like she was here to spend time with Chen Yan as a couple.

She obviously just came to watch the game, ah.

Thinking of this, Cheng Yin retrieved her camera from her backpack and confirmed the battery level and other things.

After eating lunch at the hotel, Cheng Yin studied for a while and took a nap in the big bed.

When she woke up, the long afternoon had not yet passed.

It was boring.

She rolled over ten times in five minutes, couldn’t find anything to do, so she stayed in a daze until the evening.

During this time she wanted to go find Chen Yan, but they seem to be very busy and serious, and Cheng Yin secretly looked from a distance, and did not dare to disturb.

Until the night before bed, Cheng Yin is desperate.

She hastily took a bath, lying in bed.

When her consciousness blurred, the intermittent knocking on the door woke her up.

Cheng Yin flew out of bed, ran to the bathroom and combed her hair twice, went to the door, and took a deep breath before saying, “Who is it”

“It’s me.”

It’s Chen Yan.

Cheng Yin pulled open the door, revealing her head only.

“What’s wrong”

Chen Yan raised a carton of milk in his hand.

“Are you asleep”

“Just about to sleep.”

“Have you ever stayed alone in a hotel before”


Speaking here, Chen Yan paused for a moment.

“Hmm, warmed up some milk for you.”

Cheng Yin took the milk, held it in her hand, and just looked at Chen Yan.

The two of them looked at each other, and they were speechless for a while.

Cheng Yin’s palm warmed up, don’t know if it was because of the warmed milk, or because Chen Yan was standing in front of her.

There was no one in the aisle, and it was so quiet that they could hear their own breathing.

For a long time, Chen Yan lifted his chin.

“Shall I go in and have a seat”

“Ah, I’m going to sleep.”

Cheng Yin blurted out, accompanied by a blush that curled up on her face.

After saying this, she regretted it, but it seemed too late.

Chen Yan took a step back and said, “Then you rest early.

I’m also going to sleep.”

Cheng Yin could only nod: “Then …… good night.”

Chen Yan turned around and took a step, then returned and leaned down to drop a kiss on Cheng Yin’s forehead.

“Good night.”

Cheng Yin stunned for a long time, until Chen Yan’s figure disappeared at the end of the corridor, before she closed the door and lay back on the bed.

Just like reflecting on her own mistakes after a fight, Cheng Yin is now wondering what would have happened next if she hadn’t said she was going to sleep.

Chen Yan came in to sit for a while, and will he leave

Cheng Yin lost sleep because of this.

She took out her phone for the third time and saw that it was eleven o’clock and threw it away again.

If she keeps playing with her phone, she won’t be able to sleep tonight.

Just when she was about to force herself to sleep under the covers, the doorbell rang again.

Cheng Yin thought she had heard wrong and didn’t move.

The doorbell rang again.

She walked to the door, and this time without asking, but looked out through the cat’s eye.

It was Chen Yan again.

He changed his clothes, white short-sleeves and gray shorts, looks like pajamas.

After a long time waiting for the door to open, he seemed uneasy and looked a little nervous.

Cheng Yin opened the door.

The two of them are facing each other again, but no words.

This time, no one spoke first.

Chen Yan passed Cheng Yin and went to the room.

Cheng Yin was not sure what she should do, but she closed the door, anyway.

When she turned around, she found that Chen Yan was already sitting on the edge of the bed.

“You ……”

“I can’t sleep.” Chen Yan looked at her.

“Did you fall asleep”

Cheng Yin blushed and lied.

“I had two dreams.”

Not sure if Chen Yan believed it or not, Cheng Yin only saw him rubbing his hair and then waving at her.

“I’ll sleep at your place tonight, okay”

Cheng Yin found that almost every word she said today was spontaneous, without passing through her head.


Chen Yan smiled and looked relaxed all over.

“Then come over and sleep.”

Cheng Yin walked to the edge of the bed, lying down against the edge of the bed, with her back facing Chen Yan and her eyes closed.

Seems to be sleeping.

After a while, the other side of the bed felt sunken in.

With the approach of the breath around, Cheng Yin’s eyelashes are trembling.

But a distance separated the two.

After five minutes, maybe fifty minutes, Cheng Yin is not sure, anyway.

She felt Chen Yan reached around her waist, slowly approaching, until his breath patted on her neck.

Nothing was said, and nothing more was done.

A sleepless night, Cheng Yin was awake until dawn.

When she woke up again, Chen Yan was no longer there.

She sat on the bed and stared for a while.

If not for the messy sheets around her, she would have thought last night was a dream.

She swiped her phone to check the time, only to find that Chen Yan had sent her a message.

“Got up early in the morning, didn’t bother you.

Make a call to the front desk and they will send breakfast up.

Come downstairs at nine.

My mom will pick you up in the lobby.”

Cheng Yin looked at the time: six o’clock sent.

So he left at six o’clock.

Cheng Yin reply with “okay.”

When eating breakfast, she suddenly remembered what was wrong.

She jumped to the bedside and grabbed the phone, confirming that Chen Yan had indeed given her the words, “My mom will pick you up in the lobby.”

His mother

Teacher Wang

A person who has never experienced it will never understand what it is like to be with a teacher’s son.

Anyway, Cheng Yin was very nervous and worried that Teacher Wang would ask a question to test her.

Now it’s already 8:50, there’s no time to hesitate.

Cheng Yin went downstairs and saw Wang Huiyun sitting on the sofa in the lobby.

But what she doesn’t know is that Wang Huiyun is even more nervous than she is right now.

Last night, Chen Yan, that scoundrel, invited her to watch the game, played a touching mother-son love and made Wang Huiyun stunned, and then he said the real purpose, let her take care of his girlfriend.

The actual purpose of the “care”, in fact, Wang Huiyun understands, is to let them meet each other.

Then, let’s meet, her son hardly found a girlfriend, it is necessary to show a little.

Then Chen Yan said, actually they have met before.

Wang Huiyun searched her mind for all the female friends of Chen Yan she had met.

However, she couldn’t guess who it was, and Chen Yan said straight away that it was the “Cheng Yin”.

Wang Huiyun’s blood surged, and her mind was full of insults to his son.

It’s really inhuman.

People send their children to make-up classes, and as a result, not only did they spend money, but they also lost their child.

Two nervous people went to the competition arena together.

Cheng Yin sat in the seats of the audience, holding the phone and kept typing.

Wang Huiyun asked her what she was doing and Cheng Yin said she was taking notes.

Wang Huiyun froze.

“What notes”

“I’m going to write a press release when I go back to school.”

“Oh ……” Wang Huiyun nodded before remembering that Cheng Yin was studying journalism at the university.

At this moment, there is an announcement that the competition is about to start, and Cheng Yin has her camera hanging around her neck again, ready to take pictures.

Because of the special condition of the fencing competition, it was fast and accurate, and each match did not last long.

When Chen Yan was on the field, Cheng Yin forgot to take pictures and was standing the whole time watching the match.

The game is not as exciting as the Big Three, but focuses on the calmness and sensitivity of the athletes, so the atmosphere is less intense.

T/N: (football, basketball and volleyball)

But it still makes Cheng Yin nervous and sweaty.

Every time they scored, the audience would let out a cheer.

Watching the numbers on the scoreboard keep changing, Cheng Yin sighed in relief.

It’s stable.

She sat down, and the surrounding audience clapped and cheered together, seeing Chen Yan off the stage.

Next was the team competition, with a brief break in between.

The reporters were excited and scattered in all directions to interview the audience.

Cheng Yin didn’t expect three reporters to come to her at the same time.

All of them were men.

Wow, she’s going to be interviewed.

She fixed her hair and sat upright, waiting for the reporters to come.

As the three reporters crossed the aisle, they realized each other’s intentions and picked up their pace.

Two of them came up next to Cheng Yin, and the one in blue squeezed the reporter in red next to him, blocking him behind himself.

The reporter in red glared at him before walking away.

The reporter in blue came over with a smile and he handed the microphone to Cheng Yin.

“Miss, can you please give us a brief interview for two minutes”

Cheng Yin saw the reporter kept smiling at her, so she also smiled and said, “Sure.”

The reporter, who was young and an intern, became more nervous when he saw Cheng Yin smiling at him.

The original question, “What do you think about this game” turned into a personal question.

“May I ask why you came to watch this game”

Cheng Yin smiled and turned her head to look at the match.

“My boyfriend asked me to come.”

The reporter’s smile lightened a bit, looked around Cheng Yin, and saw no man.

“Your boyfriend didn’t come”

“Yes, he came.”

“Where is he”



Looking at the reporter’s confused face, Wang Huiyun couldn’t hold back a laugh.

The reporter looked over in confusion again and seemed to understand a little, “Your boyfriend is ……”

“It’s Chen Yan ah, do you want to interview my feelings Let me say it, today he played as usual.

Anyway, he is always powerful and handsome.”


Originally, he saw a beautiful woman in the audience and wanted to tease her, but he didn’t expect to be thrust with a mouthful of dog food..

The reporter asked a couple of questions and left.

After the award, reporters and the audience swarmed up.

Some want to interview, some want to take a photo.

Cheng Yin can not stand out from the crowd, and her hair is all messed up.

She saw that Chen Yan was being interviewed, so she waved her hand.

Unexpectedly, Chen Yan really saw her.

His mouth was answering the reporter’s questions, but his eyes fell on her outstretched hand, the corners of his mouth hooked up.

Cheng Yin looked at his spirited look and wanted to take pictures to remember this moment.

But she looked down and found that the camera hanging around her neck had disappeared.

Where did it go

Cheng Yin turned around and did not see it on the ground.

Is it lost when squeezing into the crowd

But she also can not go out now.

How to find the camera

Just when she was anxious, a pair of shoes appeared in front of her.

Cheng Yin looked up, and Chen Yan was standing in front of her.

“What are you looking for”

Along with Chen Yan coming over, there was a crowd of reporters and the audience’s eyes.

Cheng Yin was embarrassed and whispered, “I lost my camera, it was clearly hanging around my neck.”

Chen Yan looked at her neck.

She wore a pure white dress today, and she was not used to wearing jewelry, so her chest looked a little empty.

“Then, it’s a coincidence.” Chen Yan said.


Chen Yan took off the gold medal on his chest, hung it around Cheng Yin’s neck, and said in a voice that only two people could hear, “Give a place for my bride price.”

Even though there were many people there, Cheng Yin couldn’t help but look up at Chen Yan and smile.

In the audience, Wang Huiyun used Cheng Yin’s camera to capture this scene.



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