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Ch64 - Little Sugar Cake’s Shura Field

Life is like a drama, it all depends on acting.


At the same time, another place in the Fu family.

In Fu Yunxi’s villa.



Fu Wei looked at the little crying baby with a complicated expression.

This is the first time he has seen his half-brother, and his home has ushered in a new life eight years after he left. 

Fu Wei looked at the baby in the crib, but he didn’t have any emotion in his heart, he only felt complicated.


He still remembers that although he came from a wealthy family, his father still spends a lot of time with him.

When he was a child, his father often took him to the park to play.

He happily played on the slide, while his father looked at him while smiling.

He always thought that his father would watch him grow up, start a family and start a career with such a smile.

And it all ended in the summer of his mother’s death, and it was from the hands of this child’s mother.


Treating this child as his younger brother, he can’t do it yet.

“Second Young Master” The servant in charge of taking care of the baby looked at Fu Wei anxiously.

Fu Wei woke up from his thoughts.

He looked at the surroundings and asked the servant: “What’s his name” The servant didn’t take care of the child.

When he came, the child was crying hoarse, but still, no one came over.


The servant also knew that he was negligent, and said resentfully: “Mr.

Fu hasn’t given him a name yet.

For the time being, everyone is calling him baby.” Not only did he not have a name, if the paternity test hadn’t been done, this child would not have been able to enter the Fu family’s door. 

Originally, the child and Mr.

Fu were on the same floor, but Mr.

Fu was irritated by the noise, and asked them to change the child’s room.

Fu Wei frowned and asked: “Where’s Dad”

The servant smiled apologetically: “Mr.

Fu has been busy these days, and he hasn’t been home for several days.”

Haven’t been home for several days 

What happened

Fu Yunxi has always held idle positions in Xingchen, he has no rights and has nothing to do, so why is he so busy

Fu Wei also knew Fu Yunxi’s weakness and naivety in the business world.

He asked again: “With whom” 

The servant shook his head blankly and said: “Second Young Master is joking.

How could Sir tell us about this kind of thing  I only heard that it was a developer from outside.”

What outside investors Does elder brother know about this


Fu Wei frowned.

The sobbing of the child in the room gradually subsided, and this time, Fu Yunxin’s voice came from outside the door: “Is Wei Wei here” 

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection.

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Fu Wei walked out, and his father came in proudly with a briefcase outside the door, and when he saw him, he said: “Go home, ah.

Why should the family make such a fuss like this, I’ll persuade dad later.”

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Ktf gfijalbcrtlq yfakffc ojatfg jcv rbc tjr jirb fjrfv veglcu atlr alwf. 

Fu Wei nodded in reply with a rare peace of mind and said: “Well, just come to take a look.”

Fu Yunxi sat on the sofa and smiled and said: “Don’t leave when you come back.

It just so happens that I have good news to announce today.

I’ll call your brother over later, and our family will have a good meal together.”

After he finished speaking, he said to the servant: “Make more dishes tonight.”


Little Sugar Cake, pretended that he did not hear it.

If he dared to lose contact with Secretary Zhang for a whole day, he would be finished when he goes to work on Monday.

So how could Little Sugar Cake still be in the mood to play with these two cats, his mind was full of thoughts about how to sneak out and change to Yi Ning.

He turned his head to look at Fu Xiao with a guilty conscience, and prepared to slip out as if nothing had happened. 

Who knew that his paws had just taken a step, when a pair of broad hands hugged him.

Fu Xiao hugged him and sat on the sofa.

Little Sugar Cake played with Fu Xiao perfunctorily for a while, but his blue eyes couldn’t help looking out.

When will Fu Xiao leave ah. 

But Fu Xiao was sticking to him so much that he held him in his arms and refused to let go.

He knew that he was handsome and good, but Fu Xiao can’t stick to him like this, ah.


You’re really rushing this cat to die.

The blue eyes of the white lion cat kept looking out the window, so he did not find hat Fu Xiao’s eyes under those drooping eyelids has a deep smile as he leaned on the sofa. 

He watched as the time passed a little bit.

Little Sugar Cake managed to spot a gap and jumped down from Fu Xiao’s body.

He was about to go outside without caring about the rest, but just as he stepped out, Fu Xiao grabbed his waist, then pulled him back, and held him in his arms.

Little Sugar Cake looked at Fu Xiao and was about to die of worry.

Seeing Fu Xiao’s leisurely appearance, he knew that he would not be able to leave without serving Fu Xiao happily today. 

Thinking of this, Little Sugar Cake’s heart skipped a beat, just let it go, la!

When he raised his eyes again, Little Sugar Cake looked at the man holding him with watery blue eyes.

His eyes seemed to have the stars and the sea in them.

The white cat tilted his head innocently at the man, who was holding him.

Little Sugar Cake was already a big cat.

When lying in Fu Xiao’s arms, he almost occupied Fu Xiao’s arms.

The snow-white cat turned around in Fu Xiao’s arms, then stretched out his paws, and hugged Fu Xiao’s hand.

With his furry head against Fu Xiao’s chin, he called out, like a sticky huge rice cake that couldn’t be pulled off.

Fu Xiao snorted inexplicably.

Lying on the sofa is quite helpful, his slender flingers ran along the fluffy fur of Little Sugar Cake.

While looking at Fu Xiao’s eyes, Little Sugar Cake adjusted his strategy.

His two meat pads stepped on Fu Xiao’s arms regularly.

No matter how comfortable he is, he just wants to serve Fu Xiao comfortably. 

Very dog-legged.

Silly Bai Tian and Xiao Hei were stunned.

Xiao Hei said stupidly: “Is Little Sugar Cake so squeamish” That’s not how he usually look when he beats up a cat.

The action of Little Sugar Cake rubbing back and forth—— 

Silly Bai Tian couldn’t help but stretch out its paw and patted Xiao Hei’s head: “This is called acting spoiled.”

Little Sugar Cake’s voice couldn’t help shaking, he was crying inside.

His mighty and domineering image, ah!

Fu Xiao is also very satisfied with these.

Although Little Sugar Cake is usually very sticky, the amount is still very small, so he smiled in his heart. 

He even thought wickedly that it would be good to do this again a few more times in the future.

Fu Xiao completely forgot how the vengeful Little Sugar Cake would react once Little Sugar Cake found out that he did it on purpose.

But now, thinking about this, he raised his hand, then turned his head slightly, showing a good-looking profile, but his brow bone was a little high, his eyelashes were thick, and his facial features were extraordinarily deep.

Little Sugar Cake, who was holding his hand and wanted to lick his thumb, was pulled up straight.

Little Sugar Cake had just stuck out his pink tongue and was immediately pulled extremely closed to his face.


Little Sugar Cake, who was sticking out his tongue, just happened to meet Fu Xiao’s eyes.

Fu Xiao already took away his hand, but his tongue was still sticking out.

Little Sugar Cake was hesitating.

In this situation, it was strange for him to retract his tongue, but it was also strange to follow Fu Xiao’s hand to lick it. 

He raised his eyes and looked at Fu Xiao.

Fu Xiao’s dark eyes are like the shining midsummer starry sky, and he is a handsome man without a wife.

For a time, the white long-haired cat was bewitched by the beauty.

His head was dizzy, and he stuck out his pink tongue and licked Fu Xiao’s chin.

After a few seconds of silence, one person and one cat froze at the same time.

The white cat stood up from Fu Xiao’s arms, and walked out without looking back, but his pace seemed a little like he’s escaping. 

What happened to him How can he have done such a thing.

This time, Fu Xiao didn’t stop him, but after watching Little Sugar Cake leave, he touched the place where that barbed little tongue had just licked, and it was numb.

He couldn’t help but think of how Little Sugar Cake left just now.

It seemed he had bullied him too much. 

Finally, after selling his charm with great difficulty, he rushed back to his secret base.

Little Sugar Cake’s face was still a little hot.

He couldn’t help but regret it, why did he just run away, didn’t he just lick him

Isn’t it normal for him to lick big smelly socks Fu It’s not like he hasn’t licked him before, why does he look like a countryside cat who has never seen the world. 

Not to mention, Fu Xiao was covered by himself.

This is completely the boss’ care for his little brother, right that’s it.

So, the boss Little Sugar Cake quickly dressed up, then he simply sent a text message to Secretary Zhang to show that he understood.

He did not dare to delay even a bit, and this little brother appeared outside the remote path of Fu Xiao’s house.

The teenager trotted to the door of Fu’s house. 

Fu Xiao has already informed the guard.

The guard glanced at Su Zening, then called the villa, and let him in after confirming his indetity.

Seeing that the teenager was coming here for the first time, he asked enthusiastically: “Do you need me to take you to Mr.

Fu’s place”


Su Zening looked at the big tree with his paw print not far away, he sighed and shook his head silently.


The little assistant Su Zening stood in front of the big boss conscientiously and said: “Is there something wrong”

Fu Xiao seemed to be in a good mood and said: “Director Angus’ contact will be delivered later.

They are in a hurry, so after you read it, you can just sign it if you have no problems with it.”

Su Zening breathed a sigh of relief and nodded.

So that’s what this is about, ah. 

Under his feet, two cats looked up at him curiously.

Silly Bai Tian sniffed at Su Zening’s trousers in wonder.

He smelled the same as Little Sugar Cake.


Silly Bai Tian looked sideways at Little Sugar Cake watching the TV on the sofa, and looked back and forth in doubt.

Little Sugar Cake was clearly there. 

But from the very beginning, there was something wrong with Little Sugar Cake, as if he was sick, and his reaction was dull.

Fu Xiao raised his eyebrows and said: “Cats like you very much, ah.”

How could Su Zening hear Fu Xiao’s connotation He smiled in a low-key manner, and said boldly: “I’m very fond of cats.”

How can he not like cats 

Fu Xiao laughed in a rare low voice, then hugged the cat on the sofa and rubbed it in his arms: “This is my cat, it’s name is Little Sugar Cake.”

Su Zening originally wanted to keep a low profile, but then he thought that Fu Xiao didn’t know who he was anyway, so he praised himself sincerely: “No wonder, this cat is extraordinarily handsome and majestic, and it looks very powerful.”

Fu Xiao:  …

Sunnyshies: I felt guilty somehow (; ̄ー ̄川.

I even blame the author…although it’s just a “Yi Ning” mistake in the last chapter, anyway, that part should be blamed on my side.

Its my negligent.

The author has the habit of writing the wrong name, and it happened to Fu Xiao’s name several times.

So I thought it was the same in this part…anyway, the author would usually put “Catching bugs” to those chapters the author edited, and ch.

63 doesn’t have one.

Meaning, the mistake should be on my part, well the method how I tled my tls were really troublesome.

This is a trade secret( 〃 ▽〃) Man, I even dream of the author talking to me in an alien language.

Anyway, this is just to wash away my guilt, so I can tl freely from now on.

So this is my mistake, so if you guys find something wrong like this again, comment on it! 

BTW, in case someone recalls “Fu Xiao” that was supposedly Fu Wei, I have already checked it!! (* >ω

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