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Upon hearing this, Du Yu, who was kneeling on the ground, said obsequiously, “Master Yin, youre flattering me.”

Feng Qings expression turned cold.

“Call me Madam Xie here.”

Du Yu hurriedly changed his words.

“Yes, Madam Xie.

This is all a misunderstanding.

I was blind to not recognize you.

I even made you wait outside for so long just now.

Its all my fault.

Im willing to go to the Sacred Island and swear allegiance to the Xie family.

I just hope that you can forgive me.”

Xie Ruoyun : “…”

The others : “”

The conversation between Feng Qing and Du Yu was very simple.

Moreover, the two of them did not say much in total.

They could understand what every sentence meant when it was taken out individually, but when these words were all pieced together, they could not understand.

Especially when they saw Du Yu kneeling towards Feng Qing with a fawning smile, it simply made them feel incredulous.

A few minutes ago, Du Yu was still high and mighty to Feng Qing, but now, he looked like he was willing to be Feng Qings underling.

This scene was really too difficult for Xie Ruoyun and the rest to understand.

Feng Qing gritted her teeth and bit off the fruit candy in her mouth.

“Hmph, you still have the cheek to mention swearing allegiance.

Dont you know your own level With me, you can at most be an errand boy.”

Du Yu nodded and hurriedly replied, “Yes, yes.

Madam Xie is right.

Im only worthy of being your errand boy.

It was all my fault just now.

I hope you can give me a chance.”

Hearing this, Xie Ba and the rest finally understood a little.

At least, they knew that this famous weapon master of the entire Seven Stars Continent had actually known Feng Qing long ago.

Moreover, the two of them should have a relationship of a superior and subordinate.

At the thought of this, Xie Ba asked curiously, “Young Madam, you have a company outside too Then whats the name of your company Isnt Du Yu a weapons development master at the Seven Stars Continents Research Institute Why would he go to your company to be an errand boy Or… is this just a secret code between the both of you”

Xie Ba felt that the errand boy Du Yu was talking about should be a secret code between him and Feng Qing.

It was a saying that only the two of them could understand.

After all, it was a little unimaginable for a researcher like Du Yu to run errands.

Feng Qing snorted and said perfunctorily, “Its nothing.

I just opened a small company a few years ago.

Old Du is usually in charge of the hygiene and breakfast in the small company.”

Everyone : “…”

Ignoring everyones expressions, Feng Qing said with a look of disdain, “Back then, when my small company was recruiting employees, I already knew Old Dus identity and knew that he was very talented and famous in weapon development.

However, in my opinion, his standard is only so-so.

Hes not worthy of being called a master.

I brought you all here today because I thought that Xie Ruoyun had introduced me to a powerful person, and that person only had the same name as Du Yu, who was under me.

I didnt expect that he was the same person, so I said that Xie Ruoyun disappointed me too much!”

Hearing these words, Xie Ruoyuns expression turned completely flustered.

She couldnt accept Feng Qings words at all.

She had spent so much effort to obtain the contact information and place of the Seven Stars Continents Weapons Master, Du Yu, and had spent so much effort setting a trap for Feng Qing to enter.

However, when she reached this step, she realized that the Seven Stars Continents Weapons Master she was proud of was actually a small employee running errands in a small company under Feng Qings name.

This was simply unbelievable and completely overturned her worldview.

Even if all of this was true, was Feng Qing blind to only let Du Yu be in charge of taking out the trash and buying breakfast Could it be that she didnt know how high Du Yus level of scientific research was

“No, this is impossible.

You must be lying to me.

Master Du Yu, youre the most famous weapon development master in the Seven Stars Continent.

Why did you go to Young Madams small company to be an errand boy” Xie Ruoyun said in panic.

“Hmph, what do you know! Im a useless person.

Im only worthy of being an errand boy in Madam Xies small company, and Im willing to do it,” Du Yu said arrogantly.

“Oh my god, Master Du Yu, what are you thinking Why did you do this Why did you humiliate yourself like this” Xie Ruoyun asked unwillingly.

“Hey, do you know how to speak If you dont know how to speak, shut up.

No one will treat you as a mute.

What do you mean by humiliating myself Its my lifelong honor to be able to work under Madam Xie, even if I have to be an errand boy.” Du Yu retorted.


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