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  That day, Lu Gu changed out of his wedding dress at the Lu Family.

Ji Qiuyue saw it and took it with her when she left. 


    The fabric for the wedding dress was bought by the Shen family, and it wasn't originally made for Lu Gu.

Lu Gu had no idea about the price of the clothes.

He just wondered why Wei Lanxiang brought him. 


    Wei Lanxiang took him to talk to the pedestrians on the commercial street to find customers.

Fenggu Town was still lively, and there were more opportunities when there were more people.

However, there would be a happy event in someone's home, asked for price, but Wei Lanxiang felt that she gave too little.

Even if the dress not new, it was only worn for one day, so how could they sold it at such a low price. 


    "I said that my sister also knows the goods.

Whoever sees this fabric can say it's good.

It costs five hundred wen just for the dress.

In addition to the embroidery work, you look at the stitches, how much thought it took, let alone you only give two hundred , if you really want it, three hundred." 


    After hearing the three hundred, the bargaining woman pouted, but the material was really good, and the price was cheaper than made it herself.

Pressing it again, she picked the dress: "This dress is too big, it will take a lot of work to change it when I go back, and it will take a lot of effort to find similar materials to make the shoes." 


    She said, and suddenly caught a glimpse of the wedding shoes on Lu Gu's feet, and looked at the pair of linen cloth wrapped around his head.

There was a faint blood on the forehead.

It looked like he had hurt his head.

She seemed startled, and said: "This is what you wore The dress has blood, didn't he get hurt,  unlucky because of wearing this wedding dress." 


    Hearing this, Wei Lanxiang immediately became unhappy, pulled back the wedding dress from the woman's hand, and said, "What is auspicious and unlucky, sister, you want to buy it, just buy it, if you don't buy it, forget it, what do you say when you're like this.” 


    She turned to Lu Gu and said, “Let’s go, don’t sell it, go somewhere else.” 


    Lu Gu hurriedly followed, feeling uneasy in his heart, very afraid because of him they couldn't sell the dress. 


    The woman behind her was a little anxious.

She just used the injured shuang'er to attack, so as to reduce the price.

If she could win it with two hundred yuan, who would care if it was unlucky or not.

She shouted twice from the back, and said to discuss it again. 


    Wei Lanxiang just pretended that she didn't hear it.

Good words made that person's words sounded too ugly.

It was better to find another buyer. 


    The two turned to another street, which was closer to Fangshi.

Wei Lanxiang said to Lu Gu, "I'm going to sell this.

You wait here, don't go anywhere."


    It took a lot of thought, and people could no longer squeeze her to suppress the price. 


    Lu Gu stood where he was and didn't follow.

There were people coming and going around, and he was a little helpless in the middle of it. 


    They walked along the street while selling the dress, seeing Wei Lanxiang walking forward, he hastily followed behind, not too close, only in the range where Wei Lanxiang could be seen. 


    As soon as Wei Lanxiang looked back and saw him, her heart was at ease, so she no longer worried about Lu Gu. 


    After walking around the town for an hour and a half, and finally sold the clothes for 300 pennies, Wei Lanxiang carried the cloth-covered basket tightly and took Lu Gu to the cloth shop. 


    Wedding dress was not as easy to sell as ordinary clothes, and you had to be lucky to meet someone with a happy event.

Besides, the rich and wealthy households didn't like this style of fabric.

Only farmers and ordinary people in Fenggu Town would come up to take a look.

If it was too expensive, people might as well buy the cloth and went back and made it themselves, so they could only sell it cheap. 


    It was not bad to sell it for 300 pennies, at least she didn't need to touch the ones she saved. 


    In the cloth shop, Wei Lanxiang spent 80 yuan to buy a piece of rough indigo fabric.

The fabric was not as good as the wedding dress, but it was dyed brightly and looked much better and not cheap. 


    When she bought the cloth, she compared it to Lu Gu, but Lu Gu stood still and didn't dare to move, so he let her compare. 


    After leaving the shop, Wei Lanxiang said to Lu Gu as she walked, "This fabric will be used to make new clothes for you.

Can you do the work" 


    80 pennies were an incomparably high price for Lu Gu.

When he was eleven his mother died, and he hadn't learned how to sew clothes.

After Du Hehua came, he had no chance.

Unlike loach, he didn't dare to waste such expensive fabric, so he honestly shook his head. 


    Making clothes was a big job.

Shuang'er, who was seventeen or eighteen years old, hadn't seen much of the world, and the poor family didn't have much fabric to waste.

Lu Gu was not the only one who was unfamiliar with life.

Seeing that he looked a little scared, Wei Lanxiang said "It doesn't matter if you don't know.

You can learn it slowly later.

Your sister-in-law is very good at making waistcoats, but it's not very capable when you make a full body.

Sometimes you need to spend more fabric." 


    Lu Gu couldn't answer, he just listened carefully, noon was over early, and the two hurried back.


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