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After taking the medicine Emily gave me for a few days, I got better. 


I was in a little bad condition, but I didn’t have a problem moving.


It’s finally the day for me to run away.


At the same time, it was a day when I couldn’t even guess what the demon worshipers were going to do.


‘I just have to get through this moment well.’


Then the escape is a success.


I thought so and went out of the room.


Then someone came out of the room next door.

It was Emily.


Emily was staying in the room next to where I was staying.


‘She said she’s on vacation from today.’


Because it was a vacation, Emily was wearing a pretty dress.

Her heavenly dress and her blonde hair slid down her shoulders.


“You’re beautiful, Emily.” 


“…Thank you, Rosie.” 


Emily smiled shyly.


I looked at her and smiled too.


If it goes as planned, this moment was the last time for Emily.






“Thank you for treating me so well.”


Emily’s eyes widened at my words.


“If you say that, it sounds like you’re going to leave me.”


I smiled silently.


Emily also smiles as if she didn’t think too deeply about what I was saying.


“You’re grateful to me, aren’t you, Rosie”



A lot.” 


It was with Emily’s help that I was able to adapt well to this place.


If it weren’t for her, I’d be a little lonely.


“Have a good time at the festival, Emily.”


That’s how I said goodbye, maybe for the last time. 




Many nobles were invited to a banquet held the day before the last day of the festival. 


Many carriages went in and out of the Marquis’ main gate, and nobles held out invitations near the banquet hall in an elegant gesture.


‘I think I set a good date for my escape.’


It’s busy and hectic because there are so many people.


As of today, fewer people will be watching Richard.




“—The Marquis moved the monster to the annex”


It was the sound I heard while trying to deliver Richard’s meal.


Why did he suddenly move Richard to the annex


I wondered if he had been thrown into a punishment room, but fortunately, he locked him in another room in the annex.


I went straight to the annex with his meal.


What the hell is going on


Today is the day for me to run away.

And a day before Richard’s escape.


I was worried about the sudden change. 


Sure enough.


In front of the annex, there was a carriage used to escort criminals.


When I saw iron bars that looked like prison bars blocking the carriage, I was surprised and asked a knight nearby. 


“…What is that”


“It’s a carriage to move the monster.”


—Are they going to move Richard again


Many people at the banquet, so did they just put Richard here for now 


It was a time when I was stunned and didn’t understand this situation.


“Ah, Rosie.”


Argen approached this way with a leisurely pace.


It was a banquet today, so Argen’s appearance was beautiful.

But that was all.


It has mysterious green eyes.


When I saw those cold eyes, my body went cold.


“I’m moving the monster today.”


“…Moving the monster”


“Something happened.

There’s someone who wants to see that monster—” 


Argen, who was always looking down on other people and smirking, got an annoyed look on his face.


At the same time, he looked a bit nervous.


“I moved the monster to the annex so that it wouldn’t be seen by the guests at the banquet.

I’m planning to move that monster a little bit before evening, just so you know in advance.” 




What kind of variable is this


Argen left the annex after finishing his business.


I arrived at Richard’s room, guided by the knights.




I’m doomed.


Richard was lying dead.

A familiar bottle was rolling around.


Did he feed him the opaque black liquid he had given Richard before


I watched the groaning Richard and swallowed the curse of popping out. 


‘How did I recover him!’


I worked hard to get in touch with Richard to get him to break the resistance so he could escape on his own tomorrow. 


It hasn’t been a month yet, so there should be no problem at all!


I felt like tearing my hair out.


“Then, maid, we’ll get going.”


“Yes, please go—” 


As soon as they finished speaking, the door closed.




The knights went out.


I stood up and called out to Richard in despair.


“…Please wake up.”




It seems like the condition is no joke.


‘Should I just throw him away and run away by myself’


That’s a wise way. 


Even if Richard can’t escape tomorrow, I’ve done enough all this time, right 


We weren’t going to run away together anyway.


Even if I tried to rationalize it like that, Richard was still a stumbling block in the corner of my heart.


I saw Richard crouching helplessly and closing his eyes as if dead.


“…You’re supposed to cut off your restraints and run away tomorrow.”




“But what if you get hurt like this” 





Answer me, huh”


I tried to calm him down and make him feel better, but Richard looked at me with a vague focus, as if he were faintly conscious.


‘It’s too much.’


Richard can’t run away from the restraints tomorrow.


It is absolutely impossible in this state.


He says my presence heals his wounds, but—.


‘We’re running out of time.’


I’m going to run away today.


Even if I change my plans and run away with Richard—.


He can’t recover until tomorrow.


‘So what should I do’


I quickly shook my head and burst into laughter.


Why did I worry so much


Why did I think like that 


No matter what happens to Richard, I have to live.


And Richard will escape later, even if it’s not with me.


Who’s worried about who when my nose is full.

Suddenly my situation becomes funny.


Because Richard also has loyal subordinates.


—Anyway, I have to run away today as scheduled.


“Do you want me to hug you”


As if listening to my words, Richard slowly opened his eyes.


Only the desire in the blurry blue eyes was clear.


“…Please hug me.”


Until I run away, let’s do what I can.


Richard forced his body to stand up as if it wasn’t moving well.


And he hugs me.


I hugged him with an expressionless face and patted his back. 






“…You must not betray me.” 


Richard was also anxious as if he knew his condition wouldn’t help.


The plan to escape is messed up, and I’m afraid I’ll throw him away.


But unfortunately.


‘I never had to run away with you from the beginning.’


I tried to help him instead, but this plan was ruined.

So I was a little sorry.


“…I hope you recover quickly.”


I didn’t know what else to say, so I hugged Richard tightly.




I’m sorry, Richard.


Because I lied.


But I don’t trust anyone from the start.


Like you don’t trust anyone.

Well, you seem to believe me now, but—.


I’m just a little more suspicious; no, I’m very suspicious.


—Those who are powerless and cowardly have no choice but to learn to doubt.


“…Why are you sorry”


“I don’t think I’ve been very helpful.”


At that, Richard smiled faintly.


“Right now, you’re like a savior to me, but that doesn’t help.”




It must be just one of the strange twists that pass through his life.


“It’s an honor.”


….My memory before coming here is hazy, but probably no one in my life has ever called me a savior.






I was going to tell him that Argen was going to send him somewhere today, but I closed my mouth again.


Because I was afraid that this fact might have some effect on my plan.


“…The maid must be really kind to patients.”


Then Richard muttered in my arms.


“…I thought you were only kind to people you feel sorry about, but I think you’re just kind to the patient.”




“When I ask you to call me, you call me a name that you don’t usually call me….” 


Richard pulled himself away from me and met my gaze. 


His shiny silver hair was all messed up, and the sweat on his face made him look even more pitiful.


It was a beautiful appearance, but now Richards looked somewhat unstable.


But the man smiles happily.


“The maid seems kind.”


…No, it’s not.


It’s not like that.

Why did you misunderstand me


Maybe Richard was right.


Just like what he meant by being kind to someone I’m sorry for.

I’m going to do something very sorry from now on.


“You’re saying weird things.”


Richard laughed. 


I shut his mouth and hugged Richard.


“I hope you get better soon.”


Richard hugged me as if he were holding onto a rope.


That’s how he stayed by Richard’s side all day.


When evening came, the knights came into the room.


“What’s the matter”


“It’s the Marquis’ order.

We will move the monster to the carriage.

Excuse me for a moment.”


Has it finally come


Richard was dragged by knights without resistance.


Soon he was trapped in a carriage covered with iron bars.


He looked at me.

I also saw him over the bars.


And soon, I turned my body.


This is the last time I’m with Richard.


I’ll never see him again.


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