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“It looks uncomfortable to sleep while sitting down, so I hope you sleep comfortably.”


This crazy bastard. 


“Don’t you usually think about waking them up when they sleep”


“You slept so soundly.”


“Isn’t that because you liked being with me”


“I won’t deny it.”


I was sarcastic on purpose, but I had nothing to say when he responded casually.


It was absurd, but I closed my mouth because I was afraid that more nonsense would come back if I reacted.


“The time is—”


It was very uncomfortable because there was no way to check the time here.


“How long did I sleep”


“I’m not sure, but nearly two hours”


I brought Richard a meal, did this and that, and then I fell asleep.


Is it late in the evening


I frowned and got up from my seat.

I can’t believe it’s been that long—.


It seems that the boundaries have been lifted because it is a little more peaceful these days.

It shouldn’t be like this.


“It seems that there is still time until evening.”


“…Uhm, really That’s a relief.”


I didn’t sleep too long.


Richard grinned softly and tidied up my messy hair.


I got used to his touch because I had frequent contact with Richard for a few days.


Richard’s white, large hands came into view.

The long and thin hand was very pretty.


I reached out and grabbed his hand.

Richard stared at me like that.


With both hands, I carefully rubbed Richard’s hand.

In contrast to my hand, there was a big difference in size with Richard’s hand.


As I touched his graceful fingers, Richard looked at me halfway through the top of my head.


“—It feels good.”


Richard leaned over me and mumbled languidly.


I didn’t mean it for a good reason.


It’s been a few days for Richard.


A lot of terrible things happened while I was in this mansion, and what’s interesting is that time goes by.


In the meantime, I made a plan for my smooth escape.


The first of these was to practice handling my powers properly.

In order to escape, it was essential to deal with power properly.


If I can knock Richard down like last time, I’m no longer afraid of Yurtha.


So, roughly speaking, in order to escape together, I persuaded Richard and tried to use my powers properly by touching his hand, but—.


Richard, who had been in contact with me for a long time, seemed to be in a good mood and his mouth was relaxed.


Somehow, I feel like I’m only doing good things for Richard—.


Richard’s condition was not good because of the opaque black liquid that Argen fed him.


When he fell from me, he complained of pain, saying that his body seemed to burn.


So he leaned on me like he was clinging to me.

As if I’m the only one in the line.


At the same time, I learned how to use my powers.


Of course, Richard doesn’t know what I’m thinking. 


“Did you become this kind because we decided to run away together”


At the moment when I tried to raise my head to the low voice from above, Richard interlocked his fingers between my fingers.


He clings tightly to it as if he will not let it go.


“Like last time, I was prepared for complaints.”


“…I don’t know.

Rather than being kind because I got on a boat, I just changed my mind.”


“In what way”


“You and I are no different”


Richard’s eyebrows twitched.


“You failed to escape because you tried to kidnap me.

You tried to kidnap me, both in and out of the maze.”


A look of injustice appeared on Richard’s face for a moment, but he didn’t open his mouth.


When he did not explain, I continued.


“You’ve made it up to yourself that you failed to escape.

But it’s not your fault that you’re stuck here all the time.”




“Just as you tried to kidnap me for your selfishness, I am also preventing you from escaping for my own reasons that have nothing to do with you.”


“But the maid can’t refuse the orders of the Marquis.”


I didn’t answer that.


In fact, it’s not like there’s no way out at all because I’m a princess of Herthas.




He indeed sacrifices himself for selfishness, not wanting to take unseen risks.


“After all, wouldn’t it be funny to make a sacrifice for no reason”


If I’ve justified this situation by saying that Richard is a vicious person, in the end I know it’s wrong.


Even if I justify it, I probably won’t be able to get rid of the guilt.


Even if you are aware of this fact, nothing changes.


Whatever the morals, I want to live.

It is impossible to go against the basic human desire to lead a safe life.


“…and I think I know why you tried to kidnap me.

Isn’t it because of the fear that you don’t want to live in pain anymore”




His actions are also unjustifiable, but Richard has lived a horrible life of pain as a Transcendent.


And it doesn’t hurt when he’s with me.


It must have been seen as a release from this long-suffering.

In the end, it didn’t matter who was worse.


After all, the answers were bad because they were all the same empty answers.


They just hated the pain and feared they would suffer.


There was no further dialogue between Richard and me.




The taste of the tea spread throughout his mouth.


The attitude of drinking tea was elegant and calm, but the inside was twisted the other way around.


‘That damn monster is—’


How dare he like Rose 


Rose was beautiful.


It was red and beautiful, like a wonderful sight of roses blooming.


Because of that, Rose was constantly entangled in flying flies.


And as a result, Yurtha, who rarely changed his emotions, could definitely experience what it was like to be annoyed.


It was annoying, but Yurtha personally cut out the flies.

He trampled on it so that they would never climb it again.


Rose looked at him with disgust each time, but Yurtha didn’t care.


But this time is different.


When he first met the monster, Yurtha didn’t want the monster to cling to Rose.


Like himself, he is transcendent.


So he tried to kill him, but he changed his mind and tried to convince the monster.


A transcendent would be quite useful.


However, the monster rejected Yurtha’s generosity.

Yurtha doesn’t like creatures that try to climb or try to beat him.


So he tried to trample it, but—.


He didn’t expect Rose to step in there.

It was a really unexpected situation.


Thanks to it, he’s at a loss.


Not all transcendents have the same skills.

It is clear that he has the power to go beyond the human realm, but there was also a class among the transcendents.


To sum up the powers of the transcendents in pyramids, Yurtha belonged at the top.


‘Did I take it too easy’


He realized this after dealing with it this time.


That the monster also belongs to a class similar to him.


“Yurtha-nim! A messenger has arrived from a spy planted in the temple.”


Yurtha raised his body, which had been buried deep on the sofa.


A long time ago, Yurtha heard a ‘rumor’.

The source was unclear and could be dismissed as just a rumor.


But when he heard the very ominous news, he immediately planted a spy in the temple.


“Report it.”


“Honestly, I didn’t believe much when I planted these spies through rumors on the black market.”


“Don’t talk about your personal opinion.”



I’ll tell you right away because you don’t like to talk long.

Yurtha-nim was right.”


Black market rumor.


It was rumored that the Pope was desperately looking for ‘something’.


And according to some ridiculous information to call it a rumour, that something ‘can suppress the transcendents’.


The relationship between the Temple and the Transcendents had not been good for a long time.


In the distant past, when strange beings called transcendents appeared, the Pope at that time felt uncomfortable with them.


Temples that worship Gods and beings where the blood of the Gods flows.


The presence of the Transcendents was worthy of considering as a threat to the temple that worshipped the Gods and priests were God’s children.


So the temple at that time chose to reject the Transcendental.


And that foolish thought was still there.


Yurtha was immediately reminded of Rose by the rumor he had heard.


Overreacting or whatever, he should burn down the seeds of doubt.


So, he planted a spy in the temple—.


“The Pope is looking for Nunim—” 


This bastard. 


“Keep watching.”


He wanted to hide his sister somewhere else in a hurry, but it seemed difficult.




The only choice is to force Rose to go somewhere else.


Yurtha angrily tapped the table.

It was when a nervous ringing echoed deep into the room.


He heard the sound of the servant’s knock.


“What’s going on”


“…That’s, the first Young Master of Herthas has come.”


Yurtha’s face was distorted by the words.


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