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In order to enter Marquis Evantes as the servant, he had to undergo thorough verification.


Sometimes it is exceptional, but Marquis Evantes mainly selected the servants based on letters of recommendation.


However, Philip didn’t belong in either case.


It is true that he came into the mansion with a letter of recommendation, but—.


Philip actually forged his identity.


His name was something other than Philip.


Before entering this place, he was a criminal, and the world was cruel to live as a criminal.


So he stole other people’s identities.


So, he pretended to be Philip and entered this mansion.

Until then, he thought he was lucky—.


He was summoned to the Young Master Yurtha from that day forward.


“I ordered the head maid to pick you up.”


That was his first word.


Philip was perplexed.

Why the hell


Yurtha smiled as if he understood his question and recited the sins Philip had done so far.


At that moment, Philip experienced exactly what it was to be distracted.


Is he going to be dragged away now



If so, he should have done it sooner.


Philip pretended to be calm and opened his trembling mouth.


“That’s why the Young Master chose me.”


Obviously, the interest has something to do with him.


It’s also a secret.


“Is it because it’s fraud”


It was a fraud, but it was another crime.


Of course, that’s not what’s important now.


After making threats, Yurtha began to convince Philip.


“If you do what I tell you to do, I’ll pay you accordingly.

I think it’s better than being taken back to prison for impersonating someone.

What do you think”


He had no choice.


Phillip decided to think positively.


Because if he succeeds, the pay he gets is huge.


And it’s not like he’s only done such a dangerous thing once or twice.


“No one’s here.”


The first thing Philip did after receiving the money from Yurtha was to convince the gatekeeper.


Yurtha looked down on Philip and tried to bribe the gatekeeper, but Philip didn’t like to share such a dangerous thing with others.


If even only one person betrays, he’ll be in danger.


Yurtha could easily escape to his position, but not Philip.


And most of all, he wants to show Yurtha his abilities.


So tricking the ignorant gatekeeper, he managed to hide in the basement.


‘There’s really no one here.’


Dark vision.


It was just right to set fire.

The arsonist will be driven to the gatekeeper. 


He kept in mind the possibility that the monster would refuse, and he spilled some oil on his way into the basement to meet the monster.


Philip dropped the candle he was holding.


He felt sorry for the monster who was trapped there and would die in the fire.


But what can he do 


He had already warned him that he would regret it, but it was the monster in there who ignored his warning.


He tried to drop the candle.


It was at that moment.


“Knight! It’s that guy!”


The gatekeeper led the knights to this place.

Philip looked at the gatekeeper with a puzzled face as he could not understand the situation.


How can that punk—!


By now, he should have gone to the mountain behind the Marquis.


“How dare you—!” 


At the knight’s shouting, Philip stiffened on the spot.


When the knights tried to attack Philip, he dropped the candle in fear.




When the small candle met the oil, it burnt with frightening force.


“Damn! The basement is on fire!”


‘How the hell did this happen’


Philip could be proud that he had never acted poorly since he was last stepped on.


He looked around thoroughly to make sure something like the last time didn’t happen—.


“Catch him right now and light the fire in the basement!”


The knights acted quickly.


Philip was quickly restrained, and the burning fire was extinguished in an instant.


What the hell is this—.


Even when things were twisted, it was tightly twisted.


Philip didn’t know how to deal with the situation, so he started thinking.

But he couldn’t think of getting out of here. 


It was then.


“Maid Rosie! Are you hurt anywhere”


Rosie came out of the basement supported by the knights.


Rosie avoided his head as her eyes met Philip.


At that moment, Philip instinctively realized everything.


The fact that the person who followed was Rosie.


‘No way, the reason why you’ve been so kind—’


He thought she was interested in him, but it wasn’t.


Phillip gritted his teeth at her betrayal and looked at her.


He tried to swear at least once, but the atmosphere changed at that moment.


In an instant, the surrounding became quiet.


“Ha… there’s something in my house that’s no better than insects.” 


It was the appearance of Argen Evantes, the owner of the mansion, whom he saw only once while working here.


He looked down at Philip with his noble face.


When Philip’s eyes met his, a smile appeared on Argen’s indifferent face.


Philip shuddered at the terrifying feeling.


“How dare you, in my mansion…”


He murmured slowly and kicked Philip’s stomach without hesitation.




Phillip immediately collapsed his body in the pain that made it difficult for him to breathe.


Argen turned and looked at Rosie as if he had no interest in Philip any longer.

Soon he smiled broadly.


“Rosie, it was a very good thing I had you as the exclusive maid, too.”




“Very competent.”


“…Thank you, Marquis.” 


“My Rosie, you’re humble, aren’t you”



When he said “My Rosie,” Rosie’s face looked like **, but she soon smiled exclusively.


Argen didn’t miss Rosie’s facial expression, but he decided to move on.


It was pretty funny.


“Keep that trash locked up.

I need to figure out why they made this up.

How dare…”


“I understand.” 


“And Rosie…”


An anxious light flashed on Rosie’s face as he suddenly called her name.


However, it soon turned into a smile of social life.


Argen suddenly had a curious thought.

Rosie doesn’t think she’s good at keeping a straight face, does she


“Rosie, follow me.”




That’s how the case seemed to end.




After meeting Richard, I went to the gatekeeper.


It’s better to carefully examine this and that in case of an unexpected situation.


That’s how I met the gatekeeper—.


“Lady, I have hot steamed potatoes, would you like to eat some”


Unexpectedly, he was a friendly person.


He even gave me a potato when I came suddenly.


So while I was uncertain, I spilled a little like I knew what the gatekeeper was doing in the middle of the night, and the doorkeeper’s face turned pale, and then he said what he had done.


He looked like a man who was not good at deceiving others.


As I listened to the doorkeeper’s story, there was an unexpectedly pitiful circumstance.


The gatekeeper has a daughter, and she has been sick since she was young.


Philip deceived such a gatekeeper and told him that there was a good herb in the mountain behind the Marquis.


However, the mountain behind was the private property of the Marquis, and the gatekeeper couldn’t dig up medicinal herbs recklessly.


He had to work at night to secretly dig up herbs, but Philip pretended to be nice and deceived the gatekeeper that he could take turns for a while.


As he said it, the gatekeeper asked me if I could keep it a secret, saying that he had not found the herbs yet.


Not seeing it, I informed the gatekeeper that Philip had approached Richard last night and was trying to do something strange.


“…That’s impossible.

Philip is a good man, Lady.”


“Did you know that After coming here, Phillip’s job does not overlap with you.”


I followed Philip, thinking he was a spy for Richard.

I know it very well.


“But how did you and Philip meet so often As often as Philip has a purpose for you.”


“Then Lady.

What should I do now…”


The gatekeeper stamps his feet as if realizing the situation at that moment.


‘Maybe this…’


I tried to let Argen know about Philip, but I was wondering how to start.


I may be able to blow the nose without touching it.


“If we being honest with the Marquis even now—”


“In the middle of the night, you secretly dug up herbs in the mountain behind the Marquis’ possession…Just do it if you want to be caught out for trying to steal them.”




The gatekeeper had a look of despair.


It was better that way.


The more he recognized the seriousness of the situation, the more he will listen to me.


“Is there any way, Lady…”


“We can make sure Philip doesn’t commit a crime.”


“Gasp! Then I’ll persuade Philip…”


Are you crazy


I grabbed the gatekeeper in a hurry.


“If he finds out that his plans have been uncovered, he’ll probably put it on hold.

But soon he will do it again.”




I said to the gatekeeper,


“Why don’t you change what Philip said to you and make it the other way around”


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