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I had an honest conversation with the head maid for quite a while.


Recently, the head maid was threatened.

To inform them that her son had been in business by pretending to be Evantes’ butler.


Just in time, she needed money, so she decided to accept the money they gave her and bury one person.


So I asked.

Who ordered it


Thanks to the head maid’s obedient words, I knew who the mastermind was.


Yurtha Herthas.


How come it doesn’t go beyond my expectations


I have thought a lot since Yurtha came to this mansion.


In the novel, he was described as a truly heinous crazy dog.

A beast that only follows his instincts.


The problem was that the beast was very clever.

There’s nothing scarier than a clever beast.


And the beast happened to point at me, or Rose.


If it’s like this, I’ll get bitten.


Didn’t you try to use the head maid to get me into trouble


It was a shallow trick, but the moment I got caught in the trap, my only life was at stake.


This time, I got out safely, but I can’t guarantee that this will not happen again next time.


“Your mouth has become rough.

Nunim, as expected, hanging out with lowly things must have had a bad effect on you.”


“So, you look like you have a really noble mouth, huh.” 




You really have no conscience.


I don’t know much about real-life Yurtha, but I know very well about Yurtha in the novel.


For example, how dirty his mouth is.


“It hurts if you say that to your younger brother that you haven’t seen in a while.”


“I hope we can be separated even after being hurt.”


“That can’t happen.

Even if it hurts, everything I get from Nunim is addictive.” 


“I’m not here to play with words with you.

I know very well why you came to this mansion.

Because there’s a rumor among servants.”


I felt like I was shaking as if I were standing on a wooden bridge that would soon break.

I put strength on my legs as if nothing had happened.


I consistently recalled that the place where I was standing was not on a wooden bridge, but on the hard floor of the Marquis.


“The Marquis of Evantes has full authority over the mine.

That’s why you came all the way here to get that authority.”


“Yes, I’m here to be recognized by the head family of Herthas.

As you know, there is no mine in Herthas, so father is very greedy.”


“Is that all”


“Then what else is there”


Yurtha’s lips had a wide smile that didn’t fit him.


But it was me, not him, who had to laugh now.


“I know why you were pushed out of the successor position.”


“It must be because I am not good enough in father’s eyes.”


“You can’t turn what I say.

To be exact, I mean I know why you went to the academy as if you were kicked out, Yurtha.”




The expression on Yurtha’s face, who had been smiling happily the whole time, disappeared.

He looked at me with an achromatic face.


There was a creepy feeling for a moment, but I pretended not to know and lifted my chin.


“What do you want to talk about”


“Hearing that his son, who was still young, was involved in the black market must have been terrifying and upsetting for him as the head of the family.

And he must have been disappointed when you were named as his successor.”




“That’s why he kicked you out of the academy, isn’t it


“…How do you know that, Nunim”



How do you think I would know this”


I smiled without telling the source of the information.


Actually, this was a trick.

So, it is a trick for those who read the novel.


After dealing with Yurtha’s problem and recalling my vague memories, I was able to come up with some pretty interesting facts.


Yurtha’s role in the novel is a sub-male lead.


To faithfully represent this character, the writer made a chaotic record for Yurtha.


Thanks to the writer’s efforts, Yurtha became faithful trash.


Shouldn’t he have been a little less faithful


“Father couldn’t possibly tell Nunim this, is it Dylan”




“I ask if it’s that bastard Dylan.” 


I suddenly flinched at Yurtha’s harsh voice but didn’t show it.


If it’s Dylan—.

Isn’t he the eldest son of the head family of Herthas and the two years older brother of Yurtha


Why does Dylan come out all of a sudden


I was intimidated when he approached a step forward, standing at a distance from me.


I didn’t make it obvious.


“What do you mean, Dylan What an unexpected person.

But you got it wrong.”


“Then who is it”


“It doesn’t matter who is it.

More importantly, I know more about you.”


“I didn’t know you were so interested in me.”


“I guess it was more than you thought.

I know you’re still meddling in the black market.

And you’re going to get permission to use the mine through the Marquis of Evantes, and you’re going to get it on the black market.”


“It’s nonsense without any evidence.”


“Do you really think so”


I laughed shamelessly.


And poked him in the chest with a finger.


“But if the Marquis knows about this, he’ll change his mind a little.”


“…What do you mean”


“Will he try to hand over the mine’s authority to someone who intervened in the black market No.

The Marquis will overturn his decision just by knowing your past actions.”




“I can guarantee this.”


Yurtha looked at me quietly without saying a word.


“Just by revealing that I’m your sister, my claim will have strong trust.”


“You’ve denied my relationship so much before.”


“Well, I think I have to lose one to get rid of you.”


Also, I should have quit my job here, but this was a gamble.


“So choose, get out of here, or cut your mind off me completely.”


Did the threat work


I looked at Yurtha’s complexion with a nervous mind, but his expression didn’t change.


Why It must be fatal.


Rather, he had an interesting look.

It’s so much fun.


I just couldn’t understand.


“I will do as Nunim’s wish.” 


He grabbed my hand and kissed the back of my hand, smiling brightly.


I got what I wanted, but strangely, the one who felt like he truly received something was Yurtha.




Rose has changed.


Yurtha was sure.


Her accent, tone of voice, and most of all, her intense eyes were quite different from those he used to know.



It was as if she had become someone else.


Yurtha wanted to know about such Rosie.

But it’s not easy as long as she’s in this Marquis.


Rose’s threats were cute, but not fatal to him.


So the work will proceed as planned.


“Asher, let’s get to work.”


He’s going to start with the first plan, which is to get that monster out of this mansion.




It was time to bring Richard a meal and slowly start today’s mission.


And Argen called me.


Argen, who I met again, didn’t look good.


“Have you ever thought about my offer to become an exclusive maid”


It’s not an offer, it’s a threat.


“I will be the exclusive maid.



I don’t have a choice anyway, so I’ll just accept it. 


After making the decision, I was able to calm down.


“Good thinking, Rosie.”


Perhaps it was a choice that didn’t deviate even an inch from his expectations, so Argen drew a satisfied smile.


“But if you do my favor.”




“There are two things I want.

First, guarantee my life.”


It sounded crazy even when I spit it out.


As I glanced at Argen’s reaction, he frowned.


“You must have seen me as an evil master who would harm your life.”


Then is it not 


If it were usual, I would have lied that it was not, but strangely, there were no lies now.


I felt like I was doing something terrible to my conscience.


When no answer came out, Argen slowly swept his chin and laughed.


“It’s disappointing.”


“…I think you are a good owner who treats the maid the best.”


“You’re late, Rosie.”


Argen scolded me softly but he didn’t seem to have any intention of doing anything about me.


It’s really weird.


A master who is not so merciless to those who failed to prevent Richard from escaping, and who is generous with the maid who crosses the line.


In the original story, it is said that it is because Argen hates when his things escape.


However, it is too far from what it usually looks like to be a simple attachment.


Of course, that doesn’t mean Argen isn’t a bad guy.


“So what’s the second condition”


“…the second condition.”


I chose to breathe once.


I had a conflict for the last time before I said it.

Can I really say this


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