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On a sunny afternoon, a black-haired man got off a black carriage surrounded by gold frames.

Herthas’ seal was engraved on the carriage he got off. 


When the man, Yurtha, got off the carriage, the servants bowed their heads toward him as if they had waited in two rows with a gap between the carriage. 


“We’ve been waiting.”


In front of him, Evantes’ butler came out.

He politely bowed his head and introduced himself. 


“I am the butler of this place, and my name is Fram.”


Yurtha nodded as if he knew.

Since his interest now was not the name of the butler.


Yurtha carefully looked around.


Last time, he was thinking of meeting his sister, so he didn’t check it properly, but as he heard, the inside of the Mansion of Evantes was beautiful. 


A stone fountain where a baby angel pours water out of a jar, a garden decorated with all kinds of colorful flowers, and an antique and elegant mansion style.


The interior of the mansion was indeed plausible, perhaps because the rumor that Marquis Evantes was pursuing something extremely beautiful was true.


In the past, he wouldn’t have paid much attention, but he paid special attention as it was the place where his sister lived. 


“The Marquis is waiting for you.

I will guide you, Yurtha-nim.” 


“Okay, let’s go.”


Yurtha followed the butler without saying anything.


However, the moment the butler steps toward the mansion, the sound of an explosion rang inside the mansion, ‘Boom!’


The butler’s expression, who was welcoming guests as usual, hardened.


There was a sudden explosion while serving guests.

It was the first time in his 30-year life as a Butler. 


“What’s going on there”


But the butler’s years of skill did not show the embarrassment on his face.

He immediately opened his mouth to reassure the guest. 




Boom! Boom! Boom! 


If it weren’t for a series of explosions, he could have finished talking.


From the mansion, a white smoke rose like smoke from a chimney. 


“Something must have happened inside.”


“I will make sure that Yurtha-nim is not harmed, so you don’t have to worry.” 


Yurtha thought.

Is his sister there


Of course she will be.

She’s working as the servant of this mansion. 


Yurtha’s forehead was wrinkled nicely.

The servants who interpreted it differently criticized themselves as they didn’t seem to have properly served their guests. 


At that time, a servant rushed to the front of the butler to inform the situation of the mansion.


“What’s the matter”


The butler asked a question, and the servant looked terrified. 


“T, that monster—”


The servant looked at Yurtha and whispered quietly into the butler’s ear.

However, unfortunately, Yurtha Herthas was transcendent.


It was said that all the sounds could be heard by the ears of the Transcendent, who was sensitive to their senses.

It’s not even funny either. 


“The monster escaped.”


The servant whispered to the butler.





Yurtha knew what it was.


Evantes didn’t seem to want to announce the existence of the monster to the outside world, but Yurtha planted spies here. 


That’s also for several people.


Since he used it once and threw it away, he hired them without informing his identity.


This is because Yurtha liked dangerous things, but he had contradictory thoughts that he didn’t like things that harm him. 


It was difficult to pretend to be with Evantes after it revealed that he was the one who planted the spy.


“The monster escaped What does that mean—!”


“I— I don’t know how it happened—”


“So where’s the monster”


“All I hear is he’s looking for the pink-haired maid—”


Yurtha, who unintentionally overheard them, crumpled his forehead.

Pink hair was not a common color.


It was definitely his sister.


But why with the monster 



At that moment, Yurtha realized.


According to the spy, the monster is trapped with magic restraint. 


Hearing that report, Yurtha had guessed that the existence of the transcendent had grown beyond that.

After that, he didn’t care and didn’t pay attention of it—.


Damn it. 


His sister belonged to him.


It was not something a monster could dare to overcome.


“…Young Master”


The servants looked surprised when they saw Yurtha pulling out the sword.


But Yurtha didn’t care.


He had to find his sister. 




At the low voice, warmth escaped from my body as if I had fallen into a cold river. 


I closed my eyes quietly in this hopeless situation.


Then, in the darkest field of vision, it seemed that the letters shining like an electric billboard suddenly appeared.


[Being dragged by Richard VS Lost in the maze garden and wandering for days.]


—What’s with the choice 


“You’d better come out obediently there.”




“Should I go or should you come in person”


He said it doesn’t matter either way, but it contained threats that it would be better to choose the latter.


Should I go out and beg for help


Then I heard the sound of Richard taking a step forward.


When I heard the rustle of grass being trampled on, I reflexively stepped back.


It was because I thought it was going to be a problem if he smelled my scent. 


“You may regret running away now—”


The gloomy voice was scary.


It was obvious that I would regret it even if I didn’t run away.

Because you’re trying to kill me!


If I’m going to be caught and killed anyway—.


I turned around and looked at the maze garden.


It is such a hideous place that rumors circulate that if they go in carelessly, they may wander around for a few days.


I seriously thought about how long I could last without eating anything in there.


What I ate this morning was already used up as energy for a long time, and all that was left was potatoes.


How many days can I survive in there with that—


I decided to choose the maze that had the highest chance of saving my life in the end, between the two options: whether to be captured by Richard or the maze. 


If I don’t go too far, I can get out of it quickly.


“I guess it’s your instinct to keep going back even if I tell you not to run away.” 


Don’t you have any instinct to survive! It was time to enter the maze with that thought. 


Duk, I felt suffocating.


This situation was not due to me but by physical force.


The air that was circulating around me blew like it was going to tear me to pieces. 


My head was numb and my vision became dizzy.


It was Richard’s power, without wearing a magic restraint.



In the end, I couldn’t stand it and groaned because of the terrible sensation of the whole body breaking down and blood rising upside down.




I just gave out a painful scream, but the pain that bothered me was cut off.


I sat down on the ground, losing strength in my legs.


The world went round and round.


When a magic suddenly occurred in front of me, which seemed to be several trees, I gasped with my dizzy head.


“Oh, I was wondering who it was.”


Richard took a leisurely step.


Suddenly, the round front of the black shoes appeared in front of my eyes.


Cold sweat dripped down my cheeks.


I didn’t want to raise my head.

I just wanted the time to stop as it is.


Sure enough, the one standing in front of me right now—.


“I thought you were a rat, but you were the maid.”


A strangely joyful voice fell over my head.



Can’t I just faint like this


“But why are you avoiding me”


“…Do you ask because you don’t know that”


Richard sat with one knee bent right in front of me.


And carefully wiped the cheeks that were bowing as if my head was about to touch the ground.


When his cold hands touched my skin, my body shrank.


“You don’t have to be surprised, Maid.”


He raised my head gently.


And with his thumb, he wiped the physiological tears from my eyes because of the pain.


Is he wiping it


But Richard wiped the tears on my cheeks.

What are you doing—


“Ah, as expected.

The maid has a pretty crying face.”


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