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‘Yes, as long as you didn’t avoid me, that’s fine.’

It was the time when I concluded my kiss with Lexion after a round.

“Oh, wait a minute.”

Suddenly, something came to mind and pushed Lexion away.

He looked at me with a puzzled expression, so I quickly went to pick up my bag.

Then I took out a box containing cufflinks from my bag and handed it to Lexion.

“This is…”

“I’ve been wanting to give it to you for a long time, but it keeps getting mixed up… It’s nothing.”

Somehow, I was embarrassed and hesitated to unwrap the package.

After that, he just stared at the cufflinks for a while and didn’t respond.

Anxious, I asked softly.

“What do you think Do you like it”



“Thank you, Titi.”

He said with a little fervor.

He was so happy that he couldn’t stop the smile on his lips.

‘That’s a relief.

He must like it.’

Then I felt relieved and took the cufflinks out of the box and said.

“I’ll fasten them for you.”


Lexion gently held out his sleeve.


The sound of a button being pressed rang quietly.

Lexion could not hide his joy as he stared at the cufflinks constantly.

“I like it.”

“It looks like it.”

He liked it, so it made me feel better.

I was laughing bashfully, he said.

“It feels like I’m handcuffed.”

“What Hand, handcuffs”

I stared blankly at Lexion, who had come to a strange conclusion.

“I just felt like I was completely captured by Titi.”

“……Unique, really.”

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It’s not enough to be happy with just one button.

The original Lexion, which I found out really late, doesn’t seem to have any shame.

Of course, it seems that I, who has fallen deeply in love with such a Lexion, am far from ordinary. 

Lexion asked, holding my hand.

“Are you here to give me this”

“Ah! That’s right.

Actually, I had something to discuss, Zion.”

“A discussion”

“The preview said that Kronos would arrive earlier than scheduled and take control of Sparrow Castle.”

“Really That’s strange.

All the way from the capital to here is blocked, so they won’t be able to get there early…”

Lexion also swept his chin with one hand, raising the same question as me.

“Isn’t it the moment when the deterrence of the book is exerted Can’t Lexion stay in the castle Leave the expedition to Sir Aiden….”

“Mmm, I don’t think that’s possible.

As you said, if the evil dragon wants to come here, I must go.

There may be risks that you may not be aware of.”

“Indeed that’s right.

…Ha, what should I do It would have been better if we had Alois Beth…”

It was necessary to prevent Kronos from taking control of Sparrow Castle.

It was because they could be used to justify false accusations.

However, it was impossible to prevent the imperial family from entering.

I was so tired from this and that. 

TL/N: all the incidents that keep happening

“It was only recently that Alois Beth disappeared.

There are people who knew her identity before us.”

“Is there anyone you can think of”

“No, not yet.

What about Titi”

“Actually, I have something weighing a little on my mind.”

“What is it”

Lexion asked with an attentive look.

I said with a little hesitation.

According to an employee named Lark, a blonde aristocrat young lady was looking for her.”



But I just remembered that Princess Seirin’s maidservant was blonde… Of course, blondes are common, so it seems like a hasty misunderstanding.”

Blonde was certainly a common hair color among the nobility.

Moreover, there was no way that Seirin would have known the true identity of the magician, Alois Beth.

Betty is the only blonde I know, so I might feel uncomfortable for no reason.

Lexion was deep in thought.

After a while, he opened his mouth.

“I’ll find out more first.

In the north, there are quite a few aristocrats with blonde hair besides Betty Diason.”

“That’s true… …and there’s no way Seirin could know Alois Beth.”

“But I’ll keep her under suspicion.

Thanks, I think it’ll be easier to locate thanks to you.” Lexion patted my hair softly and grinned.

I liked his touch, so I held him with a slow smile.

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“Zion, I still have business left.”

” What is it”

“Do you happen to have the book with you now”

“…why the book”

Lexion paused and asked slowly.

I replied with no regard for his reaction.

“I’m trying to sync.”

“All of a sudden”

“Zion can synchronize my book and look at the contents, but I don’t know Zion’s situation.

It’s a little frustrating.”

Of course, that was only half true.

Not only did I want to know about Lexion’s situation, but I also had a request for a book.


Lexion groaned lightly and hesitated.

“If you have it now, can I synchronize it” I just happened to bring the book too.”

When I took the book out of my bag, Lexion said in a rather awkward tone.

“Erm, I’m sorry.

I don’t have it now.

Let’s do it later.”

“Then I’ll find it and synchronize it.

Where did you put it in the castle”

“That’s not allowed.”

Lexion refused as soon as I finished speaking. 

Surprised by this, I blinked and he made an excuse. 

“I hid it in a place difficult to explain.”


“It’s a place that only I can enter.” 

Somehow he seemed unwilling to hand over the book. 

I blinked at the unexpected rejection. 

“…Do you not like me to sync” 


Lexion didn’t answer, just held my hand tightly. 

He looked somewhat anxious.

“Why not We’re just trying to know each other’s situation even if we’re apart.” 

“My book is dangerous to you.” 

“The guide didn’t say that.”

“Titi, do you believe everything the guide says”

I couldn’t readily answer Lexion’s question.

In fact, I was always suspicious and didn’t trust the guide.

I didn’t know what Lexion was thinking, so I just stared blankly.

After a while, Lexion spoke in a murky tone.

“The guide only speaks in its favor.”

“That’s true, but the guide must be synchronized…”

“As expected, the guide told you to do it.”


I let out a shallow exclamation.

It seemed that I was caught in Lexion’s guided interrogation.

“Are you intending to return to your world if I let you know my moves in advance


My lips twitched at Lexion’s cool question.

There were a lot of things I wanted to explain, but I didn’t know what to say first or whether I could say it. 

The guide said that if the development keeps changing, the world will collapse, and eventually, I will be trapped in the novel and disappear.

So it would be right to sync Lexion’s book to lead me to the ending.

Of course, only the book will know if it’s completely true.

‘How can I say that I could die if you keep changing the development’

I sighed inwardly, unable to do this or that.

Then Lexion said.

“Don’t trust the book too much.

You don’t know when you’ll get hit in the back.”

“Yes, I’ll be careful.

…but Zion.”


“I heard that the role has been decided.”


“What is Zion’s role”

At that moment, Lexion’s eyes shook slightly and then stopped.

He wiped his lips as if trying to capture something, and answered.

“It wasn’t a big deal.”

“What is it You can tell me this, right”

Lexion clenched his lips when I asked persistently.

If I couldn’t synchronize, I wanted to know the role.

It was because I was concerned that the guide kept stuttering about his role.

After a while, he answered briefly.

“Sub male lead.”



Lexion smiled brightly.

I wonder if I’m mistaken that you look sad somehow


I was just about to call his name.

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Tok tok.

“Hey, can I come in”

Gregory’s voice was heard outside.

It looked like he had already finished his work.

Naturally, the distance between the two of us increased. 

“You can come in.”

When Lexion allowed Gregory to visit, Gregory chattered as he entered the barracks. 

“I just heard you were here.

Did I interrupt you”


Gregory sat down when Lexion offered him a seat.

I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was lacking, but I couldn’t express it in front of Gregory, so I quickly captured my expression.

Then Gregory said.

“The lady doesn’t seem to think so”

“It’s not like that.”

“That’s a relief.”

Gregory shrugged his shoulders.

“I’ll be out.”

“No, you can sit down, Titi.”

“Yes, lady.

It’s cold outside.”

Lexion and Gregory said at the same time. 

At this, the eyes of the two met.

A moment later Gregory said.

“It’s not really that important either.”

Then, as he beckoned countless times with his chin for me to take a seat, I sat back between them.


Ahead of his appearance, Lexion called Arnold Brandt to the barracks.

“Did you call, sir”

Arnold, who arrived at the barracks, bowed his head politely.

It was his first call since the last Brandt Castle incident, so he couldn’t hide his nervous face.

Brandt Castle, which almost became a colony of evil dragons, began a massive cleanup operation.

So the Brandt family stayed in a temporary shelter and took their own quarantine measures.


Brandt, who was seriously injured, was resting in bed.

Thanks to Ejis, it was possible to avoid a precarious situation.

TL/N: Hmm kinda weird end to the chapter haha


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