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As soon as the guide finished speaking, the dark energy that had subsided began to explode like a bomb.

Lexion shouted to the knights while protecting my surroundings with an aura.

“Don’t back down and get a good view! We must hurry to Hegel’s bedroom.”

“Yes, sir!”

The knights, who were slowing down, did not stop making way with purification stones. 

Lexion hurried along, putting my safety first.

When we finally reached Hegel’s bedroom.

Lexion glanced at the book and ordered Chris.

“Stand by outside.

It’s just me and Titi.”

“But we don’t know what’s going to happen inside.

It’s too dangerous.”

When Chris spoke in a worried tone, Lexion replied.

“Rather, it would be more troublesome for several people to rush in.

It’s enough for just me and Tiarozety to be inside.”


“I don’t have time for this.

Chris, you’re going to make sure no one gets in from the outside.” 

“All right.”

Chris reluctantly responded and ordered the knights behind him to come out and cover Lexion from the outside. 

Eventually, Lexion pulled the doorknob and opened the door.

The bedroom door was unlocked and opened easily.

It was the moment when Lexion and I entered the room.


A foul odor hit my nostrils first.

I identified the smell at once.

Because it smelled familiar.

‘This is the smell of blood…’

The bedroom reeked of blood.

It was so thick that I almost frowned.

‘Is it too late’

I looked around, trying to calm down my pounding heart.

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Then Lexion found the switch and turned on the light in the bedroom.

As the dark bedroom brightened up, I could see the scene in front of me at a glance.


I couldn’t speak easily.

The first thing I saw was a boy grinning on the bed.

Hegel’s pyjamas were stained with blood.

He continued to laugh as he hugged his fallen mother.

“Heehee, hehe…”

The laughter was so bizarre that it almost sounded like a fingernail scratching the floor.

His eyes became cloudy as if he had lost his senses.

A smile that does not shake at all, even when he sees his mother who has fallen in front of him.

The appearance of not feeling any warmth at all led to the illusion that he was not human.

Seeing that he wasn’t scared at all even when we arrived, it seemed that he had already become quite assimilated with the evil dragon.

I swallowed dry saliva and stared at the woman in Hegel’s arms.

‘That blood… is that from the Marchioness’

The Marchioness had her eyes closed, but she was bleeding profusely.


‘Even with the naked eye, the wound appears to be quite deep.

Is she also dead…’

I judged that she was dead as she was not even moving.

I couldn’t look directly at the body of the Marquis’s wife, so I turned my eyes away.

Even if it was a corpse I had seen many times in my previous life, I couldn’t get used to it every time I saw it.

‘No, rather, I’m more afraid of being buried in corpses.’

I shook my head and turned my gaze back to Hegel.

It was not the time to be so hesitant.

I said to Lexion while keeping my eyes on Hegel.

“It’s too late, isn’t it”

“Yeah… the possibility of rehabilitation…”

It was the moment when Lexion just opened his mouth with a dark face.

A faint voice could be heard from the corner.

“Gak, Ha…”


Lexion found Arnold and approached him.

He was tied with a curtain far away from the bed.

There was a large window behind him, which gave a clear view of the outside.

There was blood all around Arnold.

I asked, relieved that he was still breathing.

“Are you all right!”

Then Arnold grabbed me, pointed to Hegel and the Marchioness, and said with difficulty.

“My, my wife before me…”


Brandt, Mrs.


I hesitated because I couldn’t bring myself to say that she was already dead.

It was then.


– Time to make a choice! This is the section where the story differs depending on which choice you make.

A refreshing voice that did not fit the gloomy atmosphere rang out.

Then the surroundings stopped.

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Lexion was no exception.

I took a deep breath as everyone but me had stopped.

Even if Lexion was a traveler as the Awakened, it didn’t seem like he could invade the sphere of influence of my guide.

“So what are my options”

At my question, the guide immediately opened the status window.


Treat Arnold right now.

(During healing, Hegel will become an Evil Dragon.)


According to Arnold’s words, you save his wife and purify Hegel.

(In this case, a civil war breaks out among the Sparrow Elders who lost Arnold, breaking all trust in relationships.)


Save all three people by maximizing their vitality.

(In this case, there is a possibility that the angry evil dragon will be summoned.

When the evil dragon appears, the Carmel Forest may be devastated.)]


I couldn’t say anything.

It was because the results that occurred after determining which option was right were all the worst. 

‘How am I supposed to choose this…!’

I trembled.

The clock, indicating the time limit, flickered wildly.

I was frantic as if there was a war in my head.

‘There may be more casualties to deal with the evil dragon Hegel.’

The evil dragon human beings regenerate the body by drawing all the evil intentions around them.

Malice is everywhere.

The body that did not die even if killed would attack when the opponent was exhausted and collapsed.

Therefore, it was important to find and destroy the fragments of thoughts hidden in the body, or to block the way to absorb malice by using magic.

After the Great War, the era of peace continued, and it has been a long time since the magician, who was despised, disappeared.

Suddenly, I remembered the magician I had met in my previous life, but I immediately turned away.

If it’s Alois, he’s probably in Lavita right now.

But there’s no time to call.’

Alois Beth, a nomad who wanders without a fixed place of residence.

Around this time, he would have settled in Lavita and lived while hiding his identity.

Even if Lavita belonged to the North, it was quite a distance.

It would have been faster to find the fragment of thought in Hegel’s body than to find him.

In the end, the only way is to keep killing and find fragments of thoughts…

I flinched at the next thought.

‘No, that’s not gonna work.

You’ve already seen what happened in your previous life.’

A sigh came naturally.

In a previous life, there was a time we locked up a human to find fragments of the thoughts.

The result was truly appalling.

Even normal humans began to lose their humanity.

They had become insensitive to murder.

In addition, there was a time when a man who became an evil dragon pretended to be normal and escaped by twisting his family, killing numerous people.

‘And this is directly linked to human rights issues.

No matter how loyal Arnold Brandt is, he won’t be able to watch his son suffer.’

The book shows me only a single aspect.

Perhaps, it will not end with simply becoming an evil dragon.

I erased option 1 from my mind.

Choosing the 2nd option wasn’t easy either.

The civil war of the elders will soon cause discord among the Duchy of Sparrow.

Civil wars are especially favored by the evil dragon and can be even more dangerous.

‘In the end, it’s number three…’

I glanced at option 3.

That, too, was not an easy choice.

It was perhaps the most dangerous option out of the three.

‘Carmel Forest is relatively close to Brandt Castle.’

I didn’t know if the destruction of the forest could be prevented if Lexion went to the Carmel Forest with the knights while I was saving the three.

Because he is a transcendent, and he was the only one who could fight the evil dragon before his return.

But Lexion wouldn’t want to leave me alone.

‘It would have been better if there was someone next to me…’

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It was a moment when I was thinking about it.

‘Wait a minute.


3 is different from No.

1 and No.

2, right’

I stared intently at the parentheses of the options.

Unlike the conclusive prediction that No.

1 and No.

2 will happen, No.

3 was only saying that there was a possibility.


― Please choose.

When the time limit expires, it is randomly selected.

The book hummed and began to rush.

So I glanced at the book involuntarily and found a familiar face outside the window.


Aiden and Gregory had just ridden this way from Carmel Forest, when time stopped and stood still.

Behind them were quite a number of Black Knights accompanying them.

It seemed that they had taken care of Emelia and ran straight away.

‘If it’s Gregory…’

He was somewhat lacking compared to Lexion, but he was quite capable.

Besides, he is the male protagonist of the book.

The book wouldn’t make him die.

I called the guide because I had something to check before I chose.


– Yes, traveler.

Please speak.

“What percentage do you mean by there’s a possibility”

I asked, pointing to the contents in parentheses exactly three times.

The guide’s answer was clear.

– It is decided flexibly according to the situation after selection.

“So there’s a possibility it won’t happen at all”

– Of course.

An all-or-nothing situation.

Recalling what happened in Hakun before, options without parentheses were never safe. 

Because there was an unexpected situation where thoughts moved their host from the lord to John.

Moreover, in my experience, the book was specialized to make me tumble.

Seeing that the contents in parentheses have been enhanced, it was clear that they were trying to lead me somewhere.

‘Maybe it made the safest way look the most dangerous.’

Moreover, the word “flexible” by the situation sounded like it might not happen if the situation was well coordinated.

It seemed to be open, unlike the other parentheses that were conclusive.

When my thoughts reached that point, there was no reason to hesitate.


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