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Seirin recalled the situation at the time.

‘We’re not sending reinforcements.’

‘The capital has been attacked! Are you saying that it’s more important that a woman like that collapsed’

‘She’s not just that woman to me.

There are sporadic riots in Baelo too, due to the evil dragon’s thoughts.’

‘Bael is important, but once the capital gets pierced through, the Arden Empire is over.’

TL/N: Basically once the evil dragon fully brings the capital down.

‘Wasn’t it originally the duty of the royal family to protect the capital’

‘Nobles are subordinate to the imperial family.

You’re going to break the imperial order now’

‘If I have to protect my territory, I’m willing to.’

Despite Seirin’s strong demands, Lexion remained steadfast.

He even made bold statements that he was willing to rebel against the threat of imperial orders.

‘As expected, he changed.

It’s clear he doesn’t intend to obey the royal family anymore.’

Seirin was anxious.

It was because the situation was getting worse than the imperial family had feared. 

‘We may have to fight the evil dragon again…’

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It was a time called the Reign of Peace.

However, the peace has already been broken since the evil dragon launched the attack.

After that, Gregory also knew about the situation in the capital and started meditating with Seirin, but the negotiations failed.

Lexion advised the two of them to return to the capital. 

A clear decree.

The Sparrow family abandoned the capital.

This means defying the imperial family.

He was no longer a proud nobleman of Arden.

Just a man crazy about a woman.

TL/N: Urghh shuddup yall!!! 

Seirin couldn’t stand the humiliation and was about to move to Brandt Castle when she fought with Gregory.

Gregory spoke as if he was reading aloud.

“I’m not asking you to go for no reason.

We’ve completely lost contact with the capital.

I’m afraid we’ll have to go back.”

“Then tell Sir Lexion to send the Black Knights.

They’ll see when they get there.”

“Don’t be unreasonable.

You’ve already finished talking about it with the Duke of Sparrow.”

“What do you mean finished He is a servant of the Arden Empire! Do you think he’ll be safe after breaking the imperial law” 

Gregory’s mouth twitched when Seirin screamed all of a sudden.

The words didn’t make sense at all. 

She seemed overly nervous and impatient.

Was Seirin such a person in the first place 

Gregory has been very unfamiliar with her lately.

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“Not long after the attack on the capital, evil thoughts began to infest Bael.

It is only natural for him to protect Bael first.” 

“What’s the point of Bael without a capital”

“…Bael is our land, too.

If we just protect the capital, will everything will be solved”

“That’s not what I mean… I mean, work is also important.”

TL/N: Like Lexion’s “job” to protect the capital

“Haa, Seirin…”

At the height of the quarrel, the communication device lit up.

After confirming that the call was from the imperial family, Seirin smiled and took the communication device. 

– Seirin.

It’s me, Kronos.

“Why can’t I get in touch with you I was worried.”


While I was setting up an investigation team, the capital was attacked again.

“Another attack Is Your Majesty safe”

Seirin was stunned to hear that the fourth raid had already taken place.

But the tone of Kronos’ voice from the other side was calm. 

– It hurt a little, but it’s nothing to worry about.

“Did you get hurt”

Seirin asked back in surprise at Kronos’ answer.

“Kronos, are you all right”

Then Gregory, who was with her, intervened.

Then Kronus laughed out loud. 

-Aren’t you all making a fuss Where would the capital be so easily taken away

Seirin was relieved by Kronos’ calm voice.

If things were really urgent, his voice would have been loud enough to be heard outside the castle. 

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Kronos spoke again.

– There’s nothing to worry about here, so try convincing the Lexion bastard.

“He won’t let them go.

The situation in Bael is pretty bad right now.”

– Then Seirin, you should come back first.

I can’t put my precious sister in such a dangerous place.

“Yes, Seirin.

That would be cool.

The capital is safe, so you go first, and I’ll stay here and try to persuade Lexion a little more.”


– Yeah, listen to Gregory.

At the persuasion of the two, Seirin bit her lower lip and remained silent.

It was embarrassing to go back without achieving anything, but she was worried that His Majesty would be seriously injured.

“Okay, I’ll do that.”


Hakun’s a bit dangerous right now, so come by land.

I’ll send you the route in a minute.

“Yes, thank you, brother.”

Communication ended like that 

Seirin sighed deeply.

Gregory patted her on the shoulder.

“Go and empty your mind.”


“Your Majesty is fine, so don’t worry.”

“To my brother, he may just be abusive, but he’s a father to me.

How can I not worry”


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Gregory’s gestures stopped.

Seirin’s thorny words stabbed him in the heart. 

Gregory said with a bitter smile.


You will have a harder time than me.”

“I want to rest.

Go back.”

To Seirin’s command, Gregory didn’t answer. 

He just slipped away.


When I came to consciousness, I was in someone’s arms.

The heavy thing that pressed on my waist was Lexion’s arm.

When I slowly opened my eyes, I saw Lexion’s collarbone.

I raised my eyes and looked at him.

He was fast asleep.

A beautiful face filled my vision, and the sound of his light breathing was good to hear.

How much time has passed

I spent the night in Lexion’s study last night.

In the meantime, I was taken to a bed next to the study, and after that, it was hot enough to make my body flutter.

‘No way.

It wasn’t a dream.’

I couldn’t believe I spent the night with him.

But if I see that my whole body is aching and my lower body is tingling, it must be true.

Naturally, last night’s afterimage lingered.

The hot breath, the hand holding the waist tightly, and the body scent that filled the room were all clear. 

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I was tossing around in embarrassment for some reason, but Lexion hugged me even tighter.


I was so surprised that I took a deep breath, and I thought Lexion’s head was coming down, so I lightly smacked my forehead.

TL/N: Like to cover her forehead

“Hey, are you up”


Still half asleep, his voice was languid. 

It was quite different from his usual straightforward voice.

My face was about to burn as he whispered into my ear.

Meanwhile, Lexion gently stroked my back.

The touch of the bare skin reminded me of last night and my body automatically shuddered.

Besides, because he was holding my waist so tightly, he was in close contact with me, so I didn’t know how to breathe. 

“Zi, Zion… A little further away.”

“I don’t want to.”

He hugged me tighter and kissed me all over my face. 

Kissing sounds echoed plainly throughout the room.

Then suddenly, I wondered because my body didn’t seem to be sticky.

I even remember falling asleep after sweating last night, but when I woke up, it was refreshing as if I had washed up. 

‘No way… did Daisy come and go’

When I thought that she had seen this scene, I wanted to hide in a rat hole.

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Then he lifted my chin and kissed me deeper than before, laid down, and whispered.

“Did you sleep well”

Before I knew it, I felt awake.

“Yes… More than that, did I wash up and fall asleep yesterday”

“Oh, don’t you remember”


What do you mean I don’t remember

I tilted my head at his innocent response.

Then he put on a troubled expression and spoke.

“You said washing up was bothersome… you asked me to wash you.”

“What! Me!”

No way!

No matter how crazy I was, I couldn’t have done such a bold thing!

Both eyes widened in surprise.

It was then.

He bit his lips, laughed out loud, and replied.

“I’m kidding.

I thought you’d feel uncomfortable if you just slept…”

Lexion licked his lips as he stopped talking.

Just by looking at the reaction, I felt like I knew what was going on without listening to the back story.


I checked my mind immediately.

It wasn’t enough to fall asleep all spread out on the bed, but to let my partner wash me

‘The, the worst…’

I couldn’t bear to see Lexion’s face, so I covered my face with my hands. 

Then he gently removed my hand and smiled brightly. 

“I liked it.”

“I’m glad if you liked… not! What, What are you talking about now!”

I was taken aback by his provocative remarks. 

My hand was still in his grasp, so even if I tried to move it, it was still in his hands.

The corners of Lexion’s eyes were folded finely.

He looked at me lovingly and asked.

“You talked casually yesterday, but now you’re speaking formally again, Titi”

“Ah, that’s…”

In my heart, I always called him Lexion. 

Yesterday, when I learned the truth, I guess I treated him casually in surprise.

But now that I have regained my composure, it was not easy to speak informally to him, 

“You’re a duke.

It looks bad when others hear it.”

“It’s all right.

It’s just the two of us now.”

Read only at PM Translations

He stroked my hair quietly.

The touch seemed to be heated.

His eyes gradually heated up as I gazed at them.

“Then only when we are together, Zion.” 


With those words, Lexion’s lips came crashing. 

It was quite different from the kisses when he was playing around just now.

Before I knew it, my whole body was tense.

The places he touched became hot.

I closed my eyes and gently savored the sweet lips.

TL/N: omg issit round 2 LOLOL ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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