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Chapter 60

Gregory fiddled with his fingertips and was lost in thought.

An uncharacteristically serious look.

Gregory was rotting inside as much as the fingertips that touched the river were tingling. 

‘As expected, I can’t do it.’

He buried his face in his hands and let out a shallow moan. 

Tiarozety’s bewildered eyes were still vivid.

The hand that flinched at the intentional action kept twitching.

‘I can’t believe I’m flirting with your kindness.’

Gregory couldn’t stand himself being pathetic.

It was an act with clear intentions. 

Because Gregory was determined and tried to seduce her.

Actually, before coming to Bael. 

There was something the emperor secretly told him to do.

‘Bring Tiarozety Esol in front of me.

Don’t even think about coming back to the capital until you do.’

It was a coercive demand that didn’t even give him a choice. 

The Emperor’s indifferent command became a sharp piece and stabbed Gregory in the lungs.

Nevertheless, it was the fear of death that prevented him from rebelling against the order. 

‘Gregory, you must survive.

Do not wither in vain like your father.’

Those were the words of my mother, who was the daughter of a noble baron, in her will. 

The mother was the maid of his deceased father. 

Eventually, she was kicked out of the family and lived like a commoner because she did not say who the child’s father was, and only after she became sick did she announce Gregory’s existence to the royal family.

Fortunately, thanks to the emerald green eyes unique to the imperial family, Gregory was recognized as a member of the imperial family and was enrolled in the imperial family. 

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He did not know when his mother died.

It was because the emperor prevented him from seeing her. 

He had never slept peacefully since he became such a member of the royal family.

He always had to fight the fear of death.

It was then.

“Prince, we’ve received a call from the royal family.”

One of the attendants held out the communication device. 

Gregory reluctantly accepted the communication.

– Have you arrived safely in Bael

The emperor’s oppressive voice rang out.

It wasn’t like talking to a son.

It was a belligerent tone.

Gregory replied as if he was accustomed to it.

“Yes, I think we’ll have a welcoming party soon.”

– I’m sure you’re doing well regarding what I said.


– Yeah, why would I ask After all, the only thing you know how to do is to flirt and seduce women.

Isn’t it better for you to be used like this


Gregory bit his lower lip at the emperor’s cruel words.

The emperor had a habit of criticizing Gregory.

He might get used to it, but it was ridiculous to be hurt every time.

The emperor’s words did not stop there.

– The behavior of the evil dragon is unusual.

I asked Seirin, but just in case, keep an eye on the Duke of Sparrow.

“What do you mean by surveillance Did you make Seirin do that”

Gregory asked back in a slightly angry tone.

She was a precious sister who had been nice to him since childhood.

Unlike Kronos, she was his family who did not look at him with contempt. 

Gregory saw Seirin as his only family. 

So, he was hoping that she would live a life that had nothing to do with politics…

The emperor seemed to want to take advantage of his daughter.

The emperor expressed his anger at Gregory’s voice.

– I can’t believe it.

You’re saying something weird.

“She likes Lexion.

Don’t tarnish her pure feelings.”

– Well.

It is a matter that Seirin decided for herself.

And it’s all the more gratifying if she likes the Duke of Sparrow.

It’s good to get the two of them engaged at this point.

“Your Majesty!”

– Lower your voice.

Do you want to get caught


– Sightseeing is just a gimmick anyway.

If Seirin has the Duke of Sparrow in mind, she has no choice but to follow him.

“I mean, don’t use Seirin politically.”

– What is the meaning of life without politics to the royal family 


Gregory was speechless and his lips twitched. 

The emperor did not stop talking.

-You should stop beating around the bush too.

Your marriage and life belong to the royal family anyway, so don’t waste it.

With those words, the communication was unilaterally terminated. 

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Gregory put down the communication seat helplessly, and the attendant left the room. 

As soon as the servant’s footsteps moved away, Gregory spat out a swear word in a low voice.

“Damn it!”

Then he struck the wall with his fist and expressed a look of resentment.

He couldn’t endure his anger.

He was resentful of his lineage in the imperial family.

‘Why did my mother send me to the imperial family’

‘Maybe it would have been better to starve to death while wandering the streets.’

Blood pooled in the fist that punched the wall hard.

The stinging pain passed through his fingertips.

Gregory hit the wall several times to cool down his anger alone.


Inside the Myersotis room, I was deep in thought.

I circled around the same place and hesitated for a long time.

In my hand was the box Daisy gave me. 

‘If the duke comes later, you must tell him.

I’ll check it out tomorrow!’ 

The bold words that Daisy had been urging me to say were ringing in my ears.

I was contemplating whether to give it to him or not, but someone knocked. 

“Who is it”

“It’s Betty.

Can I come in for a minute”

If it was Betty, she was a maid of honor for Seirin. 

I quickly put the box in my pocket and said, 

“Yes, come on in.”

Then Betty opened the door and came in to inform me of her business.

“The princess is going to stop by for a while since she said she has something to give to Tiarozety.”


“Yes, she’s in the castle just now because she’s in a meeting with the Duke of Sparrow.

It’ll be over soon, so come on time.”

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What is she trying to give tonight

Following Betty’s guidance, I headed to the place where the two were.

The place where Lexion and Seirin were located was an open glass garden.

Betty guided me to a small space where only I could see them.

I stared blankly at the two smiling amicably.

They were so far away that I couldn’t tell what they were talking about. 

“You can wait here for a while.”

“All right.”

Betty left after those words and disappeared.

Sitting silently in a chair, I waited for the meeting between the two to end.

‘I feel like I’m back to the old days now that I’m like this.’

It was a very familiar situation for me.

Watching the two of them from afar.

Seirin’s cheeks were blushing at something she liked. 

Lexion had his back turned, so he couldn’t tell what kind of expression he was making. 

‘What are you talking about’

At that moment, Seirin abruptly got up and approached Lexion. 

She had a tie in his hand. 

‘Oh, that’s the tie she bought then.’

It was the same tie that she asked me if it suited Lexion.

Seirin approached Lexion, thinking she was going to tie the tie herself.

At this, Lexion seemed to reach out and block Seirin. 

No, I thought so…


I jumped up at the next scene.

My fingertips trembled. 

Even if I rubbed my eyes and looked at them, the distance between the two was very close. 

I forgot Seirin’s order to wait and left as if running away from there. 


Lexion was embarrassed by Seirin, who suddenly came.

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The book followed behind him in invisible mode.

In fact, he already knew why she had come to him.

Because the book has been crying loudly since last time.

– Ask Princess Seirin to be your partner for this party.

If you continue to refuse, you will be penalized.

‘Now you’re even threatening me.’

He had already been stripped of his position as the protagonist due to the accumulation of penalties. 

Either way, he didn’t hesitate to distort the plot if necessary, and each time a penalty was imposed.

However, Lexion did not stop and thoroughly broke the impression of Lexion Sparrow that it made.

‘I can’t feel the penalty well, so I have to do it my way.’

Lexion neatly ignored the book’s request and approached Seirin.

It was all the more annoying today because I was about to suggest going for a night walk with Tiarozety.

I wanted to break up quickly and go to Tiarozety.

In addition, Seirin was an uncomfortable opponent for him. 

Especially since she is a woman who has been entangled with him since long ago.

“What brings you here at this late hour”

“I have something to give you.”

Seirin said shyly and held out a box.

Lexion glanced at it.

At first glance, it looked like an accessory.

“Did you call me here for this You could have ordered a maid.”

“I want to give it to you yourself.

Wear this to this party and be my partner, Sir Lexion.”

Seirin opened the box and suggested.

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There was a tie in it.

A tie that doesn’t work well because it seems like it’s getting tighter now.

’Since I ignored the development, did it force her to offer first’

Lexion smiled cynically internally.

“If it’s a partner, you can do it with Prince Gregory…” 

“No, I’m going to partner with Sir Lexion.”

Seirin stubbornly replied before Lexion could finish speaking.

Lexion was uncomfortable with Seirin, who suddenly came and asked him to be a partner.

You decided to make your own party, and now you want me to be your partner.

It was an unacceptable request. 

After finding his identity, he decided not to do anything that would hurt Tiarozety.

There was nothing more heartbreaking than seeing her tears.

Lexion frowned at the lingering afterimage of the past.

After a while, he flatly refused.

“I’m sorry, but my partner is Tiarozety.”

If I do this, she might give up, but today’s Seirin was a little stubborn.

“Tiarozety said she’d yield to me.

I told her I’d be a partner with Sir Lexion, and she said it’s a good fit.”

“…Did Tiarozety really say that”

Lexion, who had been annoyed with her all this time, asked back with a firm face.

Seirin was very discouraged by it, but she deliberately responded harshly.

In fact, even though Tiarozety never said such a thing.

“Of course.

I heard Miss Tiarozety is going to partner with Gregory.”



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