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Slowly, I became worried about Aiden.


‘Should I also check the book’


I haven't opened a book since coming here.


It was because I wondered what it would mean to read a story that had already progressed because it was behind the veil anyway.


Of course, I was also anxious.


It was a long-learned anxiety.


It was a vague ominous feeling that something bad would happen when I read a book.


But there will be no change in the story that unfolds just because I don't keep reading it.



I'll take a look at the book when I go.There might be a story about Aiden.’


I glanced at the side of the book and answered.


"I know.

A little late.”


“Still, Sir Aiden is stronger than he looks, so he'll be on his way without any problems… Now, that's it.”


Daisy said as she finished putting on her makeup.


I responded with a soft smile and got up from my seat.


“Thank you, Daisy.

I will be back."


* * *


The place where Lexion took me was the city of Bael.


After I came to Bael, I had only been around the castle, so it was quite enjoyable to go far.


We tacitly did not mention that day.


The next day I got his confession, I cried and fell asleep in his arms.


I thought about how to treat him.


Did he feel that kind of burden on me


I pretended not to know that day.


Even though he was so kind, I was sorry, thankful, and sad.


"Here you go."


Lexion smiled softly and offered me a well-baked bread.


It was bread that he bought immediately after hearing me say that it smelled good.


‘Lexion didn’t like to eat food on the street.’


The nobles considered it rude to eat street food.


Lexion was also a noble, so he had the same idea.


So, in my previous life, even though he wanted to eat, there were many times when he just swallowed his saliva and stayed still.


I quickly waved my hand and said.


“I’ll go and eat later.”


“It tastes good when it is warm.”


Lexion recommended once more.


Fearing that he would be embarrassed if I refused twice, I quickly accepted and expressed my gratitude.


"Thank you…”


And the sweet red bean paste made my mouth happy.


"So good… It’s delicious, really.”


As I said with a smile, Lexion ate bread at the same time.


"Huh It's street food though…”


“I want to eat it too.”


Lexion swallowed the bread the size of the palm of his hand with those words.


Even though it was hot, I was surprised that he ate it well.


“Are you okay It must have been hot...”


“Oh, did I eat too quickly”


Lexion laughed softly.


It was due to the fact that I still had more than half left in my hand.


“Would you like some more”


I took off the part I put my mouth on and asked.


But before that, he took a bite at the place I bit into.




“It definitely tastes better when eaten warm.”


Lexion made eye contact with me and whispered softly.


"It's been a while since you went on a date."


Why did Daisy's words come to mind at this moment


I coughed and said,


"Right I should buy more."


“Should we”


“Oh, no!”


When I denied it greatly, Lexion smiled as he folded his eyes nicely.


He said, holding my hand.


“Let’s go.”


“Oh, no…”


Lexion took me back to the bakery before I could even say anything.


By the time we got to the front of the bakery, strangely, there was a lot of noise around us.


In the distance, a woman was arguing with the owner.


Next to her was a girl in shabby clothes sniffling.


“There must have been a fight.”


"I know.

Let's get it next time."


Lexion tried to move.


I followed him obediently, but stopped when I saw the woman's face.


‘Oh my god, Emelia Brandt’


Upon closer inspection, the woman fighting was Emelia.


Her voice rang out loudly.


“Are you trying to ignore me Besides, I don't know if it's okay to beat a child like this."


“What do you want me to do about the stolen bread”


The bakery owner said bluntly.


It was an attitude that there was no fault at all.


The girl sniffled and refuted.


"What do you mean to steal You gave it to her yourself.

Save my sister!"


"If you have an upset stomach after stealing it, you'll die rightfully.

Who do you think you are"


The girl flinched when the owner shouted with a grim face.


Given the circumstances, it seems that Emelia is on the side of the wandering orphan.


Lexion stopped walking and watched the situation to see if he recognized her.




After a while, Emelia laughed in vain as if she was discouraged by the owner's harsh words.


Then our eyes met, and naturally, she found Lexion next to me and her eyes widened.




Emilia had a slightly playful face.


Lexion approached her and asked.


“It’s noisy, what’s going on”


The baker was startled by the word duke and clasped his hands.


“Ah, it’s no big deal.

Just a very minor misunderstanding...”


“It’s a minor misunderstanding.”


Emelia cut him off and continued,


“This child was unilaterally beaten by that man.”


“You're always on the side of that child!”


“Didn't you first punch her before she could even talk I saw it with my own two eyes, and I can’t take my foot off it.”


“It’s so embarrassing…”


“Explain the situation accurately.”


Lexion cut to the pulse before the mood overheated again.


Then Emelia calmly explained.


“After eating the bread given by them, children from the slums showed signs of poisoning as a group, and we were trying to figure out what happened.”


After Emelia briefly summarized the situation, the owner complained of her words.


"No! I never gave out bread.

They stole it! Do you believe that beggar more than me now”


"No! He gave it to me!”


The girl responded with a fresh voice.


The child's face was covered in blood from the beatings.


Even though she was young, if she continued to insist on being beaten like that, there was a high probability that she would have suffered a really unfair thing.


If it had been a lie, she would have confessed because she was afraid of being ripped off by an adult.


Lexion asked as I looked at the child with pity.


“Isn’t it even more dangerous if it was stolen bread The children showed signs of poisoning, so there is a possibility that some of the guests will have the same symptoms.”


“That, that…!”


The owner faltered in his words as if he hadn't even thought of that.


Next, Lexion also spoke to Emelia.


“As the owner said, you are too biased towards one side.

Wasn't it a priority to understand both sides of the situation, Miss Brandt"




Emelia didn't budge, so she answered slowly.


But she continued, in a slightly elevated tone as if she was not ashamed of her own actions at all.


“I was just trying to help the child who was being beaten to death.”


“I'm not blaming you.

It would be better to call the guards first and check the situation.”


When Lexion instructed the escort, he disappeared quickly.


He was going to call the guards.


The owner’s face became contemplative when he said he was calling the guards.


Soon after, they arrived.


“Sir, what are you doing”


As the situation escalated, the owner, who seemed anxious like a tree, suddenly got down on his knees and confessed.


“Lord, I have sinned to death! I was just trying to scold them a little because they kept stealing bread and hindering sales…”


"What Did you beat them up like this"


Emelia shouted and scolded the bakery owner.


The girl was embarrassed and started to cry.




The owner became a little bitter.


Emelia said, calming her anger.


“Take him away.”




The guards grabbed the bakery owner and dragged him away.


People gathered on the street clicked their tongues and left one by one.


After a while, only me, Lexion, Emelia, and the girl were left.


I was concerned about the crying girl and asked, holding out a handkerchief.


"Did you eat"


Then the child shook her head vigorously and blew her nose on the handkerchief.


I just took the chocolate Daisy had brought from my pocket and held it out.


The child did not readily accept it since she recalled that once she had been tricked by the bakery owner.


Although she was hungry, she was afraid that she would die from eating, so it was very sad that she did not receive it willingly.


“This is delicious.

It's okay."


I took out another chocolate and ate it to show that it was safe.


"Thank you."


Then the girl was relieved and forgot her worries.


Then she blinked as if the chocolate tasted better than expected.


“Would you like more”


The child nodded her head at my question, and I took all the chocolate from my pocket and put it in her hand.


She didn't eat them all and put a few in her pocket.


She was probably going to give it to a gang of beggars.


“Where are your sick brothers”


“Carmel Forest.”


“Is there a village there”


“It’s just enough to escape the cold in a hut.”


The girl answered with a stern voice.


At that time, Lexion came as if he had finished talking with Emelia.


“Titi, let’s go.”


“What were you going to do”


“Emelia says she will send the doctor to the place where her brothers are.

I think it will work out.”


"What a relief."


I straightened my bent upper body and waved her hand to the girl to say goodbye to her.


Then Emelia spoke to me.


“I heard a lot about you.

I am Emelia Brandt.”


“Ah, hello.

I am Tiarozety Esol.”


“I got a call this morning.

You accepted my tea party invitation.

It must have been a little sudden, but thank you.”


“Thank you for inviting me.”


Emelia smiled brightly at my answer.


I was startled because it was the first time I had talked to her with a smile like that.


‘She’s the type of person who had dimples when she smiled.’


I always saw her expressionless face, so the unfamiliarity was not bad.


At that time, Emelia looked at me and Lexion in turn and murmured.


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