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Chapter 31

‘By the way, the reason why I was a supporting role in the first place was to prevent the development from going wrong.

So, what will happen now that I’m the main character’

The more she thought about it, the more complicated her head felt.

I certainly thought the story in the book was true, but seeing how other people’s behavior had changed, I started to doubt it… Lines I had never said or monologues I had never thought, were written in clear black ink.

This meant that even the characters’ actions and monologues could be manipulated by the book if I intervened.

In the end, my point of view, the book’s point of view, and the other people’s point of view may be different from reality.

‘No matter what a person here thinks, the novel will be written as it pleases.’

When my thoughts reached that point, they became a little clear.

‘Everything will change when the main character changes.’

In the novel, Tiarozetti is written as if she was willing to use her secret ability for the sake of Gregory, who was in danger.

All the words that Lexion said to defend me were stated as Gregory’s words.

It was absurd, but it was possible since Gregory was the male lead.

I didn’t even want it, but the book was trying to tie me up with the male lead.

I hesitated when I read the part written from Gregory’s point of view.

I felt even more uncomfortable because it felt like I was peeping into other people’s feelings.

But it was a part that needed to be read to prepare for the future.

I quickly read the content down.

[Gregory was called by the emperor and headed to the Palace.

His shoulder, still throbbing, was wrapped in bandages.]

[Standing in front of the door, he took a deep breath.

It was to appease himself to endure the wrath of the Emperor who was inside.]

[When the Emperor saw Gregory, he jumped up from his throne and approached him.

His steps were hasty and heavy for an Emperor, but he was so thrilled that he didn’t care.]

[The emperor, who came close, relentlessly weighed down Gregory’s injured shoulder.]


[“Does it hurt” The emperor’s voice was overbearing.]

[Unlike his worried voice, the Emperor’s hand moved without hesitation.

His eyes filled with clear anger.]

[The atmosphere was sharp and rough like a freshly sharpened sword.

Gregory replied with a grin.]


[“Right, the pain isn’t that much.

Isn’t the punishment too light for what you did”]

[The Emperor growled with piercing eyes.

The bandage was instantly soaked with blood and dyed his white shirt, but Gregory didn’t resist the one-sided and heartless violence.]

[He just fell to his knees and swallowed his moans.]

[‘The emperor has become very weak.

I guess you can’t lie about age.’ He comforted himself by saying that joke to himself.]

[Even though it really hurts].

[The emperor frowned as he looked disgusted at Gregory, who swallowed every groan.]

[“If you don’t want to be like your father, don’t act so arrogant anymore.

You never know when my patience will end.”]

[“…I will keep that in mind.”]

[As Gregory spoke in a steady tone, the emperor turned away from him.

Then he resolutely ordered the knight who was standing on the side.]

[“Don’t let Gregory Aden Werbel leave his Palace for the next month.”]

[“Yes, Your Majesty.”]

[The knights standing next to him obeyed his orders and dragged Gregory out.

Only when the Emperor was not in sight, did he feel relieved.]

[Such punishment and insults were tolerable.

In fact, he was prepared for more, so it was a little bland.]

[When Gregory arrived in the bedroom, he grinned and spoke to himself.]

[“Thanks, I’ll have a good rest.”]

[There was no anger in his voice.

Rather, it seemed pleasant.

But his eyes were stiffer than ever.]

[He calmly put a new bandage on my wound.]

[There was a heavy silence in the room.]

“As expected, the emperor is pure trash.”

After I finished reading the book, I swore low, and the guide gave me a scolding.

―Abusive language is a language that offends the other person…

“Shut up, please.”

— …

The guide went silent at my cold reply.

He seemed to know that if he insisted any more, he would get even more swearing.

I let out a deep sigh.

In the end, Gregory became the male lead.

Naturally, the scenes with him will increase.

‘Even if we go back to the north, I can’t help but get involved with the Imperial Family.

I’m already tired.’

I tousled my hair thinking about the expected future.


* * *


A leisurely noon.

Seirin came out to the garden with the maids.

While she was drinking her tea, the maids were plucking flowers.

Later, sharp scissors and empty vases were placed on the table with roses.

Seirin started cutting the roses one by one.

With snipping sounds, the leaves fell off.

When she had a lot in her mind, she used to arrange flowers.

It was quite refreshing to take care of the flowers without thinking about it.

However, even arranging flowers-which she usually enjoyed-did not make her feel better.

‘Why does it feel so dirty’

Seirin had a cool expression on her face as she recalled the time when the evil dragon attacked.

She was the perfect Princess recognized by the Emperor.

She had a gentle personality and could clearly discern right from wrong.

In addition, her appearance was praised as the most beautiful in the Empire.

She was fully aware that she was a great person.

But no one knew that she had such arrogant thoughts.

That’s how clever Seirin’s handling techniques were.

All people thought of her as a gentle and kind woman.

Even though she was actually a very cunning person.

‘I feel like things are getting more and more twisted.’

Now that she had made her social debut, a meeting about her spouse, a Royal son-in-law, a new proxy to the throne would be held soon.

She had Lexion Sparrow in mind as her companion.

He was-in her opinion-her most perfect groom.

When Seirin was young, she already liked his neat appearance.

His hair was neatly swept up, not suitable for his young age.

His attire buttoned all the way down.

She liked all of him, including his sense of properly dividing public and private matters.

The honesty of living only in the north to not disturb the Emperor’s mood was also good.

So she never doubted that when the time came, he would come down to the capital and stand by her side.


‘What the hell changed him’ When she met him again, he was very different from before.

Bangs that cover the roughly dried eyebrows.

A sloppy appearance with an unbuttoned shirt.

Acting against the law, and so on.

[tl/n: Seirin talks like my mom lol]

The child from her childhood was nowhere to be seen.

“It’s so strange.”

“What is it”

At Seirin’s self-talk, the maid answered.

She glanced at her maid and muttered without thinking.

“He was definitely mine, but all of a sudden it feels like a bird escaped from its cage.”

“Have you had any birds”

Her maid asked, unable to understand Seirin’s words.

However, Seirin did not solve her curiosity.

She just kept trimming her flowers into a vase.

Suddenly, Seirin paused.

There was white rose mixed with the red ones.


As soon as she saw the white rose, a woman came to mind.

So she impulsively picked up the rose and started trimming it.

Originally, it was a flower that would not have been chosen because it was not in harmony with other flowers.

Seirin gave a twisted smile.

‘Yeah, maybe it’s because of her.’

When she first met Tiarozetti at the banquet, Seirin felt something strange.

Strangely enough, she felt like Tiarozetti had taken her place.

Although she had been accustomed to hiding her awkward feelings, she continued to be anxious.

But when Lexion took her out of the banquet hall, Seirin couldn’t hide her expression anymore.

Lexion’s behavior was so attentive that it was hard to think they were just relatives.

Furthermore, when they had tea time with the delegation, his gaze was always on Tiarozetti.

She just thought it was weird to feel bothered by that but… She wasn’t his relative, she was an Isol.

“Because that person feels anxious.”

Seirin felt something went wrong when Lexion drew such a strong line.

And when she found out Tiarozetti was an Isol, Seirin felt obsessed by the idea that she might have taken all of him away.

‘To think I’ll be pushed aside by a lowly Isol.

My pride is hurt.’

Seirin put the white rose in a vase after finishing trimming.

Among the red roses, the white rose stood out.

Just like Tiarozetti’s pure white silver hair that she saw when the evil dragon appeared.

Seirin’s face suddenly hardened thinking about the woman with pure white silver hair and blue-colored eyes.

The woman who smiled at Gregory and Lexion with a gentle face.

She, who was usually timid, fearlessly and recklessly rushed to the evil dragon.

She, who blushed while looking at Lexion.

A woman who recklessly wanted to take Seirin’s place.

“It’s annoying.”

Seirin muttered, staring at the white rose.

‘Yeah, she got on my nerves.’

So much so that she wanted to get rid of her right away.

The maid quickly responded to Seirin’s self-talk.

“I think it’s because the colors are different.”

“That’s right.”

Seirin smiled and took the white rose from the vase.

When she gave strength to her hand, the stem broke and the white rose slumped helplessly.

The maid spoke, smiling.

“It’s much better without it.”


It’s a lot prettier.”

Seirin held out the vase to the maid with a happy expression on her face, her mood got better.

“Can you put it in the bedroom”

“Yes, Princess.”

The maid took the vase and left.

Meanwhile, Seirin dropped the white rose to the floor.

As if that wasn’t enough, she smashed the rose with her shoes until the white petals crumpled and turned dirty.

‘I’ll have to let you know what happens if you dare covet what’s mine.’ Seirin’s eyes lit up coldly.

Moments later, with a satisfied smile, she made her way to her bedroom.

Her meditation ended like that.

Before long, Seirin returned to her usual elegant and good-natured-like Princess appearance.


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