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Chapter 2

As soon as Lexion saw me for the first time, he called me “Isol” because I am from the Esol tribe.

Esol is a rare tribe, but Lexion was not surprised how rare they were.

Exactly until they were exterminated by an evil dragon.

Tiarozety Esol is a person that has a lot of scars.

She is the only one who survived the evil dragon attack.

When I first read the book, I asked the guide for help with the name of the strange tribe.

“Whats the Esol tribe”

Then, it showed me the history of the Esol tribe.

The book flipped through the pages.

When I reached the last chapter, the setting of the novel was written like an encyclopedia.

The guide showed methe area of the lead.

[- Name of race: Esol (Name: healer of two faces)

– External characteristics: Has silver hair.

In particular, the unique silver hair of the species cannot be copied by any magic, so it is used to distinguish them.

– Basic ability: the power to heal using vitality.

To use the said ability, one must say “start”, which would also let them use enchantment magic such as “sword” and “shield”.

They had the power to protect someone.

Hidden Capabilities: [Not yet accessible.]

“What does it mean you cant access it”

– We dont know the areas that dont appear in the novel.

If it appears later, you can access the updated content.

The guide was a person who didnt answer except for when asked.

I looked at the developments so far without further questioning.

In the book, only the first meeting between Lexion and I was vividly black.

The rest of the undeveloped content was written in blurry letters.

In response, the guide explained that as the content unfolds, these blurry letters will turn into a vivid black.

“The main content about the antagonist ofDragons opponent was simple.

The story is about Lexion Sparrow, the male protagonist, saving the world by killing the Evil Dragon, the evil entity of the world.

The evil dragon is a creature that lived on negative emotions such as malice, libido, and hostility.

He enjoyed killing to amplify those feelings.

Among them, the Esols were the unlucky ones.

The Esolites lived in groups, reluctant to let their unusual healing abilities be used by the world.

The reason why they became extinct was because the Evil Dragon appeared in the village where they lived and exterminated them.

In the meantime, it was Tiarozety who survived luckily.

Even though she is the only Esol, she was found first by a vicious merchant and was being sold in the slave market.

Then, Lexion found Tiarozety and saved her.

The novel describes the first meeting between Lexion and I.

[The black eyes looking down were deep and dark.]

Tiarozety felt relieved in the abyss where the end was unknown.

He felt like a savior to me for finding me in this mud.

His black hair that looked like it was part of the scariest things in the darkness.

The dark eyes (that) seem to be devoured by cloudiness.

Was like a light to Tiarozety.

Tiarozety jumps into Lexion without a hitch.

It was (t)here.

That day, Tiarozety fell in love with Lexion at first sight.

“Thats quick.”

I pity you for not knowing the contents of love!

I looked at the book with contempt.

The guide didnt open his mouth anymore as I looked into its eyes.

Tiarozety is a woman who had a three-day trauma due to her being buried in a pile of bodies of her exterminated tribe.

Because of that, she couldnt speak well and followed him around like a newborn duckling imprinted on Lexion.

It was a bit frustrating, but it is easy to act.

Because her behavior pattern is consistent.

Lexion gets hurt often, due to his weak body.

Would it be easy for him to fall down without hesitation

When Lexion refuses, she doesnt care to help him.

Even if he fainted during treatment, even if he suffered from a fever, Tiarozety is devoted to Lexion, without saying anything he hated.

In the final duel, Tiarozety was going to die, saving Lexion, who was fatally wounded by the evil dragon.

That was the end of the mission of Tiarozety in this novel.

Thanks to her sacrifice, Lexions marriage to the empress, who regarded me as an eyesore, was the ending of thedragons opponent.

It was a just ending for the Male Lead.

Of course, it is a very bad ending for me, who became Tiarozety.

I just thought it wasnt my life, and I just followed the demands of the book.

Anyway, I should steadily act the role of Tiarozetytill the ending.

Although she sometimes stuttered in scenes that were not in the novel, she genuinely believed to have performed very well.

Soon after, the long-awaited end came.



I ran to Lexion, who was fatally wounded by the evil dragon.

Lexion looked disarrayed, he had a hole in his stomach.

There is a lot of blood around him.

On the peripheral, the dragon was wandering, while flapping its wings.

Even though the ending of the novel is just around the corner, my mind was empty like a blank sheet.

Its a scene Ive been looking forward to, but why am I numb

When he collapsed bleeding, it felt unrealistic in slow motion.

My heart was pounding and blood seemed to rise backwards.

Obviously, the surrounding area was in chaos with screams and stabbings, but no sound was heard.

I pressed on his abdomen with trembling hands.

I couldnt stop the blood from spilling down.

Then Lexion smiled faintly and said.


Dont cry.”

Then, he wiped my teary face with his hands.

Teardrops soaked his face even more.

My heart is beating like hell, and I knew that what is happening in front of me is just a scene in a novel, not a reality.

It was so vivid that I couldnt bear it.

I couldnt stop myself.

I wanted to call his name right away, but it was an unacceptable line for me.


He let out a painful breath.

My heart ached when I heard it.

A breathtaking feeling.

I felt frustration (hopeless) as if the world were(was) falling apart.

Is it because I acted for a very long time

Before I knew it, I was really in love with him.

Just like Tiarozety in the novel.

I didnt want to love him.

I was careful not to run into him except for the scenes in the novel, and I was afraid of the streets, reflecting on my location every day.

Thats what happened.

Strangely, I often encountered Lexion in places outside the very scenes I appear.

As long as I was a traveler who could not escape the setting of the novel, I could never be the main character.

But I couldnt stop feeling it even though I knew everything.

From one point on, he habitually caught me in his eyes and suffered from the lines he spoke.

My heart ached when Lexion went to Seirin, who is the female lead.

When I first felt love for him, I tried to be self-reasonable, saying that it was because I was so into Tiarozetys role.

I tried hard to erase my feelings towards him with the promise that this place is a book, and that I will return to my world soon.

I thought I would be able to shake it off easily.

Thats what happened.

I had no choice but to admit that the depth of my heart was not so shallow when I faced Lexion, who was throwing up blood and dying.


Lexion shook his head while holding my hand.

It was the first time he spoke informally to me.

Even if I told him to speak so comfortably, what he didnt do is part of his character setting.

But now he has changed.

Is he trying to grant me a wish when its time for me to die

It was a little empty.

But I wasnt the one who wouldnt say hed stop me.

My setting is not something that could be changed just as the ending approached.

When Lexion gets hurt, its Tiarozetys job to use her powers without making a fuss.

Change and growth were privileges, given only to the main character.

While speaking, I could see his vision flashing.

She is also a powerful opponent to him, who rose to the rank of “superior” higher than the master.

This is a world full of malice.

He is dying in front of me, just for everything.

You cant.

You cant die.

All I could think about was saving him.

It wasnt acting, it was all out of my sincerity.

– The countdown begins.

Please recite the lines.

The guide quickly put the lines in my mind.

The book swung open before my eyes.

The activated book was only visible to me.

Lexion tried to open his trembling mouth and say something, but he was buried in a tearful notion.

– 10, 9, 8, 7…….

I wiped away tears with my sleeve.

It was really time to say goodbye.

I put Tiarozetys last line in my mouth.

“You have to be happy.


He held my arm with one hand strongly.

He put in brute force.

But I didnt listen to him.

As always.


He put his hand on his abdomen and recited the starting words.

Lexion looked at me with a faint face.

Blue light gathered around his wound.

With the rapidly falling physical strength, a great deal of fatigue came into me.

I felt nauseous and dizzy.

Now I realized that death is right in front of me.

Perhaps I can save him only by exhausting all my vitality.


Blood poured down my throat.

Lexions eyes shook violently.

His eyes looked sad at first glance.

Maybe I was mistaken because I like him.

If you have a crush for a long time, you will give meaning to other peoples unintentional actions.

Yeah, but it does feel good.

If he cries for me.

I tried hard to smile brightly.

Since its my last scene.

I wanted to remain smiling at least for the last time.

“Ill miss you.”

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I soothed him with the brightest smile I could build.

In the book, that was a line that Tiarozety didnt have.

But that was what I really wanted to say.

Hes gonna be fine without me, but hes gonna miss me.

After a while, hot tears ran over my cheeks.


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