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I spoke softly after a long silence.


― Yes, traveler.

Please speak.

“The main character who deviated from the path, is it Lexion Sparrow”

― That is right.

Lexion Sparrow has strayed out of the path as the main character, thus, has been disqualified.

“So, did Lexion return to the past like me”

I asked the guide the questions I had this whole time.

I thought maybe he might have returned like me.

Because his behavior was so different from before.

I was somewhat certain now.

But the guide flatly denied it.

― Only ‘travelers’ can enter the reset area.

Lexion Sparrow is not a traveler, so it is impossible in principle.

“But why…”

Of course, I muttered faintly, I was sure that Lexion had returned.

According to the guide, Lexion didn’t return and was no longer the main character.

And the reason why he was unfamiliar now was because his role in the story had changed.

In the end, it meant that his actions were only a role fit for the new story.

I lowered my head, confused.

‘But why do I keep thinking that you came back like me’

My last ray of hope disappeared and I felt weak.

Lexion now was not the same person I had met before.

So he couldn’t remember me.

It’s just related to Tiarozetti in this story, and I didn’t know what it was.

Because there was no backstory in the book.

I asked with a gloomy face.

“So what’s Lexion’s role now”

― The role of Lexion Sparrow is ‘unknown.’ Since the setting value is constantly changing, his role is ‘unknowledgeable’ or ‘unknown’.

“Don’t tell me you don’t know.”

I flipped over the book that didn’t help at all.

Still, I couldn’t get my hands off it.

When the book didn’t show up, I was nervous that it wouldn’t show up, but now it was the opposite.

I was nervous when the book appeared again.

Perhaps it was because of what it said to me.

Of the rules that changed, none of them were shocking.

I became the main character.

I took away the role of the main character.

Now that I had become the main character, Lexion’s story had changed to a sub-role.

Since I, a sub-character, became the main character, this novel was almost like a new one.

As the content changed, the cover color also changed.

Besides, unlike my previous life, the book was hiding a lot from me.

For example,

“Why can’t I see the plot’s background”

When I asked with a face full of doubts, the guide answered.

― The main character’s path is a difficult one, and the novel can be messed up.

Therefore, the traveler’s authority is reduced.

“If I don’t know what’s behind it, I won’t know how to act, right Wouldn’t that just ruin this”

― It’s not like that.

For this, the ‘Preview’ system works.


― Yes.

A preview is a system that presents the development in fragments.

Travelers can act freely as long as the content given in the Preview is not disturbed.

“Does that mean I get a penalty if I twist it”

― If the plausibility is accepted, it will move on to ‘Devil’s Edit Mode’.

The ‘Devil’s Edit Mode’ is a way of deceiving the reader through the trailer, which can have side effects if used excessively.

“What is the side effect…”

I lengthened the final word with a surprised face.

Then the guide answered in a soft tone.

― As a kind of penalty, there is a strong possibility that the story will proceed in a direction that the traveler does not want.

I wrapped my head at the guide’s mechanical answer.

In the end, that meant to shut up and act in order to not go against the Preview.

I didn’t know what the penalty could be, but I couldn’t act recklessly.

I frowned and asked.

“Why did the cover color change”

― Because this is the traveler’s second life in this life.

“Second life”

― A second trip to the same novel is called second life.

As a result, the setting value of Tiarozetti Isol was changed.

I never imagined that there would be a second round of life on this trip.

In the first place, it was right to go back to my original home, not to have a second life.

I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was deceived by the guide and the world.

Especially because the story I was experiencing now never had been mentioned in my previous life.

I rebuked the book straight away.


― You’re so mean.

The guide responded with a voice as if what I said was unfair.

Of course, because it was a mechanical voice, there was no soul in it.

I didn’t even think to match his rhythm.

I asked what I was curious about, whether he complained, resented me or not.

“So, what is the changed setting of Tiarozetti Isol”

― To answer your questions, we’ll go to the setting section.

With the brief answer, the book turned to the very last page.

The guide stopped turning the book exactly on the description page.

Then pointed out the part about the Isol tribe.

Parts that were previously inaccessible were changed as accessible now.

[Tribe Name: Isol(Pseudonym: two-faced healer)

-External Features: They possess silver hair and blue eyes.

In particular, the unique silver hair of the Isol tribe cannot be copied by any magic.

It’s a distinctive feature.

-Basic Skill: Healing power using vitality.

To use the said ability, the starting word is ‘Ejis,’ which means shield.

It’s the power to protect someone.

-Hidden Skills: The power to extort the opponent’s vitality.

The starting word is ‘Asta.’

It means spear.

It’s the power to cause damage to someone.

-Notes: This ability is inherent in all Isols, but no one has seen it manifested yet.

It is the power to extend one’s own life by stealing the life energy of the opponent.

Is not suitable for the Isol tribe, which is gentle by nature.

Perhaps the reason why this power has not been manifested is due to the unique nature of the tribe.]


I muttered, bewildered.

The information on the newly updated Isol was worth knowing.

Perhaps it was meant to kill the evil dragon with this hidden power.

I couldn’t calm myself, but a beep alarm sounded from the book.


― The Preview has arrived!

A bookmark appeared along with the guide’s cheerful voice.

It was a bookmark that would appear when the following contents were to be continued.

When the bookmarked page was opened, the bookmark disappeared and blurred letters were engraved on it.

It was the next part of the novel.


* * *


It was really absurd, but I, who was only a supporting character, had now become the main character.

Before the return, I was just a girl with unrequited love, following around the main character.

Now I was the one who should kill the evil dragon.

The evil dragon.

The world’s greatest evil and the one that the main character, Lexion Sparrow, had to execute.

His existence alone had an adverse effect on people, and those who were affected by his thoughts had, without fail, shown sudden and bizarre behavior, causing incidents.

In addition, in this life, because he became stronger, there might be a flood of demons and human beings affected by these thoughts.

Even before I died, humans were engulfed in the power of the evil dragon which caused disasters.

The evil dragon was the evil that should be removed from the world, fitting the title of the book [The Opponent of the Evil Dragon.]

The transcendent, who is above the master rank, had said that it was a difficult task even for Lexion.

How could I kill such an evil existence with just one of Isol’s secret skills

It was like holding an egg in your hand and asking, ‘Try breaking that rock with it!’

No matter how hard they hit, they couldn’t just break the rock.

If I attacked it recklessly, I would be killed before even approaching the evil dragon.

Around the time I was full of such thoughts, Lexion had swapped a plate of chopped steak for mine.

“Eat this.”

My eyes turned to him.

His expression was as gentle as usual, and I felt relieved.

‘Fortunately, you’re not angry anymore.’

That day, Lexion woke up after sleeping all day.

He slept so much that I was worried that he might be dead, but as soon as he woke up, he came to see me.

Lexion’s expression was stiff.

Perhaps he noticed that his body was completely healed and that I had exerted my energy.

As he grabbed my shoulder and let out a somewhat sad sigh, I thought something was wrong.

“Why did you do that…”

Lexion said anxiously in a trembling voice.

The voice was so sad that I felt like I had done something very bad.

“Ah… you seemed to be in a lot of pain.”

What was Lexion’s expression when I said this

He seemed angry and hurt.

His face was filled with sorrow and loneliness.

He asked, breathing heavily.

“Then it’s fine for you to get sick”


“I’d rather be sick than seeing you sick.”

He forgave me only after I had promised him I would never use my powers again.

I couldn’t remember how I fell asleep that day.

Because Lexion was so kind, I was touched that he puts my well-being before his.

I couldn’t sleep because my foolish mind broadened my view on him.

Even though I knew that all his actions were made by the novel, my heart couldn’t be calm.

For some reason, I felt like he cared for me willingly.

But that wouldn’t be possible.

Maybe it was because I looked at Lexion directly, he spoke softly with a light smile.

“The cast has been removed, but it’s still uncomfortable for you to move right It’s ok, you can just eat it.”

“Thank you…”

I muttered with a piece of meat in my mouth, and he smiled brightly.


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