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“…If you don’t go crazy, you won’t be able to survive here.”

“You pathetic bastard.”

Gregory muttered as he hit Lexion hard on the head.

He’s seen a lot of guys go insane because of women, but he didn’t think that one of those guys would be Lexion.

Gregory let out a maid, trembling in the corner.

First of all, it was necessary to persuade her, who knew about everything, and watch her words.

“You didn’t come to the Imperial Palace today.”


“I was the one who beat him and let’s assume that you went to the demon’s den at my request.

That Knox is enough for evidence.”


Lexion calmly called out Gregory, who spitted his plan like a rapid-fire gun.

Gregory responded with a pat on the shoulder as if not to worry.

“Even if this bastard wakes up anyway, Tiarozetti is already in your castle, so there won’t be anything to say.”


“If he doesn’t have any hostages, this guy can’t threaten you.

He wouldn’t be able to confess that he kidnapped and imprisoned an innocent person with his own mouth”

“You don’t have to do this.

I just…”

Lexion shook his head and grabbed Gregory’s arm.

Gregory was worried about his docile friend who puts him first amid the serious situation.

So he smiled more slyly.

Originally, Lexion’s role was the one Gregory was playing now.

Lexion didn’t fit into that new role of his.

“Don’t force yourself.

This is the cleanest way to end it.

After all, a nobody who’s an eyesore to the Emperor, adding one more ugly mistake, doesn’t change anything.”


“Instead, pay off your debts later… Don’t hesitate and just go quickly.”

“…Thank you.”

Lexion gave a quiet answer and walked away.

Only after Lexion was out of sight, Gregory began to loosen his clothes.

Then he suddenly slapped himself on the cheek, and then immediately punched Kronos in the face with his fist.


The maid screamed when the brawl that was thought to be over started again.

Gregory then spoke to her.

“You, there.”


As the trembling maid answered Gregory, he swept up his flowing bangs and gave her an eerie smile.

“I would like it if there’s no talk about today.”

“I- I won’t tell a soul!”

The maid replied immediately.

Her face was tinted with red.

Gregory saw it and smirked.

A maid who blushes in front of an illegitimate child that is infamous for being a playboy.

The solution was quite clear.

From her looks, she looked like a low-ranking aristocratic young girl trying to raise her status by forming ties with a powerful family.

Gregory approached the maid.

She leaned against the wall and stared blankly at him.

When he looked closer, he saw a face he had already met several times when he was going in and out of Kronos’ palace.

Gregory recollected the dirty gossip she had shared with the other maids.

She tried to catch Kronos’ attention with her pitiful stories.

He chuckled casually and saw her gulping.

Gregory stepped forward.

The maid couldn’t keep eye contact and lowered her eyes.

Then he raised the maid’s chin and asked in an insidious voice.

“What is your name”

“I- It’s Illensia Mamre.”

If it was the Mamre family, it was a nouveau riche family.

A while ago, he heard a rumor that a merchant became rich by discovering a gold mine and bought the title of Viscount from his own master.

Perhaps she came into the Imperial Palace looking for a man from a powerful family who would make her family stand out.

Most of the people who work in the Imperial Palace were nobles, so it will be quite helpful to build connections.

The Mamre household wasn’t quite powerful yet, but it was a place with strong financial resources.

It was undoubtedly a family that would always be helpful if they made connections

Gregory whispered with a soft smile unlike before.

“Illensia, I was looking for you.”


Illensia looked up at Gregory startled by his words, but she bowed her head in surprise after meeting his eyes.

Looking at the woman with blushing ears, it seemed like things were going to be easy.

Illensia looked up at Gregory with trembling eyes.

Then, as Gregory’s face drew closer, she closed her eyes tightly.

Knowing what she was expecting, Gregory moved his lips to his ear and whispered.

“Usually, my principle is not to touch family servants, but I’ll give you special care.

What do you think”

“—That means…”

“That’s right.

As long as you don’t talk about what you’ve seen now, I’ll have a hot night to your satisfaction today.”

“You see me easily.”

Illensia struggled to react primly.

But she didn’t seem to know that her thoughts already passed through her facial expression.

Gregory spoke, kissing Illensia’s hair lightly.

“I don’t know.

Those who spend the night with me will never forget me.

Maybe it’s because I always do my best.”


Seeing Gregory’s smile, Illensia coughed and fanned her face.

Gregory pushed her against the wall and whispered.

“Illensia, if possible, I will tailor it to your taste.

Do you like the one who approaches first, or do you do it yourself”

Gregory said, pointing to him and Illensa alternately.

Moments later, Illensia raised her finger and pointed at Gregory.

It was an unspoken consent.

Gregory said with a sly smile.


Moments later, Gregory’s lips swallowed hers.


I Became The Main Character.

As soon as I heard that Lexion had been missing for a week, I got up.

Suddenly, when I got up I heard a cracking sound from my bones.

Pain followed, but I didn’t care.

I was more worried about Lexion than that.

Daisy stopped me as I was about to leave with my injured body.

“You don’t even know where he is, how are you gonna find him Besides, your body isn’t healed yet!”

“S- Still—”

I cried as I clung to Daisy, who shouted sternly.

As soon as I heard that Lexion had disappeared, my mind went blank.

I was nervous.

I thought that Lexion was in danger because I was caught by Kronos.

I thought I had been in prison for quite some time, but I didn’t realize it had been ten days.

It was hard to know the exact date because it was all dark there.

What made me uneasy above all else was Lexion’s behavior.

I didn’t understand why he acted like that for a meaningless person he had only met for less than a month as if was someone precious.

‘Maybe… Do you know something’

My head was a mess.

Since meeting him, there have been more than one or two suspicious things.

‘How did you find out about the Isol disaster and come to the South’

How did he know my name

Why did he volunteer to be my partner unlike the original

From the beginning, everything was unusual.

When I heard through Daisy that Lexion had found me, delaying the order to return to the North, I felt dizzy.

It was a reckless act.

It was also worrisome that he suddenly disappeared.

Somehow, it seemed that the cause was Kronos.

My hands were trembling.

As the thoughts reached that point, my heart couldn’t calm down.

No, I couldn’t calm down.

It was even more so because I knew how Kronos tormented and manipulated Lexion in the original.

Kronos had always made difficult demands to Lexion.

Maybe this time Lexion was injured, that’s why he didn’t come back.

So I had to find him at any cost.

As I continued stubbornly trying to leave the room, Daisy tried to persuade me.

“Wait a little longer and he will come.”

Then she dragged me back to the bed, trying to calm me down.

I shook my head and refused.


I have to find him, I need to find him ”

“Miss, please…”

I kept arguing with Daisy like that, and out of the blue, the lobby became noisy.


“My Lord! Why do you look—”

“Hurry, doctor…!”

Aroused by the noise of the servants, I pushed Daisy and ran to the lobby.

But there was no need to go to the lobby.

I stopped walking halfway.

Lexion was rushing up the stairs.

Then, as soon as he saw me, he hugged me tightly.


The people who saw the scene gasped and looked away.

The bandaged arm stung from the tight hug.

But my heart hurt more than my injured body.

I burst out in tears at Lexion’s wretched appearance.

“Whe- Where did you go to end up hurt like this!”

“Titi… don’t treat my wounds.”

When I demanded with a trembling voice, Lexion answered with an anguished voice.

I hesitated at his words.

He sounded heartless when he ordered not to heal his body.

As I shook my head, he hugged me tighter.

I could feel his body trembling.

I didn’t know why he was shaking so much.

“Please, Titi.

Please do not treat me.”

Lexion said it again as if pleading.

I couldn’t say anything.

He held me tight and didn’t let me go, as if I was about to disappear.

Was it because I had already disappeared in front of him once

He looked very anxious.

He was drenched in sweat as he laid his hand on his black hair.

A fishy smell emanated from his body; I couldn’t know whose blood was.

The clothes were dusty as if he had been rolling somewhere, and the hide was rough.

There were visible cuts from sharp objects everywhere.

Even after seeing it, I couldn’t help but want to treat him.

Because Tiarozetti hates Lexion getting hurt.

And so do I…

I reached out to give strength to my plea.

At that moment, he grabbed my hand and shouted.


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