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Chapter 7

She was the one who could wake up Rodion in five minutes.

‘Without me, many people will suffer again trying to wake him up.’

Rodion, who had become a puppy a while ago, is now depressed.

He looked even more miserable.

How can a grown man look so pathetic and cute

“I can’t live without Rea.”

Rodion’s droopy eyes, speaking gruntly, overlapped with his sullen puppy’s ears.

Of course, if it were up to Irene, she would not have come this far only if they let her retire.

“Still, if you live without me after a while, you will get used to it.”

Humans are species of adaptation.

Perhaps he will be able to quickly adjust to the vacant seat even if he is not confident.

Besides, they will soon fall in love with Louise and forget about her, anyway.

“There are people who are better than me.

And, even if it is difficult to get up in the morning, if the Third Master tries every day, you will be fine.”

“So, I am just going to resign now.” As Irene was about to say that, suddenly, her waist tightened.

It was Louise who wrapped around Irene’s waist and embraced tightly.

“Miss Irene! Are you really going to leave!”

“Well, yeah—uh, let go…”

“Miss Irene! Do not go!”

Argh. Irene screamed, shrilling internally as she could feel the power of the corset, which was not worn usually, intensely squeezed her ribs.

Louise hugged her so firmly that she seemed to hear a throbbing sound from her waist.

“What if I do not have Miss Irene—!”

‘We met for the first time today…’

“You have even come forward to protect me like this! I cannot let Miss Irene go!”

It seems to me that you are trying to send me to heaven right now, Louise…

“Well, first of all…can you give me… let go…”

“Oh! I am sorry!”

At that, Louise was startled and released her arms immediately.

Thanks to this, Irenea was able to bring the precious air back into her lungs.

Gasp, gasp.

Seeing Irene breathing heavily, Louise stamped her feet in a panic.

“Oh, my.

Oh, my… Are you all right”

“Yes, a little… I thought I was going to die, but it is fine.


“What is fine about that!”

Louise, who had clearly stopped crying a while ago, had tears welling up in her eyes again.

Is that a faucet…

“I am really sorry, Miss Irene… but, I am so heartbroken to hear that you are leaving.”

“I am fine, so don’t cry.”

“Can’t you just stay here”

‘You can’t do this to me—’

Still, Irene could not bring herself to refuse Louise, who was full of tears, at once, and only smiled vaguely.

To be as harsh as she was a while ago… she was weakened by Louise’s tears.

‘I think it’s because I have seen her suffer six times.’

Louise was Irene’s sore finger.

Especially since Irene was in the position of watching her die three times, she cannot help but feel guilty somehow.

But, that is not all.

“Still, I have already resigned.

I will not change my mind.”

Now, these three men will have no way to catch her.

Even though Louise, with tears swelling in her eyes, telling her not to go, Irene was already very tired.

Ahibalt’s voice intervened in her mind, full of a desire not to engage with the Lavrenti any longer.


Did you go out and find a place to live yet”

“I wanted to find a place in the Capital, so I looked it up, but there were no houses for sale yet.

So, I am thinking of staying at an inn until I find a house.”

“Then, how about this I’m postponing your resignation for a month.”

…A month

Hearing his sudden suggestion, a question mark appeared on Irene’s face.

Ahibalt kindly continued to explain.

“You want to quit like that, and I can’t stop it.

I will double your salary, so stay for one more month.

As you said, it will be fine once we get used to it.

However, we are not used to life without you yet.”

Although he was just talking leisurely, he also seemed a little awkward.

“I can’t even imagine my life without you either.

Is it all right if you give us some time to clear our minds”

‘Do you need time to make up your mind when one employee leaves’

Irene felt something strange, but Ahibalt’s words were strangely difficult to refute, so she listened quietly.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if you tell Miss Louise, who is going to be in your vacant seat, about some work and stay there for a month before finding a place when you leave”

That is a sensible thing to say.

It is not that they will not let her retire at all.

Instead, he even offered that the high salary would be doubled, too.

“Yes, let’s stay a little longer, Miss Irene.


Louise spoke mournfully as she hugged Irene’s arm tightly.

One of her eyes fluttered as if she was about to burst into tears at any moment.

Irene thought as she looked into the blue gaze from Louise, which was shaking with sadness.

‘I should buy a house first, then travel somewhere else with the remaining money…’

There is a place Irene wants to visit—The Lowens region is famous for Lake Diabel.

‘It is still close to early spring, so it might be icy, but who cares I will go and sleep in an inn with a view of the lake and have a great time.’

However, the only problem is that she needs more money to do that, though Irene cannot use up all the severance pay and the money she saved up because she has to buy a house as well.

‘The price of land has risen a bit lately.’

She looked through the newspapers a while ago to see if there were any real estate listings, but decent houses were not enough with just only her severance pay or saved money.

‘It is better to find a house, rather than travel…’

And so, she came to the conclusion that it would be better to add a little more money there if she can.

After estimating the cost of the trip, Irene finally opened her mouth.

“Triple it, please.

Then, I will work for another month.”

“All right.”

Ahibalt replied coolly.

He then snapped his fingers.

“Butler, go and draw the employment contract.

Then, Irene, you can ask for more if you want.

Well, Miss Louise, did you say you came here to talk about your salary”

He managed to remember that.

Irene admired Ahibalt’s professionalism once again.

Perhaps Louise had also forgotten her purpose for coming here, too, especially seeing that she answered with her eyes wide open.

“Yes, I would like to change the bank that pays me.”

“Then, we can work that out with the butler.

I apologize once again for involving you in something unpleasant as soon as you arrive like this.”

“Well, I’m fine! Thank you!”

“Thank you for telling me that.”

Ahibalt answered gently and showed a friendly smile.

It seemed as though Louise, who was laughing brightly, had already forgotten about the three Lavrenti men who were trying to kill her a while ago, saying that she would do her best.

If Irene had been as naive as half Louise, or even half as innocent, she would have been smiling and saying that is good as well…

‘I have never seen the First master smile so gently like that before.’

Thinking so, Irene was practically the old figure of Lavrenti at this point.

Even though she was puzzled by Ahibalt’s sudden gentleness, Irene did not have time to think as the butler was approaching Louise and her.

“Come on, Miss Louise, Miss Irene.

Let’s go this way.

You can follow me.”

“Come on, Miss Irene.

Let’s go together.”

“Oh, yes.

I’m coming.”

While reluctantly following Louise, who quickly became bright as if she had never cried, Irene remained suspicious the whole time.

But, there is one thing she overlooked.

That is, it was not only Louise who gave Ahibalt a kind smile, but Irene herself was included as well.

As the three of them left, the room became tranquil.

Ahibalt eventually opened his mouth as he turned around and walked towards the desk.

“Rodion, you go to Delton immediately.”


“And, Otis, you need to look into real estate.”

At Ahibalt’s command, Otis, who had been frozen the whole time, slightly twisted his lips.

“As you wish.”


“Why are all the masters so scary My former owner was also very scary—very pretty, but very scary”

Irene took a mouthful of her sandwich and muttered, before pausing.

Murmuring again as she swallowed the mouthful sandwich, she opened her mouth.

“…You said you worked in Lichpen, didn’t you”


There were only women there, so it was comfortable to stay.”

“Who was the hostess”

“It was Henrietta Lavrenti.”

‘Well, then it is understandable.’ Irene nodded her head and took another bite of his sandwich.

Lichpen is a luxurious mansion where women of the Lavrenti lived.

It would be appropriate to say that it is a place where the wives of Lavrenti, daughters of Lavrenti, and female employees of Lavrenti live separately.

The reason for dividing the mansion is simple.

‘Because the Lavrenti mansion is the heart of Knox.’

By deliberately dividing houses according to factions, it creates a class gap.

So, a few years ago, the three Lavrenti brothers lived there and acted as Knox’s executives.

As far as Irene knows, now only Otis’ mother, Rodion’s mother, and the three brothers’ aunt live there now.

And, the reason why only women were living separately was simple, leaving the Lavrenti’s mansion intact—because they do not get along well with each other.

Ahibalt, Otis, and Rodion all had a bad relationship with their mother.

Hence, as soon as their father, Lavrenti, died, the mothers were sent directly to the Lichpen, which was originally used as a villa.

Ahibalt could not get along because his mother died earlier on in his life.

Otis’s mother turned Otis away to having an affair with her lover, while Rodion’s mother was more interested in raising her status than her child.

So, in the end, they were human beings who did not even care about their child.

The men of the House of Lavrenti, as were the women, were not very pure either.

‘This is probably why they were attracted to Louise…’

Because Louise is a person armed with purity.


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