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Chapter 59


Otis’ desires were far from sexual, even when he felt that he wanted Irene.

His desire was a little more fundamental to possession.

A longing as she tried to stay away from him… The desire to hold her.

The sexual parts were just the means of seduction to keep her by his side.

Perhaps, it was because he had seen Irene for too long, since his childhood.

To Otis, she was always dressed in a maid outfit with monotone colors, like a doll.

Just like no one kisses a doll sincerely, he never thought it would be the same with Irene.



Otis thought again, gazing at the woman who was half-awake in the morning sun.

Was it because of the change of outfit Or, was it simply an illusion created by the early morning… Conceivably, it was his own inability to sleep, or it could be the ego created by his wounded self-esteem when Irene rejected his seduction.

Still, whatever it was, the feeling was unmistakable.

He wanted to see those indifferent, languid eyes from a breaths difference…

He wanted to feel her breath from the tip of his nose as she exhaled all night long…

He wanted to squeeze the gap between the closed lips and hug the woman who was likely to fit in one arm…

A more primal and primary color desire.

‘If I get caught, I must be terribly hated.’

…Would she despise him Maybe, he would never see her face again.

Otis, who remembered Irene’s resolute refusal last night, put his dry tongue to the roof of his mouth and released it to quench his desire.

Thanks to her hard work, Otis, who refused every class, also learned how to treat other people.

The right thing for him to do here now was to put a shawl around Irene’s shoulders and tell her to go back when others see him.


That was right…

Thinking that, he turned around and opened his mouth, picking up the shawl that had been draped over the sofa.

“Irene, come on—”

“Young Master.”

Suddenly, Irene’s mouth opened.

When he turned around, she was standing there with an innocent expression on her face as usual.

What was different from usual was that one of her hands was wrapped around the nape of her neck.

“Could you please make just one mark here”

Then, she spat out a request she would never have made otherwise.

Otis doubted his ears for a moment before he slowly opened his mouth.

“…Are you serious, Irene”


I don’t think pinching is enough.

I wonder if it would be good to gather a little more suspicion if there is at least one scar around here…”

“You ask for a kiss, why”

“If necessary, maybe.”

“Not when I seduce you, but out of necessity”

“Because of necessity, it’s an unavoidable situation.”

“Then, when I want to”

Irene stiffened there for a moment, then tilted her head slowly and asked.

“You really don’t want to, do you”

Otis burst out laughing involuntarily at the attitude of ignorance.

Possibly, today was the day his patience was tested.

‘…Not when I seduce you, but out of necessity.’

It was the idea that he was really good at it himself.

Rather, yesterday’s resolute rejection was more unfamiliar.

And, it was understandable that he was unnecessarily heated by this attitude.

He could not tell the truth anyway, and the justification was clear.

It was probably natural for Irene to react as if she did not understand like that because he would never reveal his true feelings.

Otis stopped his laughter and said, grabbing her softly by the arm.


You’re right, Irene.

I can’t help it if we need to.”

Otis sat down on the sofa covered with the shawl before pulling Irene over to him.

Contrary to when she pushed him away last night, Irene was obedient.

Holding her in one arm, he then kissed the slanted neckline.

The movement, which seemed hesitant until it reached the pulse, became unstoppable when the skin was deeply dyed by the breath.

Reason and desire met through a thin wall.

A moment of paradox where emptiness and satisfaction intersect.

Otis was able to feel a new fact by stroking the shrunken shoulders as if he were crushing the skin with his teeth.

How deep and old was his desire, which he had dismissed as a simple thirst…

As he gauged the depth of the abyss, Otis vaguely realized.

…Now, he knew he would not be able to go back until he opened the door.



* * *



Rumors spread like a wildfire that Irene had rushed out of Otis’ bedroom early in the morning.

Even that ignorant Louise gave Irene a subtle glance, so did she need to say more To put it simply, it was as if no one was unaware of the rumor in this mansion.

And, here was one person who was deeply very offended by that fact.

Ahibalt sighed, closed the file and opened his mouth.

“Otis, did Irenea come out of your room this morning”

Sitting on the sofa across from him, Otis was cleaning his gun and glanced at him.

It was enough for a moment until the gaze, which had been rounded briefly as if surprised, narrowed again.

Otis rolled his eyes and asked with a smile.

“A person who must have been busy attending executive meetings, knew such rumors”

“You think there’s something I don’t know about the mansion, Otis”

“Haha, of course not.

You must’ve been busy with aunt, standing as a portrait model at the executive meeting, so I didn’t know you were paying attention to such things.”

“If I hear such things, how can I not pay attention to it”

“Did you finish aunt’s work well”

“Don’t change the subject and just answer me.”

Ahibalt spoke in his characteristic, demanding tone.

He was not in the mood to joke.

A series of recent events were making him irritable.

It was from the time he heard complaints from the executives at the meeting about attacking Veronica.


>“I did not see the Young Master like that, but I am very disappointed.

How can you be so mean”

“No matter how much the Young Master feels, you cannot act complacent to someone like Miss Veronica.

It is not polite to the elders.”

”How shocked Miss Veronica must have been that she did not even attend the meeting!”


Although there were a lot of things to discuss, the reason for criticizing and blaming Ahibalt was simple.

The illegal arena in District Seven that Veronica occupied.

It was because the people who were sticking straws in the huge profits generated there were taken away in an instant.

Ahibalt’s father, the previous owner of Lavrenti, said this about the senior executives.


“They are money-lenders.

There is nothing easier to deal with than that.”


By the time money begins to consume one’s status… Money has become the most important desire.


“Those with clear desires are easy to deal with.

Remember that, Ahibalt.”


The elders were those who would attach themselves to anyone who could satisfy their desires.

Drunk in their golden years, fools who still think that Ahibalt was just a kid who only came to their waists.

So, it must have been a plan to peck him, get an apology, and get Area Seven back.


“If you keep them alive, they will be polite.”


Were their long tongues begging to be cut off

The three years that he had agreed to bow his head already had passed.

If Otis or Rodion had been there, they might have taken a step further and pulled out their weapons.

However, Ahibalt was a gentleman.

He warned with a smile.


“Whether it’s Lichpen or Lavrenti, it’s the same Knox area.

It does not look too good for you to even talk about family quarrels.”

“Still, Young Master, this is not just a family quarrel, is it”


“It is dealing with hierarchies.

The Young Master is not yet our master.

Therefore, it is also against the hierarchy to reclaim a zone at will…!”

“Not now, but sooner or later.

If you value hierarchy like that, will you not have any complaints if I blow your head off when I become the head”


Those who chatted vigorously about the gentle death threat lost their words in an instant.

Ahibalt did not miss the moment and threw the prepared materials.


“And, there seems to be some misunderstanding, because the timing is coincidental.

The recovery of Area Seven was planned since my aunt cannot take care of herself.”


It was a book of income earned through illegal dumping.



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