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Was it just a feeling that his voice was overly seductive…

The close distance to the fluttering lantern was just right to create an illusion.

“It would be chaotic enough to know that we got out of the same bed, and in the same room early in the morning.”

In addition, she was also in the perfect outfit to be misunderstood.

“I don’t mind if the rumor isn’t necessarily just an act.”

Otis added, smiling loosely.

His hand brushed Irene’s hair, which had fallen down from her shoulder, before sliding down her skin.

The room was so quiet that even the faintly descending darkness and the sound of breathing could be heard vividly.

A place worthy of temptation…

In fact, Irene’s thoughts were not just her imagination… He was seducing her.

When he heard the story of the spy from Irene’s mouth in the dimly lit greenhouse a while ago, Otis felt a strange euphoria, and the thirst that had been building up to the tip of his tongue dissipated.

It was a fulfillment that came from a deep understanding.

As much as Irene knew the three main characters, Otis also knew her well.

To be precise, he was well aware of her indifference.

How much she does not interact with other people and how she does not depend on others.

She must have been well aware that he was irritated with his relationships with others, though she probably was not aware that she was the same as well.

Such things were usually difficult to realize, but they were easily visible on the outside.

So, when Otis found out that Irene was talking about the spy, he immediately gave up listening to her about the spy.

No matter what Rodion or Ahibalt thought, he loved her indifference the most.

Her silence also deserved respect.

However, that was only the conclusion of his reason.

Now, he could not love her indifference.

So, how could he not be happy… As someone who knew her utter indifference and distrust of relationships, how could he not feel satisfied

That sense in itself gave Otis a certain answer.

If he could no longer find peace in Irene’s indifference… An answer to the question of what he should do if he feels uneasy about Irene, who had been a part of his daily life, could be away from her at any moment… It was simple.

All he had to do was to make sure that she would not think about leaving.

Taming was a matter for both sides.

If Irene were in his life, he would be in her life too.

He just needed to dig a little deeper than he was now to satisfy his thirst.

Let Irene get herself into the trap he dug…

Gradually, she would get used to his touch and waking up in the same bed together.

If she felt the same way he felt, struggling to imagine losing her, then she would not even dare to even think of leaving him.

‘It is simple.’

It was such a clear, firm desire.

Otis had no intention of dismissing this desire as something like love.

Rather, it was a little more primitive and primary, a longing closer to the concept of possession.

He wanted Irene.

If the process required sexual temptation, he was willing to exercise his natural discretion.

No matter how ascetic she was by nature, it would be easy to be swayed by temporary impulses.

Otis’s hand climbed up Irene’s skin and ran deep through her flowing hair.

A delicate and unrestrained touch as though he was dressing her up.

He gently stroked her lower lip.

Before they knew it, the distance became closer than before, and it would not be strange if their noses touched each other at any moment.

Otis’s languid gaze touched Irene’s lips, then slowly climbed up, stopping at the withered grape-like colored eyes.

Otis was very familiar with the situation, on the other hand, it was unknown to Irene.

The moment when an unspoken agreement comes and goes.

As this moment passed, her eyelids would fall and their lips would meet as if it had been decided.


“I don’t like it.”

At that moment, Irene’s lips, which had been closed all along, opened.

It was the first time Otis’ temptation failed.



* * *



“I don’t mind if the rumor isn’t necessarily just an act.”


Hearing this, Irene thought dryly.

‘…Otis is trying to play with me.’

Unfortunately for Otis, she was very accustomed to this kind of situation.

Let’s not forget that this was an R19 reverse harem game, and Irene was a person who was not shaken much no matter what happened.

If you live for decades as an extra in this game and you are still out of breath with just a few words, everything you have experienced would just disappear.

Therefore, the situation of being suddenly seduced by the male lead was also not so unfamiliar to Irene.

In fact, perhaps, it was only natural because she was a maid trusted by the owners.

‘Besides, the same position as the heroine…’

Compared to the female lead, was there a better position

There were two people that Louise felt jealous of in the game.

Charlotte Eunice stood out as if she grew up in a wealthy family as she was full of ambition, though sometimes, unable to hide her innocent brain.

And, the other person, unlike herself, who often made mistakes every time.

She was the senior maid… Irene Casimere was good at everything and had the trust of the Young Masters.

When Irene thought of that fact, only one thing came to her mind…

The fact that the creators of this game used the characters wisely.

‘That does not mean that there is an episode where Louise confronted me.’

Unlike Charlotte, who was sharply opposed, she and Louise never had a bad relationship because Louise really liked Irene.

Nonetheless, the problem was that her love and admiration, and jealousy were inherently separate emotions.

She heard Louise’s confession of jealousy from her mouth in almost every episode.


’Actually, every time Young Master Otis gave Miss Irene paper flowers, I got so, so jealous!’


The problem was that Irene was not the only one who knew this confession.

The male protagonists noticed Louise’s jealousy early and used her Irene to ignite it.

In other words, such as intentionally directing her to be friendly with her, or more than necessary skinships.

In particular, Otis was the worst.

‘He would say that Louise, who could not honestly say that she was jealous, was cute…’

It must have been even more so because the feeling of jealousy itself was nothing more than proof that he was loved.

It was because the male protagonists were the only ones who could not easily trust the love they received.

However, there were times when the head knew, but the heart did not.

Even if the temptation was just an act to provoke Louise…

Even if it was nothing like the actions of bad boys who deliberately do bad things to get Louise’s attention…

There was a time when Irene closed her eyes and covered her ears, buried in the sweet words of temptation.

She could not help it.

…Because Irene also wanted to be loved.

‘Was it Otis’ Die ending’

She remembered it was her fourth life.

After seeing all the ‘Love’ endings of the three male protagonists, it was the first episode where she first entered the ‘Die’ ending route.

Otis approached her from around the time when he was completely at odds with Louise.


‘Irene, I need your comfort.’

‘Can you stay with me tonight’

‘I think you’re the only one who gives me peace…’


Under the same blanket, the young man, who was burying his face in her naked embrace, looked terribly lonely and sad.

It may have been a projection of herself.

At that time, Irene was tired of repeating her life four times.

From then on, she began to lose hope that she might be able to return to reality little by little.

Perhaps, she should continue her endless life here, as an extra made for someone’s love and death.

Irene felt empty.

The unchanging characters and the consistent view of the mansion, a relationship that did not build up no matter what…

And, her position that could never be loved in any life…


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