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Rodion’s intuition was quite good.

He would be the best out of the three Lavrenti brothers, as he was able to notice emotions in just a glance.

Even so, Irene’s suspicious behavior and the issuance of the hound… The unpleasant smell could not help but get caught by Rodion’s hunch.

“She hit Miss Louise.”

Of course, Irene had no intention of hiding it from him, anyway.

‘Thank you for the jewellery, Charlotte Eunice.’

“She misunderstood that Miss Louise and the Youngest Master had an inappropriate relationship.”


“She must’ve heard the part where Miss Louise said that she had shared a bed last night.”

“That was about her sharing it with Rea!”

“I thought it would be something like that.”

“F*ck, what kind of dog-like misunderstanding did she have”

There was a dull noise along with chewing profanity.

When Irene turned around, she could see Rodion, whose ears had turned red, was kicking an innocent chair.

“That’s why her cheeks seem a little swollen…”

He then murmured something quietly.

Irene, who had been silently listening, suddenly became puzzled.

‘Louise’s face looks swollen’

Rodion had a good sense of observation as well as a good intuition, so his route was not an unreasonable story.

However, it was such a small difference that Irene did not even notice it herself.

‘Then, did he know everything when I was beaten…’

Is that why he had an expression that looked like he was about to cry even if her palms were a little scratched

Of course, it was not clear whether Rodion recognized it as it was different then and now, though Irene felt something strange.

She thought she was just a household tool that no one cared about, like scissors or a knife.

The fact that there were people who recognized her, at least to the extent that the day passed and became dull.

How should she say this

‘It is really strange…’

It was a feeling she had never felt in her six lives.


All the while, she was just a stranger and an extra at every moment.

Therefore, it was unfamiliar to Irene to receive attention.

This made her feel like she knew why people fall into vain delusions.

Rodion, who had barely calmed his heated face, turned back to her again.

As he held Irene’s hand, he spoke with his characteristic puppy-like face.

“It was just about a cat.

Don’t misunderstand.

It’s true.

We were talking about cats and then the topic of Rea came up, and she said that she was the closest to Rea.

That’s why she said that she shared the same bed with you yesterday.”

‘So, don’t misunderstand,’ Rodion repeated over and over again with a face that seemed as if the ears of a sad puppy could be seen at any moment.

As though it was the most important thing for her now to not misunderstand him.

Seeing something like this, how could she not have vain delusions

For this reason, servants often have feelings for their owners.

Because only when they pay slight attention, you would think that it was something amazing.

‘It was just a matter of their interest in the tools.’

Had she not been a maid herself, would she have been able to accept this interest with a little fluttering heart…

Even if she was only as small as Charlotte herself.

If she had, would she not have been so worn out by herself

Regardless, it would be useless to assume now.

Irene stopped her thoughts and answered.

If she remained more silent, Rodion would be restless and melt away.

“Don’t worry.

I already knew it would be such a misunderstanding.”


“Because it was me who shared the same bed with Miss Louise yesterday.

There’s no way I wouldn’t know.”

“Really You’re not misunderstanding”

“Of course.”

When she answered with ease, Rodion’s complexion, which had been grim for a moment, brightened.

“Then, can I ask you to praise me now Since Rea called me, I left the urgent work behind.”


“As much as you want.”

Saying so, Irene sat down on the sofa and spread her arms.

This was a custom after some sort of hound was issued.

Rodion was always thirsty for affection, and the thing that made him the most pleased was the simple touch.

Sitting on the sofa with a bright smile, Rodion hugged Irene’s waist.

As the permission was given, Rodion acted as though he would be hugging Irene all day long, as if there was no place he could not reach on her body.

He ran his arm down from her shoulder, grabbed her hand, wrapped it around her waist, and rubbed the tip of his nose against the soft skin on the back of Irene’s neck.

By the time Irene started to wince as his lips brushed against her collarbone, she could feel the arm around her waist getting tighter.

Like bondage preventing her from getting away from him.

But, she was quite familiar with it.

‘Even if it was not for the hunting dog, it was a method I have often used to soothe Rodion.’

In particular, after Rodion used Elios.

Irene thought as she gently stroked Rodion’s curly hair, who was hugging her tightly.

Elios tended to make its users extremely violent and hedonistic.

So, to put it simply, it means to be a pleasure killer.

It was only now that he had gotten used to handling Elios thanks to training in Lichpen.

When Rodion first used it, he was like a demon.

As soon as he saw something red like blood, he would pull out his knife, and for a while, they had to remove all the red things from Lavrenti.

At that time, there was no maid who wanted to approach Rodion, whom no one could soothe, and naturally, the turn passed to Irene.

Fortunately, she knew how to stop Rodion’s rampage.

It was simple.

She just needed to give him a hug.

‘Louise comforted him like this when she was on Rodion’s route.’

It was the same in the game.

When Louise hugged him, Rodion acted as if he would bite her skin before gradually burying his face in her arms.

He put his nose on the neckline, where the faint smell of soap rose, and hugged her soft body.

Occasionally, when he lost his reason, he would put a mark on her skin or lick it, though that was what happened because the level in the game was high.


It was not like that with Irene.

It was just a deep hug.

Of course, there were times when the depth seemed quite strange.

Irene knew that.

This was a situation similar to a starving person eating in a hurry.

She did not know what others were like, but Irene was not very uncomfortable with this Rodion.

Perhaps, because he would hold onto her waist a lot in the morning when she woke him up every morning.

‘It is like I am a warm body pillow for Rodion…’

That was what she was thinking.

Rather, what was awkward was the silence created from hugging.

In the end, Irene finally couldn’t take the silence and opened her mouth.

“Youngest Master.”


“You said that you left the urgent work behind, is that okay”

“Ah, I left it to Louise, so it’s okay.”

“What’s going on”

“I told you we were talking about cats earlier.

I picked up a black cat from the bush.

He looked very hungry.”

“Is that urgent”

“Of course.

I was trying to show it to Rea.”


“Yeah, Rea said I looked like a black cat before.”

Rodion replied with a soft smile.

Irene did not answer.

Perhaps, she was thinking back to the past when she said that he was like a black cat to Rodion.

As much as she was familiar with Rodion, he was also familiar with her.

He knew that many times Irene’s silence was often not something she did simply because she could not complain to her owners.

However, that was all they shared.

‘I thought that if I said that and showed the cat, Rea would feel a little bit about how much I thought of her.’

Rodion could not even say such a thing.

Even more so because Irene could not even remember what she said.

After hearing about the spy a few days ago, Ahibalt was not the only one who waited for Irene to open her mouth about it.

The same was true for Rodion.

After the aftermath of Elios had subsided a little, Rodion, who regained his normal reason, expected it.

‘…Because Rea said I was the most comfortable.’

Even if she could not tell his brothers, would she not be a little more open to him He even wondered if she might have told Louise since Irene likes her, so he asked Louise.

Although Louise also said that she did not know anything about it.

It seemed that Irene had not told anyone.

Rodion thought he did not know whether he should be happy or sad about it.


T/N: The illustration is so *chef’s kiss* Rodion is literally a little puppy to Rea~ ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ♡‧₊˚


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