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Chapter 4

‘You are a maid who dares to shut the mouth of the Master.

Really, this is beyond words…’

Irene was so shocked that tears could not even roll down her eyes.

Otis, who had been speaking with a serenade-like expression a while ago, was strangely silent.

If you look closely, it seems that his face is a little reddish.

Irene tried to pull her hand carefully in a renewed sense of anxiety, but her wrist was caught.

In front of her, Otis was smiling languidly and whispered while he was holding her wrist.

“Did you know that A kiss on the palm of your hand means jealousy.”

As a matter of fact, Irene actually knew that because it was what Otis had said when he was expressing his jealousy to Louise, when she talked to another male employee.

Because she overheard it as she was mopping the hallway next to the door.

But, why is that line coming out here…

Irene was bewildered and was not able to say anything.

Worse than that, Rodion, who was silent until now, interrupted.

“Brother, let go of your hand.

Rea does not like it.”

“Are your eyes sprained What does she hate about this”

“If I were Rea, I would slap you already.”

Rodion snapped back bluntly, shaking off Otis, who was still holding her wrist.

He spoke softly, “Rea, I’m sorry.

I’ll apologize instead.

There are times when brother goes a little crazy.”

“No, I’m fine.”

“That is a relief.

Though Rea, do you really have to be in a relationship Did you hear what Otis said earlier People can’t be trusted.

Rather, let’s live with me and bring ten puppies with us.

I also have five cats and one horse and one…”

“There will be fur everywhere, Third Master.”

This time, Rodion had a wounded expression on his face.

“…We can hire people to clean it up.”

“When there is a lot of hair flying, it also floats in the air.”

“Then, if we reduce the number of puppies to five…”

“And, I like people.”

Rodion, who was gradually getting sullen, grabbed Irene’s other hand.

This time, his sparkling eyes made her feel overburdened.

“You know what, Rea…”

Contrary to his ferocious personality, his wavy red-brown curly hair and black eyes that glistened as if studded with obsidian, reminded her of a large dog waving its tail.

“All I need is Rea.”

‘As far as I know, isn’t it supposed to be ‘Louise,’ not ‘Rea’’

Rodion turns into a puppy—which Irene called the phenomenon of becoming docile in front of the person he likes— which was in front of Louise, but why is he doing this in front of her now…

“If you don’t like the fluffing, I will not raise them.

So, come live with me.”

Despite the resolute refusal a while ago, Rodion was breaking Irene’s heart by blowing his glitters.

‘Well, how am I supposed to say no to this I guess I should just give up according to his personality.’

Ahibalt’s sneer came from behind her as Irene twisted her head, contemplating a soft way to refuse.

“Everyone is saying stupid things.

I don’t know why you guys want to leave this house and build a new one.

You can just live here, just like we do now.”

At least, Ahibalt sounds the most rational here.

Still, she is not going to live here.

“Rodion, let go.

She might be your sister-in-law.”


‘Oh, I said it out loud this time…’

Irene rolled her round eyes, pushing Rodion away as Ahibalt approached.

If the essence of a gentleman was made into a human, it would be him.

“If you want anything, I will do it for you, so stay here.

You know it is going to be hard to find a house right now, right”

…That is true.

“My younger brothers were talking nonsense, but I do not think dating on the premise of marriage is a bad idea.

It is not easy to find someone like this anywhere.”

‘You know you are handsome.

You are being so mean…’

“I have never thought about dating, but if what you want is a relationship, there is nothing wrong with trying it once, as long as you keep staying in the mansion.

So, what do you think How about doing it with me”

“…I do not want it.”

The answer came a little late.

This is all because Ahibalt is so handsome.

He smiled calmly as if he had expected it.

“Then, may I ask why”

‘Can I answer that I never thought it would be this difficult just to retire once’

Ahibalt spoke again as Irene, was late to answer because she was agonizing.

“Think about it, Irene.

The maid employment contract will be cancelled, and a new contract will be drawn up.

A love contract.

I can write you any other contracts, but you said that what you want is a relationship.”

“Well… I had no intention of dating the Young Masters.”

She had no intention of causing such a mad original destruction.

In the first place, there is already a heroine, so why are they all doing this

‘Oh, my head hurts.’

It is so difficult to quit once.

Irene tried to look back and recalled her memories, trying to figure out what could be the cause of this crisis in the first place.

However, she had too many mixed memories in her life, as she repeated it seven times.

Is there anything to be found in this mess

Eventually, she quickly gave up.

If there was one thing she had learned through repeating her seven lives, it was abandonment and resignation.

Her life will be repeated, nonetheless.

“I appreciate the offer, but I do not think I will be able to accept it.”

“What about the contract Or, do you hate me”

“It is not like that.”

“Then, you will have to choose one of us.”

It is a dilemma.

Irene took a step back involuntarily.

What can she say to get out of here Even looking at the butler with tears in her eyes, he only smiles.

‘I dug my own grave…’

Irene clenched her fists tightly.

She just wanted to live her life, but she really did not know why the male protagonists would be obsessed with this.

Besides, what is a love contract, anyway Such a bizarre contract.

Should we just close our eyes and lie one more time

It was a desperate moment where every second felt like a minute.

“…I can’t choose.”

In the end, Irene pulled out her voice as if squeezing laundry.

“Actually, there is someone I like in this mansion.”

As soon as Irene spoke her words, the spirit of the three men went wild.

Even the dullest Irene could notice that.

As she opened her mouth, thinking that she should add something,

“M, Master Are you there”

The door swung open.

No one in this mansion would ever dare open the door without knocking like that.

Not if you are used to this mansion.

With her lovely silver hair and supremely clear blue eyes—

“Oh, there you are.

It’s Louise Orpen.

About the salary I mentioned earlier…”

Come to think of it, the first entanglement between Louise and the main characters in the game was from the moment she opened the office door without knocking to talk about paychecks.

In other words, 〈 Love or Die 〉 has begun.

If it goes on like this, it’s going to be crazy.

All of a sudden, Irene grabbed Louise’s hand in a snap and said calmly.

“It is this person, Young Masters.”

‘I am sorry, Louise.’

I have lived as an extra six times, so please let me take advantage of you just this once.


Although it seemed as though Irene had impulsively grabbed Louise’s hand—in fact, that was only half of it—this was done after thorough calculations.

First, Louise is the heroine.

Would they kill the heroine

No matter how the male protagonists are saying the romantic lines to the extra, like crazy people now, there is a female protagonist, anyway.

Look at this beautiful silver hair and the sculptural face of God.

If there is such a person on the street, men and women, young and old, even dogs will look back at least once.

Even if you go to an esthetic every day and get treatment, you would not have white skin, long and rich eyelashes, big eyes, a neat forehead with a tall nose, and even red lips that are small without putting on anything like this.

If it is a face like this, it is sure to look pretty even with a shaved head.

Everyone says that the completion of fashion is the face.

So, there is no way Lavrenti’s men would kill Louise just by looking at her face.

Second, Louise came today.

In other words, a good reason is created as to why Irene has been silent for so long and is now issuing a resignation letter.

Up until now, she had been satisfied with a good working environment, but inevitably offered her resignation letter as she worked as the maid in a mansion with a prohibition on dating.

It was a perfect scenario that it would not be enough to end with just clapping your feet.

Irene continued, dropping her eyes as if she was really sorry.

“I can’t accept it unless it is this person.”

She said it as miserable as she could.

Like this is love for a rare love.

“I saw her for the first time today, but I could feel it… Louise is the person I have been waiting for.”

It is true that Irene had been waiting because she was supposed to give out her resignation letter on the day the heroine came.

“So, I guess I will just have to say goodbye… Thank you for all the time.”

The moment Irene bows her head while reciting the perfect line,

“M, Miss Irene.”

Suddenly, Louise held Irene’s hand tightly with an angelic look in her eyes.

“Thank you so much for thinking so highly of me…”

What else did she misunderstand, now

“Wherever I went, I only made trouble.

I was bullied and kicked out, but my heart to work hard was always real.”

That is right.

It was a mess for Louise.

That is why she got kicked out everywhere, until she ended up at the Lavrenti.

“But, Miss Irene thinks I am such a great person.

I’m tearing up! If you don’t fire me, I will do my best!”


Irene finally realized what Louis was talking about.

As she entered her room without telling Irene that she had a crush on her, the situation in this room was arbitrarily fitted in Louise’s mind, which is a flower garden.

So, she must have thought that she is the great maid that Irene has been waiting for all this time.

That she could not work together, if it is not this person.

This must be what she thought Irene was talking about.

Who would have thought This beautiful and innocent lady’s mind is full of flowers.


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