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Back to the present.

‘So, I have to catch the spy, for myself and for Louise… I hope this device works well.’

With that thought in mind, Irene put another piece of cloth over the gauze towel.

When the door opened and someone came in.

It was Ahibalt, the main character who would be painted on the portrait.

He came in with his sleeve clenched, perhaps because he had not yet stitched the cufflinks, before widening his eyes when he saw Irene.

“Oh, are you still preparing”


It is all done now.”

“Is your body all right”

“I heard from the doctor a few days ago that my limbs are fine.”

“Because there may be sequels.

That is great, then.

Well, if you are done, can you help me with this”

At Ahibalt’s words, Irene hurried to his side.

The cufflinks, which looked like they were made after the color of Ahibalt’s eyes, kept turning around in his hands.


Making an excuse, it seemed as though he was embarrassed.

“You always did it, so it was not very easy when I tried to do it myself.”

“It could be because it is something you are not used to.”

She replied roughly and carefully fastened the cuffs.

When she raised her head, there was Ahibalt, with a somewhat uncomfortable expression on his face.

Irene then thought without even realizing it.

‘He was always like this in this episode.’

All the things Ahibalt wore were chosen by her today.

A three-piece suit and cravat, a tie and cufflinks all matched as a set, with ruby-studded gold.

And, even the double eagle crest above the heart.

This would normally be the job of a maid, though Henrietta took the original maid with her on her way to Lichpen.

Naturally, the butler suggested that we find a new chief of her maid, although it was more difficult than expected.

As for how difficult it was…

— They must be working in Lavrenti for more than five years, so they have to know the family well.

They also have to be old enough to lead and must have some aristocratic knowledge.

Where are you going to find someone like that, butler

To the butler’s suggestion to save her maid chief, Ahibalt responded like so.

And, since he was right, they had to compromise on the plan.

She worked the longest at the Lavrenti’s mansion, and as a chambermaid, they gave Irene, who also had some aristocratic knowledge, the authority equivalent to that of the maid chief.

‘But, he said he could not let her be the personal maid at the time because she was still young.’

It was a good thing for Irene.

She only knew how difficult it would have been to give her resignation if she had been a maid chief.

In other words, she was crying a little because even though she was not even the chief maid, it was difficult to submit the resignation letter.

‘Well, I quite like it that I am able to choose clothes.’

The completion of fashion was the face, and choosing the clothes to wear on the perfect model was like playing with a doll.

How does it feel to decorate this precious face and body that is colored in any way you put it on

Because of this, Irene decorated Ahibalt differently for each play.

Today’s dress code was red.

The large ruby-studded cufflinks fastened on both sides, and she took a step back.

As she lifted her head to tell her that she was now, at that moment Ahibalt pulled down his tie, which she had tied so well.


What is he trying to do

Rebellion Late adolescence…

As Irene was about to narrow her brow in absurdity without realizing it, Ahibalt held out the tie.


“It is a little uncomfortable wearing this today.”

Surely, it was tied well without a single wrinkle

​​”I think you will have to tie it again.”


Still, a little puzzled, she grabbed the tie instead of answering.

Refining the shape and location of the tie pin and boutonniere was a bonus.

Ahibalt looked down at her deciduous hair as she was preoccupied with his dressing, before Irene lifted her hand again as it fell off him when she was done.

As if nothing had happened.

Ha. Eventually, Irene let out her satisfied sigh and nodded.

“I think it is done now.”

Moderate tightening and neat appearance.

Ahibalt nodded, lightly twisting his neck as though taking a pose.

“Thank you.

I think I like everything that has been through your hands.”

“It must be proof that I worked that long.”

“It is not just about work.”

‘What else is there…’

Thinking so, Irene, who tilted inwardly, suddenly reached out her hand and trimmed Ahibalt’s attire once with a familiar touch, and released her hand.

Then, she raised her head.


It was that expression again.


…An expression that seemed to be somewhat uncomfortable as though tolerating something.

‘If I had been able to see a little more, I would have known for sure…’

Unfortunately, she could not confirm it as he quickly turned his head away.

His turning side profile seemed to be wrinkled for a moment, though instantly, he burst into laughter.

“Why are you laughing”

“Oh, suddenly this situation is funny.”


“I am trying to paint a portrait to marry a woman I have never seen before… And, the fact is that there is nothing that did not go through your hands in preparation for the painting”

Ahibalt smiled bitterly.

However, Irene only blinked in doubt.

Because, to her, his words were a bit odd.

Of course, isn’t he supposed to have a maid who was close to the master to take care of him Especially if there was no chief maid for her, and the hostess was living separately…

“Is that funny”

“It is funny.

It is ridiculous that we have a marriage without seeing each other even once.

Even if it was an arranged marriage or anything like that, don’t you do a formal match-up”

The focus was on his fiancée, not himself.

Well, is there anyone who would want to marry someone you have never seen before

With that thought, Irene nodded her head lightly and accepted the word.

“Come to think of it, I have not been told to prepare a tea room.”

“Perhaps, they were thinking of sending a portrait first.

Maybe, they do not even intend to tell the First Master about revealing who your partner is until the marriage is confirmed.”

“Then, should I draw you handsomely”



“Isn’t it the drawing to show others Wouldn’t it be nice if they liked it”

“Well… Do you want my marriage partner to like me”

“Of course.”

At Irene’s light reply, Ahibalt’s expression hardened for a moment.

However, she did not see because Irene had already turned her back towards the easel.

After a brief silence that no one noticed, the conversation resumed.

“…Then, you have to do the opposite.

What should I do if I am drawn to being handsome, and then they are disappointed when they see me in person I think you should lower their expectations in advance.”

​​“No matter how much they expected, I do not think anyone will be disappointed by the First Master’s appearance.”

Of course.

Because he was the male lead.


He may not know, but Ahibalt was in charge of setting the most beautiful person in this novel.

Nevertheless, Irene knew that no one would dislike the appearance of Ahibalt, a typical handsome man, even though it was not necessarily like that.

A clean face without a single speck, and a nose and cheeks cut with a sculpting knife.

Deep eye holes that cast a charming shadow and thin lips with clear lines…

‘Besides, good manners.

Wonderful voice.’

The three men in Lavrenti were so different that it was hard to believe that they were of the same bloodline.

If Rodion had a charm that stimulated your protective instincts by wanting to be patted and hugged, then Otis was seducing by nature.

It made you imagine what the gesture might mean just by touching the fingertips…

A tempting and decadent atmosphere.

‘Of course, when we first met, he was a little closer to Rodion…’


Maybe, it was because you cannot hide your natural bloodline

As Otis grew up, he became more like Henrietta.

His appearance, personality, and atmosphere.

Thus, the leisure and sensual man he is today was born.

Ahibalt, on the other hand, was different.

He had been like that since we first met—an ascetic and restrained atmosphere.

Manners were permeated in the body—the standard of a gentleman.

‘Did he say that he lost his mother when he was young and was educated as the successor’

So, Ahibalt’s image could be summarized as mentioned.

Needless to say, he was the kind of person who would be liked by anyone.

Irene said as she drew a thin curtain over the wide window.

“No matter who your opponent is, they will definitely like the First Master.”


“…Is that so What is the rationale”



“Because I do not think I am the type of person I would like.”

Behind Irene, who closed curtains, the sound of heavy shoes followed.

A large hand was overlapped with her hand at an angle that was holding the thin curtain.

When she turned around, Ahibalt, who was approaching her, was standing there with a polite expression on her face.

An expression that hid patience under a gentlemanly smile…

Suddenly, Irene woke up to the sound of the curtains being pulled.

It seemed that Ahibalt had drawn the remaining curtains instead of her.

He did not stop there.

He then took Irene’s hand, which was holding the curtain, and lowered it.

The end of his mouth rose up softly, resembling the silhouette of a swan on the water.

‘I think it is the first time I have seen him this close.’

…Seeing it up close was even more fascinating.

Was the shadow of the eyelashes on the cheeks originally so beautiful

Because of that, Irene was distracted for a while.


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