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Because it meant that there was someone whom he could bury his head on for a while under the guise of sleep.

It was an intolerably sweet truth to the boy who had nowhere to rest his head except for the animals he could not talk to.

With the nose buried into the stiff, freshly washed apron, which smelled like soap, mixed with Irene’s characteristic cool body scent tickled the tip of his nose.


Rodion’s heart pounded every time he smelled the laundry soap, and he woke up with a pleasant heartbeat.

It was from then, Rodion started waiting for ‘Rea.’


But, she is leaving the mansion…

He could not allow that.

He needed Irenea in the morning.

He had to hold onto her.

…But, how

Rodion sighed deeply in the midst of the mess with a disturbed mind, and found the answer to the words of his underling.

— Sir Rodion! Are you all right! My God, the blood…!


— What This is not mine…

— Yes I could not hear you


— ….

— ….

— …Ugh! Oh, it hurts…!

— Sir Rodion!

There are two things that are fortunate.

The first was that Rodion’s acting was excellent.

And, the second thing is that Rodion’s underling, who changed this time, was very stupid in this way.

He suddenly wondered if he could make Irene’s heart a little heavier if he pretended to be seriously ill.


It was a good excuse because he wanted to hold Irene, even if he got caught.

However, he did not expect to be caught by the new employee — even the one who caused Irene’s resignation.

On the other hand, she was unaware of Rodion’s intentions.

Louise wiped off with a wet towel, before grabbing Rodion’s hand with her clean and moist hands.

“You do not have to be ashamed, Youngest Master! It is an animal’s habit to crave affection! I understand!”


“It is still a beast, isn’t it!”


“It is a puppy!”

“More like a son of a b*tch!”

“That is a bad word!”


Eventually, he got mad.

Louise, who seemed to be a blight, was determined in a strange way.

The problem is that the determination goes beyond what a maid is supposed to do.

Had it been any other time, he would have been angry.

However, the opponent was a maid who had personally brought Henrietta’s letter of recommendation.

‘If I kill her for being angry, I will definitely get in trouble.’

Henrietta would argue and say that he could not ignore or kill the maid who came with her recommendation letter.

Rodion glared at Louise for nothing, finally sighed, and turned his head away.



What is the point of venting your anger in a useless place Let’s be calm.’


“Where did Rea go, and why are you here”





“Re, ae, ah!”

At that, Louis then clapped her hands as if she had only found out then, and smiled brightly.

“I do not know.”


“Me and Miss Irene were walking towards the main gate from the rose garden, and I ran first after seeing that the Youngest Master was injured.

The male employee moved the Youngest Master, while the butler went to the First Master, so I stayed and took care of you—because I am a chambermaid!”

In the end, Louise’s passionate story ended up with Irene’s whereabouts unknown.

‘So useless…’

Rodion tried to get angry with the feeling of crying, and eventually laid back on his back, touching his forehead.

‘I thought Rea was coming.’


He never had the intention of hiding his injury for a long time, but at least, Irene was not the one who was angry at him for faking it.

Perhaps, he could just nod his head and say, “There are days when you want to rest by faking illness.”

Nevertheless, he had no intention of wanting to be caught by such a noisy maid.


To the complicated Rodion, Louise cautiously opened her mouth, not knowing how he was feeling inside.

“By the way, Young Master.”



“Now, you are not trying to make a fool of yourself to look good to Miss Irene, are you”

Rodion’s body hardened at an instant.

He had to refute something, or he knew he could not escape her suspicions, but his mind went blank.

‘Did she notice anything’

He had been talking about his affection for a while, though he was afraid that someone might have divulged his family history to this new, blue young maid.

…In addition to the budding affection he’s secretly growing.

Not knowing Rodion’s burning heart, Louise was grinning innocently.

‘If she finds out anything, I am going to kill her in silence.’ Rodion, who was determined, opened his mouth slowly.

“Are you…”


“I would if it were me!”

Although Louise, who had long been pawned, was one step ahead.




“Isn’t Miss Irene so cool Miss Irene is the coolest maid I have ever seen!”

Leaving the bewildered Rodion alone, she was excited and started giggling and praising Irene.

“Miss Irene folds the curtains well, folds the clothes well, organizes herself well, and cooks well! The temperature of the tea she makes is also amazingly adjusted… That is right, I heard she is also very good at waking up the Youngest Master, too!”


​​“Who says that”

How dare she talk about her master’s business

Rodion’s voice, which had been lowered in an instant, came out as if it were a threat, though Louise was just as bright as she was.


“Miss Irenea!”



Saying so, Louise nodded vigorously.

All of the things she had said a while ago had been said by Irene herself.


— Miss Irenea-san, how do you fold your clothes so well Clean the curtains very well, and put the charcoal neatly…

— You can do anything well if you keep doing it.

Even though Irene did not say that she was good at it, there was no denying that she was good, anyway.

Louise’s eyes brightened even more.

— Then, what else can you do

— Work

— Yes, work!

— When I was young, I worked as a kitchen maid, so I know how to cook just about anything.

A little later, at three o’clock, we would need to prepare a tea break.

Usually, we prepare desserts in the kitchen and serve the tea as well… At night, I clean up my bedroom just like I did yesterday, and in the morning, I go to wake up the Youngest Master.

— Then, you must be good at everything!

— Well, just as much as everyone else…

— I see! That is great!

Irene was a person who would never say she was good with her own mouth, although the fact that there was no denying that she was, became ‘extremely good’ after going through the ‘Louise filter.’

Regardless, even though her thoughts were a bit exaggerated, the fact that Irene was a maid with ten thousand points did not change.

So, Rodion really fell for it.

The young man’s eyes, which had not yet faded from youth, shone brightly.


“Did Rea really say that”

“Of course.

I am not lying.”


“Do not be ridiculous.”

As he said that, Rodion snorted out of habit.

Meanwhile, he had trusted Louise’s words to about eighty percent already.

Although he looked so innocent, the fact that Irene had told a story about him was enough to make him convinced.


“What else did Rea say Did she say it was bothersome”

“She never said that.”

Louise gave a quick reply before quietly thinking about something more, and opened her mouth again.


“I think she said it was something I was about to do soon.”

“What Why”


Isn’t she quitting”

It makes sense.

The thought of Irene’s resignation made him feel like being stuck on the ground on the road.

​​If even an ambitious faking illness trick does not work, what should he do to catch Irene…

Rodion was thoughtfully frowning and pondering about it, then suddenly fell back on the bed again.

Of course, the culprit is Louise—her nagging is a bonus.

“By the way, you cannot stand up like this.

What if someone sees it Look at this.

Here, when someone stabs you, it hurts here.”


At that, she laid Rodion on his side as she poked him in the side a couple of times.

Being so fiercely stabbed, Rodion made a shuddering sound and rolled over halfway on the bed.

Not caring, Louise carefully covered the duvet over him as he lay down and spoke proudly.

“Your acting skills are so good that they cannot even tell if you are wrapped up in blood-stained bandages.”

“You… Why are you so good at this”

“It is not a big deal.

Dad used to get hurt a lot.”

He had been beaten by debtors…


Louise’s voice was still very cheerful, but it was not as clear as if it had been sprinkled with sparkling jewels.


Unlike Irene, Louise’s hand was very gentle.

Because it was not too long since she had started working, and it was also proof that she had been living a good life.

It was immediately apparent to Louise that her father, who ran a business, was sitting in debt at one point.


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