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Chapter 16


* * *


The ranks of the mafia are relatively simple.

The Boss of the organization, who is at the highest level.


Below that is the Underboss.

There were also other executives below that, including Caporegime, the action leader.

These ranks are determined by the person’s status or force, and the last thing that can be called a senior executive is usually caporism.

Of course, since this is a normal standard, there are cases where, like Rodion, they hold an executive position for different reasons, even if their rank is.


Though there is something in common.

All of them were recognized as executive officers by force.

In between, however, there is an executive position that can be obtained by intelligence, rather than by force.


It is the consigliére.


In terms of meaning, it is about the second-in-command position between the boss and the underboss.

Nonetheless, it is more accurate to view that they are a leader of the organization because of their superior intelligence, rather than being able to achieve second place due to their outstanding physical power.

Obviously, that does not mean they do not have the ability to kill at all.


And, Knox’s consigliére is Veronica Lavrenti, the aunt of the three masters of Lavrenti.


Irene ran into the mansion.

Even at the sound of the door being opened in a hurry, the employees, who were in a mess due to Rodion’s injury, looked up at her in surprise.

‘I knew this would happen.’

According to the game, Veronica appears in a cluttered house because of Rodion and the appearance of the ‘New Face.’

She was the number one public activist, to punish the employees by accusing the clutter in the house, harassing Louise, giving the three men a hard time, and ruining the atmosphere of the house again.

It also means that a full-fledged battle for the spirit between Lichpen and Lavrenti begins.

Irene took in a light breath, before opening her mouth with her stomach tightened.

“What are you doing now, everyone”

The person with the highest status among the users of this mansion is the butler.

Next would be the chambermaid, who was closest to the masters.

Unlike Louise, who had grown up as a little princess and had not been in the mansion for long, Irene, who had been living in this mansion since she was a child, had the power to control the employees of the mansion.

“Why is the footman in the mansion The kitchen maid also left the kitchen, are you out of your mind What would you think if a guest visiting Lavrenti saw this”

“Miss Irene, there are no invitations today.”

​​The footman in charge of the reception opened his mouth carefully, but Irene was like a sword.

“Isn’t it possible that some guests visit without an invitation Even though it is rather rude, it is not uncommon.”

“Master Rodion was injured…”

Irene touched her forehead.

It was understandable that they are shaken because he is hurt so badly, but if Veronica strucks in at this point, the harsh blows will fall.


Such a mishap should not have happened unless Irene was still working in the mansion.

She had never been mad at Veronica in her past life.

So, this time she did as she deserved it.

Her voice, giving the instructions, became faster.

“The Third Master will be fine.

Come on, everyone, go back to your seats.

It is tea time soon, so Miss Sarah, please go and prepare dessert.

Let it be sweets today, and Miss Eillo will be pulling up all the curtains in the mansion.



Irene, who had been talking rigorously, hardened in an instant.

It was because the cigarette smoke blew in through the door, which she opened, and reached her nose.


The familiar yet disgusting smell mixed with the sound of pointed shoes.

“Oh, my God, what kind of mansion is this”

She knew without looking back.

A sharp, yet elegant voice.

There was only one person on Irene’s list, who was able to make a voice like this, which was sweet and heavy without having to speak with force.


Veronica Lavrenti.

Knox’s consigliére, whom even Ahibalt could not treat recklessly.

“Look at them.

The only good thing about being stiff is the guillotine, right”

Sizzle. The sound of a cigarette being put out was followed by a voice that suddenly became cold.


“What are you doing Aren’t you going to kneel”


Listening to Veronica’s voice under the heavy pressure, Irene thought.


‘I am doomed.’



* * *


Without knowing what the fuss was about outside, Louise was squeezing a wet towel.

In front of her, Rodion laid with his eyes closed.


The sound of water dripping echoed through the quiet room.

The tightly woven white towel usually go to the patient’s forehead, but instead, it went to Louise’s hand, not Rodion’s.

She then opened her mouth, wiping her bloody hands.

“This mansion is really scary.”


“From the first day, I was threatened with death, and on the second day, the young master, covered in blood, was carried in.”


“Still, seeing that there are people who pursue love, and there are people who pretend to be sick like this.

I guess this is also a place where different kinds of people live…”

Rodion’s eyes twitched slightly, lying asleep, but Louise was too busy wiping her hands to notice.

“I know everything.

Obviously, the youngest master grew up with a lack of affection, so he must have wanted to get this kind of attention… I understand.

I will keep my mouth shut for the time being.

How lucky I was that I was the only one who knew that you were acting like this… Eup!”

“Stop talking nonsense.”

In the end, Rodion, who could not stand listening to her, got up and covered Louise’s mouth.

He did not seem like someone who had just passed out a while ago.


After Rodion got out of the carriage, covered in blood, he even fainted…

“But it is true that you acted…!”

It was an act.

Contrary to Irene’s guess, Delton was neatly wiped out.

It was thanks to Rodion, who had a lot of stress and needed a place to unwind, ran wildly.

No matter how careless he seemed, the chance that he, Knox’s executive, will fail his mission is extremely unlikely.

However, Rodion was not satisfied even after making the upper and lower bodies of the noisy gang say goodbye to each other.

Because the loyal maid in his house has announced her resignation.

It was true that Rodion sleeps a lot in the morning, though he often wakes up before the maid arrives.

There was only one maid who came to wake him up every time, Irene.

Irene comes to Rodion, who is — pretending to be — to sleep without knowing the world, as he pulls off the blanket halfway and grabs her hand without saying a word.

Even if Rodion holds her hand tightly in his sleep or leans his forehead on her, she does not say anything and just waits until he opens his eyes himself.

Of course, he could not have pretended to be asleep from the beginning.

One day, when he was sleeping well, someone held his hand.

And, as he woke up and opened his eyes, Irene was there.

Rodion was astonished to find out that he had opened his eyes less than five minutes after she had arrived, but was curious after that.

If he comes in contact with her, pretending to sleep, will Irene push him away…

Rodion slept a lot in the morning, though coincidentally, he had never complained about it to anyone.

He was afraid of being thrown away by his mother, so he could not test it, and his father was too far away to even reach him.

Because of that, the boy who had been abandoned by his mother and his father did not know how to be friendly to the warmth that woke him up.

He only doubts and tests.

So, once, he grabbed her clasped hand and hugged her.

Rodion was worried about whether his hand would be thrown away and panicked at the thought of being disregarded.

However, Irene, who had been dragged along without resistance, was just looking down at him.

Even when his eyes shut, he could feel her gaze.

A carefree gaze, without needless sympathy or affection, tickled his frizzy hair.

Was it because of that, or was it because he was afraid of being thrown out… Rodion seemed to have grabbed Irene and stopped breathing for a moment.

Maybe it was because he felt like he was going to be exposed to his sin if his breath touched the hem of her robe.

Fortunately, Irene opened her mouth not long after.

— It is time to wake up, Youngest Master.


— I want to sleep a little longer…

— You are wide awake.

Her voice was blurred in its own way, but the maid had a good sense of humor.

Rodion rolled his eyes under his eyelids for a moment, then opened his mouth again.

— Then, I will stay like this a little longer.

— Go ahead.


There cannot be such a simple answer.

Rodion, of course, knew why Irene had agreed to the request.

Perhaps while waking him up, she was freed from troublesome chores, so she must have accepted it as a meaning of rest.

Although after thinking a little more, Rodion realized something else.


That Irene never once said no to him.

He knew that it was not only limited to just him, but also because of Irene’s unique personality, who was so faithful to the maid’s duty.

Nonetheless, Rodion was happy with that alone.


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