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Chapter 174 – New menu!!

“T-this is wonderful!”

“It’s actually good!”

“It’s like an edible potion.

My exhaustion is melting away and it’s filling my stomach.”

“This is revolutionary.

You really have a different perspective than others, Master Rust.”

I came to the main office after being rejected by Roa, and served my new creation to the members of the Kagero Institute here.

It’s a little early for dinner, but it’s almost time to leave, and people are getting hungry anyway.

It’s being pretty well received, I think.

People sound excited while they eat.

“Ahh… It’s very good Master Rust.

What was that jiggly springy part made of”

Asks Shellrule while holding a cup after gulping down its contents, and I respond while refilling it.

“The main ingredient is processed bean flour of a monster called big beets.

It’s very nutritious because it’s rich in protein and magic elements.

I blend that with ingredients taken from other plant monsters, and give it that springy feeling.

Its texture isn’t bad either, right”


I’ve never eaten something like this.”

Shellrule digs into her second serving with a happy expression.

She eats everything floating in the cup with the spoon in her hand very quickly, before gulping down the viscous potion drink again.

And then, she looks up at me like she wants to ask for more.

I smile awkwardly and pour some more.

“It’s high in calories too, so you should make that your last cup for the day.”


Shellrule responds energetically.

I pour more for the rest of the staff, who all look like they haven’t had enough, and what I prepared and brought with me quickly vanishes.

While everyone drinks, I check on how things progressed while I was gone.

The preparations for the development of the land are still going smoothly, and all the documents I prepared to ask for permission for various things have signatures and simple magic element seals.

“Master Rust, how was the dungeon”

“Hmm… We made some progress, but not much.”

I tell Shellrule about today’s dungeon exploration.

It’s past everyone’s time to go, so the main office is emptying out while Shellrule listens to me and nods.

“Master Rust! Please take me with you next time!”

Says Shellrule all of a sudden after I finish talking.

“Well, it’s fine if we can both find an opening in our schedules…”

“Yes! Thank you very much! There is something I want to try…”

Says an excited sounding Shellrule.

I’m guessing she’s got an idea.



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