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Chapter 5.1

Meeting Each Other (Part 1)

Translated by AmaLynne


After class, Song Nanqiao followed the teacher.


“I’m sure she wants to praise you.”


The system had now become Song Nanqiao’s flatterer.


“I hope she’ll surprise me with something else.”


If she just gives her a little chicken soup, then it’s not something important.


Arrived at the office door.


Yu Dongmei put the book on the desk with a relaxed face and began to look up Song Nanqiao seriously.

The eyes were full of appreciation.


“I heard that you like Wen Wenyao” Yu Dongmei said with a joking smile.


She had little impression of Song Nanqiao’s, but after hearing Song Nanqiao’s three words, her memory was instantly awakened.



Yesterday, at the welcome ceremony for new students, a girl confessed her love to Wen Wenyao in public, which surprised her, followed by the class teacher of class F who said helplessly, “It’s Song Nanqiao again…”


At that time, Yu Dongmei only vaguely remembered her name and did not expect Wen Wenyao’s ardent admirer, is a promising seed of class F.


“No, no, no! Teacher, I don’t like her.

Yesterday was because…I lost the bet.”


Song Nanqiao’s face was red.


“Aiya, you dare to confess to Wen Wenyao in front of so many people, can’t you just admit it to the teacher frankly”


Yu Dongmei looked at the shy child in front of her and teased her.


“It’s okay, the teacher’s mind is very open, nothing wrong to like a girl.”


“No, I don’t like her, teacher please believe me…”


“Good, good, I believe you, let’s not talk about this.”


Yu Dongmei smiled, and then the expression on her face suddenly became serious.


“I have a transfer quota here.

You can transfer to class A if you are in the top 20 in the mid-term examination.

If you pass the examination, I will discuss it with the class teacher of class F and recommend you to the school.” After Yu Dongmei finished speaking, she handed Song Nanqiao a document with the analysis of Class A’s results.


“Okay, thank you, teacher.”


Song Nanqiao graciously accepted this information.


This is the biggest gift she had received after transmigrating.


“I’ll go back first then, teacher.”


She was just about to leave the office when she heard the person inside shout.


“Good luck catching up with Wen Wenyao soon.”




Forget it, the more she talked, the more suspicious it is.


“Hahahahaha, the teacher is all helping you, just accept it.”


The system was gloating at one side and said that the more she talked, the worse it is.


“I don’t want to talk to you.” Song Nanqiao doesn’t want to pay attention to this system at all now.

After getting the data, she goes back to the class directly.

The following are two math lessons.


Song Nanqiao is not afraid of math.

Her math scores in the college entrance examination are almost full perfect.

The original owner is a sophomore, she is more than enough.


Although she was able to get away with it, she listened more attentively in the next two classes.


English class and language class can be ignored, but mathematics, science, and chemistry are definitely not.


The math teacher of class F is a middle-aged uncle, who has completely given up on class F.

He was talking about himself, but unexpectedly found a child who listening very intently, and his eyes never moved away from her.


Although the math teacher didn’t ask questions in class, he also noticed Song Nanqiao and silently remember the student’s position and appearance.


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