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Chapter 09

Cheon Yise and Trash (2)

Translated by LyraDhani

Edited by LyraDhani


“Whoa, when did you get here It’s really worth seeing Hyung.”


I crouched in the corner of the bathroom, rummaging for cleaners, and looked up.


‘This young man is so rude.’


Fortunately, I could recognize who it was at a glance.


‘It’s obviously Son Seongwon.’


[Name: Son Seongwon – 22 years old]




[Buff: – Stable vocal correction effect at the level of the music source when singing]

– The points used 30pt


Son Seongwon, the main vocalist of the boyband Climax.

Notorious for his uncontrollable horror.

The others aren’t easy either, but this is the garbage that worried me the most.


“If you have time to pick a fight, help Sunwoo clean up.”


I don’t have the energy to deal with this guy right now.

Instead of making a big fuss, he turned his eyes to find cleaners again.


“Why I’m not here to clean up, am I”


Sunwoo is a nobleman who obediently said Yes! when asked to do so.

This guy is a tough one to talk to.


“The dorm is so dirty.

It’s a space we live together, so we have to clean it up together.”


Then Seongwon smiled with a disgusting face.

The corner of his eyes lifted up similar to a cat.

It’s obviously a smiling face, but maybe because of the bleached hair, the impression he gives is too shabby.

With a face that didn’t look like laughing at all, Seongwon confidently pointed to the bed in his room.


“I don’t use the living room.

My bed’s clean on its own, so it’s okay, right”


When I looked up following the stretched finger, only the spot to lie down was clean.


“Can’t you just help Sunwoo clean it up”

“Why me”


If I said more, it was obvious that time would be wasted with repeated words.


“I’ll work harder.

Don’t fight…”


Sunwoo, who came to our side all of a sudden, panicked, not knowing what to do.


“It’s okay.

Sunwoo, we’re not fighting, so go and finish what you’ve been doing.

I’ll make you lunch when I get the groceries I’ve ordered.”


I headed to the kitchen, letting Seongwon’s aggro flow as it was.

Everything inside was thrown away at once…

Even the sealed containers smelled so bad they couldn’t be used, so I thought it would be better to throw them all away.


‘Let’s clean up here first.’


Soullessly, I wiped the refrigerator thoroughly with a dishcloth soaked in water and diluted with wax.

Suddenly, Seongwon approached and looked down at me.




It was still a time of exploration, so I asked as carefully as possible.


“Can I be honest”


What the hell are you going to say…

As this guy opened his mouth, I thought there would be no particular good words coming out.




‘If you say no, I really won’t say it.’


I turned my head slightly.


“That’s funny.

Did you take the wrong medicine Why are you being so different You weren’t normally that kind of character.”


‘You already said no, why do you still ask.’


I answered, continuing to wipe using the towel without much response.


“If you don’t want to help, go to your room.”


Seongwon raised the corners of his pretty face as if he had caught some good case.


“It’s weird.

What kind of wind blows that Hyung is now cleaning up”


I have nothing to say.

But calling a professional cleaner to an idol’s dormitory.

You shouldn’t call out people as you like…you know

Well, if I was Cheon Yise, I wouldn’t have thought of cleaning.

It would have been nice if he hadn’t sat still and ordered this and that.


“It’s just, we are going to discuss what to do next today. I just thought it would be nice to start anew with a fresher heart.“


It’s just random sophistry.

Of course, there’s no way this picky bastard would just take it like that.


“You, Hyung Were you that kind of character”


He kept calling me Hyung and using honorifics, but it was a clear mocking tone.

Saying more would be useless. I made up the words that Cheon Yise would have said.


“If you don’t want to help, go away.”


Son Seongwon flinched.

It was a little surprising.


“…You sound like the usual Yise hyung now.

I thought you had lost your mind.”


He licked his lips for a while and then went back to his room.


‘What’s with that brat and his lack of manners’


The other two guys said that they have work schedules, so on the surface, it seems going to be fine.

I’ve only met two people and I’m already tired.

I am a little worried about how much more hectic it will be if all five of us gathered.


‘What should I do from now on’


If it’s an individual play, I am confident that I can do it more perfectly than anyone else.

However, group activities are essentially teamwork.

I have to go with them unless I come out solo.

Just as I was about to clean out the refrigerator, Sunwoo timidly approached me.


“Hyung, I’ve cleaned up the living room and everything…”


Maybe I should thank this guy for being cooperative.

I heaved up my back and sighed inwardly.

Then the doorbell rang to announce the delivery.


“Let’s take out all the trash here first.”



It seemed difficult to expect cooperation from Seongwon.

I went up and down the stairs five times each with Sunwoo to clean up the garbage.


“Whoa, now it’s like a house where people live.”


When I filled the empty refrigerator with newly bought ingredients, I felt full satisfaction.


“It’s so clean!”


Next to me, Sunwoo smiled brightly and looked proud of himself.

This guy… He’s pretty when he smiles even though he’s fat.

I looked through the fat all over Sunwoo’s body with disapproving eyes and said.


“I’ll make you lunch.

Do some home training and sweat your body.”



Sunwoo’s eyes twinkled at the word lunch.


‘How did this guy who likes to eat become an idol…’


I sympathized with Sunwoo inwardly, but I barely remembered what this guy looked like when he lost weight. I shook my head.


‘With that face, you have to be a celebrity.’


Fans who liked his face would have been happier if Sunwoo was a little skinnier.


“What, you make your own lunch”


Seongwon, who popped out, asked with his elbow on the kitchen doorstep.

I immediately replied bluntly.



To not gain weight.”

“Then do mine, too.”


I decided that it would be safe to return back what this guy said as much as possible.


“Why should I”


Then a fair answer came back from him.


“Then how come you make one for him”

“He’s in a situation where he needs to lose weight quickly.”

“I don’t have to control my diet”

“You’re not in a serious condition right now.”

“Why are you discriminating against the members In an instant, I can lose control of my body.”


‘…This kid is such a spoiled brat.’


The fact that Cheon Yise is young and strong and has no underlying diseases made me feel truly fortunate.


“I’ll do yours too, so please shut up.”



Seongwon, who had achieved what he wanted, smirked and walked back to his room.


“Seongwon hyung is always like that, so don’t worry too much, Hyung…”


On the other hand, this kid is so gentle and kind…

I looked back at Sunwoo and felt grateful.

But the impression didn’t last long.

The moment I saw his triple-folded chin, my expression turned pale.


“You… should lose weight.”



Let’s settle this first.

I started making chicken breast salad step by step.

I purposely bought vegetables in each bundle instead of mixing them up.

Buying mixed vegetables is convenient.

However, they contain all sorts of snobby and tasteless things to reduce the cost.

In a word, it means that the taste is bad.


“I don’t like salad…”


It’s probably because he’d only been eating diet salads instead of delicious salads.


“Wait a minute.

I’ll make it delicious.”


It’s time to show the recipe I was so proud of that I thought I would use to create a diet food brand someday.

The dressing was prepared in advance with yuzu soy sauce, which has low calories and a refreshing taste.


‘Okay, the sauce is well balanced between sweet and salty.’


It’s a sauce that harmonized the unique sweet and sour taste of yuzu sauce with the salty taste of basic soy sauce.

Even if you don’t like salad very much, you can enjoy the sweet and salty taste.

I added a little bit of water to remove the viscosity and sprinkled it with pepper so that I could eat it evenly with little dressing.

It was seasoned a little salty on purpose, and the taste melted in my mouth when I adjusted the concentration with water.

If I had time, I could make my own dressing, but…




The fat guy sat quietly at the table and stared at the counter.

Before I knew it, he crawled out of the room again and looked at his cell phone with a sour look on his face as if he were protesting.

It seemed I had to make something and put it in his mouth as quickly as possible.


‘Now, let’s prepare chicken breast.’


Chicken breast is naturally refrigerated when considering the taste, but the core of the diet is persistence.

It means that the purpose of today is not just to finish eating healthy and happy.

I ripped open the frozen chicken breast pack and put it into the pressure cooker.

Then, I filled it with water until the meat was soaked just right…

Various spices, garlic, green onions, and bay leaves were added and the lid was closed.


‘It smells good already.’


Even if you use the same chicken breast, the taste is different depending on whether the ingredients are seasoned or not when it’s boiled.

If you have to eat it anyway, the delicious side, of course, will inevitably lead to higher satisfaction.

I snorted lightly, set the timer, and put the pot on low heat.


“Do you have to go that far”


Sunwoo, who had come down from the chair before I knew it, asked as he looked over my shoulder into the induction stove.


“It will taste better when cooked rather than eaten dry like cat food, right“


I’ve never met a person who succeeded in dieting compared to someone who had lost weight and simmered chicken breast for the first time in his life.

What a great influence a delicious meal has on human happiness!


“How long will it take”


When the smell of chicken broth leaked out through the steam hole, Sunwoo became restless, smacking his lips.


“It’ll be out in ten minutes, so you go back to the table.”


I waved Sunwoo out and started trimming the vegetables.

The stem of leaf vegetables is highly nutritious and has a crispy texture.

However, it’s also the biggest reason why young boys refuse to eat salad.


‘Let’s trim everything in advance.

It’s a bit of a waste to throw it away.’


I put it up beforehand and removed all the hard stems.

Broccoli was dipped in baking water to remove impurities and then steamed slightly in the steam cooker.

This is because it’s worthwhile to eat when the nutrients are maximized.

The main ingredients are non-bitter-leaf vegetables, broccoli, and tenderly boiled chicken breast.


‘I feel this every time I see it, but the taste of chicken really helps…’


If you sprinkle some chickpeas and nuts on top of it to enhance the texture, the taste is perfect.

I made sure the chicken breast was cooked and quickly blanched the short pasta in boiling water.


“Lastly, the plating… Done!”


Leafy greens and broccoli were spread underneath, just like in a famous salad shop.

The moist chicken breast was sliced ​​diagonally, and then when the short pasta was put in it, a plausible visual came out.

Lastly, I ground the whole pepper and put it in a small bowl so that we could eat it separately, then it was finished!

I handed out a bowl the same size as Sunwoo’s to Seongwon, who had ‘what’s going on’ written all over his face.


“Wow, it looks delicious! It’s like a salad from the store…!”


It’s a recipe that minimizes carbohydrates and allows you to eat plenty of protein and fiber.

As soon as Sunwoo put down the bowl, he rushed with a fork first.

On the other hand, Seongwon was still glaring at the bowl as a suspicious target.




The food is definitely… There shouldn’t be a problem, but why do you keep looking like that

I looked at Seongwon with a disdainful look.


“As expected, it’s weird.”


Why are you picking a fight I mumbled ‘inner piece, inner piece’ inside and calmly straightened my back.


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