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Chapter 08

Cheon Yise and Trash (1)

Translated by LyraDhani

Edited by LyraDhani


[Name: Son Seongwon – 22 years old]




[Buff: – Stable vocal correction effect at the level of the music source when singing]

– The points used 30pt


‘Oh… I guess he’s the best singer.’


There were clearly more points needed to use special skills than others.

I wanted to hear how great his vocal was.

Next is Na Sunwoo.


[Name: Na Sunwoo – 21 years old]




[Buff: – Zero calories taken during a meal after activation]

– The points used 10pt


It’s the most intuitive specialty I’ve ever seen.


‘Are you the type that doesn’t gain weight’

I am reflexively envious of a guy I haven’t even met.

In the meantime, the area where the dorm was located was getting closer.

I glanced at the navigation and looked out the window.


“We’re here, sir.”


The taxi stopped right in front of the building that appeared to be the dorm.


‘Money… Let’s use this first.’


The wallet from a luxury brand, which was taken out of the coat hanging in the closet, was filled with cards, bills, and checks.

I should call the credit card company later to check the limit, but it’s not urgent right now.

I held out a card that looked like the newest out of them.

Fortunately, the payment proceeded without any problems.

After paying for it, I was about to get off, but the taxi driver returned the card and asked me.


“Wow, you’re the most handsome young customer I’ve ever had.

Are you an aspiring celebrity or something”


The taxi driver, who made eye contact, was amazed at Chen Yise’s, no, my face.

Of course, I wasn’t that ugly originally, but…

It’s the first time in my over forty years of experience that a person I met for the first time said I am handsome.


“Oh, it’s similar, but… Thank you.”


The problem is, instead of an aspiring celebrity, I am a singer who debuted 5 years ago.

I was told I was handsome, so I didn’t know whether to like it or feel sad.

Shame is burning on my back.

I carefully received my card back and looked up at the building.


‘You said they’re using the 3rd floor as the dorm.’


Looking at the number of square meters per floor, it was a size that did not seem insufficient for four boys to live.


“Let’s go up now.”


I had been busy replying to the chat and checking the specialties in the taxi.

After getting off like this, there was something on my mind.

Even if I confess with my mouth that I’m not the Cheon Yise that they know, everyone will think I am crazy.

Still, I was worried that I might hear a lot of strange things.


‘How many points do I have left…’


As soon as I thought about it, the store window for purchasing tips came forward.

Posil, who was now used to it, barked at me.




[Cheon Yise (Lim Hyunsung) – 24 years old]


[Current points: 30 points]


[>Replay service – 30 points per episode]


[>Listening service – 15 points per episode]


[>Case Intervention Service – 100 points per episode]


Even if I complete the tutorial, I only get 100.

The reward system has a lot of issues.


[Even if you complain, you won’t get a point discount for each service]


‘Don’t read my mind.’


I chose the Listening service, swallowing meaningless complaints.


[Tip Shop > Select Listening service]


[Do you want to purchase the Listening service]






[Voice starts playing]


Without fail, the surrounding area was dyed gray and the time stopped.


‘Yise hyung is at the center anyway, right That’s funny.

I don’t even need to ask.’


‘Seongwon, don’t say that.

Don’t you know that it’s all thanks to Yise that we’ve been able to promote for years’


‘What’s the point anyway, it sucks.

I’m sick and tired of it.

Even if we make a comeback, it’s a showcase full of reporters.’


‘Su, Seongwon… Don’t say that…’


‘Are you still scared of me How do you go up on stage if you’re so scared’


‘Stop fighting, you bullies!’


‘Hey, Yejun.

Do you think you’re not a bully Aren’t you just as much as an asshole to Hyung”


‘I… I’m going home now… Sob, I don’t want to fight anymore…’


‘Hah… Sunwoo, please don’t cry, do you want to eat chicken Yejun, please order chicken on the phone.’


‘Who’s going to pay for the chicken’


‘That… Of course Yise….’


Whenever Seongwon spoke, Posil growled in dissatisfaction.

Hah… My eyes darkened because I didn’t want to hear it anymore.


Oh Yejun always screams and curses,

Son Seongwon complains whenever he opens his mouth,

Ryu Kyunghwa knows that Cheon Yise is a pushover.

Na Sunwoo seems to be crying every now and then and whining that he wanted to go home.


‘No, aren’t these kids trash No, aren’t they utter garbage Isn’t this all rubbish’


Of course, the biggest trash was Cheon Yise who tried to do whatever he wanted with parental authority on his back.

It’s not that the remaining members didn’t escape, but there’s a reason why they couldn’t.

Because they’re not perfect enough to go out and be successful.


‘It’s bleak.’


A brief thought flashed through my mind.


[Listening service – Year 24, January 13th ends]


On the bright side, I could clearly see what was the problem.

And why he gave up all hope and chose to commit suicide.

On year 24, January 13th…

It wasn’t that long ago.

It was hard to promote, and he got hurt when the members squeaked like this, enough to make him lose his mind.

I went up to the 3rd floor, looking around as soon as the world returned to normal again.


‘The password is… Earlier, the manager… He sent this.’


When I opened the cover of an unfamiliar lock and pressed the four-digit number, the lock turned and the door opened.

The people here right now… are Son Seongwon and Na Sunwoo.

When I carefully opened the door and went inside, someone was sitting on a large sofa in the living room.


“Rustle, rustle, munch…”


‘Are you eating something’


I strode into the living room to see who was sitting on the sofa.




No matter how much you look at it, he’s a man with a body shape that doesn’t look like an idol.

The man was surprised to see me and dropped the bag of snacks he was holding.


“Cough, Yi, Yise hyung…! You, you, you’re here…!”


Shaking voice and big eyes, though buried in fat.

I asked, frowning in wonder.


“No way, Na Sunwoo”

“Uh, huh…”

“Did you eat all of this by yourself”


I was astonished to see the mess of chicken boxes, pizza boxes, and countless bags of snacks around the sofa.


“Oh, this… I ordered this for one person, so I didn’t eat that much!”


What do you mean not that much

Oil on your lips and boxes piling up on the floor.

Anyone could tell that he ate more than five servings alone in his seat.


“How much do you weigh now”



Although I don’t know much about idol groups.

I can clearly predict what kind of ridicule I would get if I go on stage in this state.


I’m surprised I’ve only seen this guy before he’s like this.

How astonished the few fans must be.


“Uh… Eighty… Six…”


Since he is somewhat tall, his weight is not serious enough if he has muscles.

The problem is, this guy only has fat and no muscle at all.

Besides, no matter how you look at it, he looks much heavier than 86kg.


“When was the last time you take a measure”


Then Na Sunwoo answered, his large body trembling.


“Two weeks, ago…”


Then he’ll have three digits soon.

Feeling my head throbbing, I muttered.


“The lunch…”

“I don’t want to starve! I’ll start working out today!”


At this rate, exercise alone isn’t enough.

I strode into the kitchen and answered, staring at the refrigerator.


“Who told you to starve Wait.

I’ll make it for you.”


I opened the refrigerator first.

The living room was not clean enough, so I was prepared…




As soon as the door was opened, a disgusting smell from food that had been stored incorrectly for a long time spread out.

Shaking my face at the earthenware, I asked.


“How long has it been since you cleaned the fridge”


Sunwoo, who was standing next to me, replied in hesitation.


“I don’t know… I’ve never cleaned it before…”


Then, in the worst-case scenario, there is a possibility that the refrigerator has never been cleaned since the first time it was brought in.

Did he throw away the leftovers

With the guys




I pointed my eyebrows at the worst refrigerator I’ve ever seen in my life, the mystery of new life and creation.


“It’s not enough to just wipe it with water and a dishcloth…”


Except for the drawer below where the packed salad was stored, the rest was like a cold food waste bin.

From a side dish container that you can’t tell when it was made to a dried salad and expired retorts.

A new life was being born inside the unopened milk kit.


“You need to clean up your mess!”


I was determined to play the role of Cheon Yise.

The moment I saw the dirty and disgusting refrigerator, all my resolutions were blown away.

If my franchisee manages the refrigerator at this level

It’s a heinous refrigerator that would have beaten the proof of contract termination immediately after self-investigation.


“N-no… I don’t know how to clean up… Sob, I, I’m sorry.

I’ll clean it up from now on…”


In the future, I have to throw out everything in here right away.

Before I knew it, I could smell a good scent along with the scent of greasy snacks coming from Na Sunwoo’s body.


‘Now I am really getting mad.’


Do you want to wash your body clean and then live with your refrigerator like this

The first mission for a restaurant owner. Hygiene.

Living with those two sentences as the number one priority in my head all my life, I don’t want to stay here for another half an hour.


“I’ll clean this up for now.

You go clean up the living room first.

If there’s a vacuum cleaner, use it, and if there’s a steam cleaner, use that too!”


“Uh, okay!”


First, I threw the food that Na Sunwoo was eating on the sofa into the sink.

I can’t wait to throw more food.


Everything here had to be thrown out except for a few packs of salad.


‘First of all… I’ll have to order something new to fill it up.’


From salad ingredients to basic seasoning and condiments.

I ordered basic food materials needed for home cooking through a site I often used when I was ‘Lim Hyunsung’.


An error message appeared several times because I was not familiar with the cell phone.

I thought my stomach was going to explode, but I finally solved it on my own.

I wasn’t familiar with the payment method either, so I was at loss for a while, but thankfully.


[ The payment password for Cheon Yise is cys0212.]


The system popped up first and informed me.


[The Human Happiness Praying System is willing to provide the minimum information for the quest in advance at any time]


As if asking me to thank him, Posil barked wang! and twirled around in place.

Its long, fluffy tail fluttered and glistened, but that wasn’t the point now.


“Huft… I’ll clean it up before my schedule turns up.”


I found pink rubber gloves tucked in the corner of the drawer and fastened them tightly to my hands.

Then I started filling up the garbage bags one by one.

In the living room, Na Sunwoo was busy cleaning the living room steadily just as I ordered.


‘Those body fat is really… What should I do’


Being an idol in that state is too much.

Looking at Na Sunwoo, who had a good sense of dieting, but gained extraordinary weight…

I felt a little tired.

It’s not something I can just take care of on my own.

As I cleaned up the refrigerator, wiped the inside, and then went to the bathroom looking for a sanitizer to use.




Someone opened the locked door and walked out into the living room.


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