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Tutorial Quest (1)

Translated by LyraDhani

Edited by LyraDhani


When I opened my eyes again, I saw a ceiling I had never seen before.


‘Where am I’


Let’s get up first.

I put strength into my arms, but my resolution couldn’t be put into practice.

Unable to resist the pain of a hard blow to my head, I laid back on the bed


Somehow, I felt sick as if I had locked my body in a wheel and spun it around.

I must have eaten something wrong that made my stomach feel twisted.

Even if I curled up for a long time, I didn’t think the nausea would disappear.


‘Am I in Cheon Yise’s body’


I calmed down a little as I stayed still… Creeping through the covers, I lifted myself up.


[ Hello, Lim Hyunsung! Congratulations on your first step as a member of the world]


I haven’t even taken the first step yet.

Even before I fully recovered my mind, the status window that I saw in the strange place popped up as if teasing me.

The embedded were not making fun of anyone, but the word stole my attention.

And next to it was the puppy that I saw before the forced quest.

With the necklace Lv.01 □□, which I didn’t see before.


“Am I really Cheon Yise right now”


When I asked, the status window shook loudly and came forward with the flick of the puppy’s tail.


[That’s right! As Cheon Yise, shall we start a tutorial to get used to it]




I accepted it as a forced quest, but that didn’t mean I could understand the current situation.


“Wait, you need to explain it properly.

What’s going on with my real body right now”


It said in the strange place that I was already dead a while ago.

There was no hope of going back to the original body, but… But I wanted to check at least.


(Singing “Sound of Love”)


Instead of changing the pop-up message in the status window, the TV was turned on even though I didn’t turn it on.




The puppy barked silently, pointing toward the TV screen.


[The funeral procession of Lim Hyunsung, CEO of Joyoung Food, who is said to be ahead of the Korean food globalization due to various franchise operations, took place this morning]


[The chief mourner was Lim Sunghwan, the father of the deceased, and not only company officials but chain store owners across the country also continue to pay their respect]


‘You… did it…’


I had thought I would be in this state because it said no resurrection was possible, but… It felt strange to enter a person’s body and watch my funeral.

My father, who was holding a portrait of me with a dark face, and my stepmother who was sobbing beside him.

Watching my younger brother raise his voice to support his brother’s will made me shudder.


‘You killed me.’


I wanted to chase him and grab him by the collar right away.


[ You cannot intervene in events related to [Lim Hyunsung’s wish] until you complete the preceding quest.]


As if reading my mind, a pop-up window written in a red and bold font was pushed in front of my eyes.


 “Oh, it was just a thought! Just a thought!”


 So I came back after taking over someone else’s body.

 It seemed I couldn’t achieve my revenge if I didn’t complete the quest.

 As expected, there was no such thing as a favor without a price.

I took a breath and asked the puppy.


“There’s a lot I want to ask, do you guys have any other conditions If I fail to complete the quest by the deadline, I’ll have to pay a penalty or something like that.”


The seal was stamped against my will, but I had to check the terms and conditions first when I made a deal.

Then, as if the dog had encountered an unexpected error, it lay flat on the floor and looked worried.


Kkiing, kkeueueueung–


[Please wait a minute.

Creating Terms and Conditions.

Estimated waiting time: 3 minutes]


Why are you so sloppy

I squinted my eyes and inadvertently turned to the mirror next to the bed.

A young man with distinct features and white skin caught my eye.

The moment I saw the face, I suddenly remembered where I had heard the name Cheon Yise.

When I appeared on the restaurant coaching entertainment show, I met him as part of the cast.

Of course, there were not many remarks from him, let alone solo shots, so there was nothing memorable about who he was.


‘I thought it looks luxurious, but… You live in a really nice house.’


It was a studio apartment that seemed too spacious for a young boy to live alone.

Even at a glance, I could recognize the finest furniture that had been splashed with money.


‘Let’s take a look around first.’


I felt like I was still dreaming, but my whole body’s sense was as vivid as it was.

Then, the moment I put strength in both hands and tried to raise my body.




I fell flat on my face.


 [The physical recovery is not complete yet.

Hold on a minute, please.]


 [Current MC: 33%]


You didn’t even tell me about this!

I clenched my teeth, staring at the percentage that changed from 33 to 34.

Next to the small window, the puppy was fidgeting and fluttering as if trying to calm down.




What, are you trying to comfort me

My whole body, which lost its strength, was gradually recovering as the percentage went up.

Soon I felt better enough to stumble and walk.

It was still difficult to move smoothly, but I had to ask questions.


‘I think this is enough…’


When I got up without waiting for 100% achievement, the error message immediately blocked my eyes.

In the corner of the screen, the dog barked silently again, this time as if in a warning.

Then it blinked its round, black eyes as if it were worried about me and stuck out its tongue.

The pink tongue under the moist, black nose was cute, but I was originally not vulnerable to cute animals.


[The physical recovery is not complete yet.

Hold on a minute, please.]


[Current MC: 92%]


You’re bothering me with everything!

So I had to sit down for nearly 15 minutes and wait until I achieved 100%.

The moment the number finally changed to 100.

The dog circled around as if celebrating.


[Recovery of abnormal ‘addiction’ has been completed.

Please note that conditions such as clearing linked quests will be given to recovery from abnormal conditions in the future.]


Next to the bed, I could see scattered vomit and littered undissolved pills.


“Is this because of the addiction…’


Let’s put it aside for later.

I had to check what kind of place this is.

As I got up and looked at the furniture one by one, I was amazed.

From the dishwasher, refrigerator, and oven, though they didn’t look like they had ever been used, I could see that the place was filled with high-end equipment.

When I opened the high-end refrigerator of a famous brand, I saw basic ingredients that seemed to be filled by someone.


‘Did he ever touch this’


It seemed to be waiting for the day it would go bad as it was in the first state it was put in.


“Let’s see… Kimchi, eggs, tofu, green onions, red pepper paste…”


It was filled with the basics.

The refrigerator was mostly empty.

When I opened the drawer underneath, diet pack salads, chicken breasts, and a pack of fruits poured out.

It seemed he had forgotten the salad and diet food that he had thrown into the lower compartment.


‘What did you do with the freezer’


When I opened the freezer, there were frozen foods and ice cream that did not look good for the body.

The fact that the refrigerator and freezer looked like this…


He barely managed to survive with diet food.He had repeated binge eating and extreme dietary restrictions with delivery food and diet food.


It was one of the two.

I naturally reached for the veranda and checked the belly.

The body looked soft on the outside, but I could feel a solid core muscle.

Right, he was the main dancer.

Even though he couldn’t be on stage, he must have taken good care of his body shape.

Even though it seemed like he couldn’t his body for quite a while after the traffic accident, he maintained a slender shape.

I opened the veranda door that ran behind the kitchen.

There was a lot of plastic waste from delivery food.

How come there’s no pattern of the kid ever leaving the house

He didn’t know how to cook stew with his hands.

Instead of putting seaweed on hot rice, he ordered delivery food.

Filling meals with salads and getting dragged into a mire of dissatisfied meals…

I sighed and remembered the information I got from the strange place a little while ago about Cheon Yise.

The youngest member of the Cheonsu group was a child who didn’t know the world.

A huge amount of money was poured in for him, but he still didn’t make it.

A child who lost every opportunity without receiving much response due to his vague sense of entertainment and selfishness.

I shook my head that could only think bad of Cheon Yise.

Let’s not think too negatively.

Did he get cornered in the house due to some internal circumstances that outsiders do not know

I looked at the huge amount of sleeping pills and gastric juice that I turned away from cleaning up earlier… My expression turned distorted.


[You’ve waited for a long time! Please check the terms and conditions below.]


The confirmation of the terms and conditions came forward before I could clean up the vomit.

I decided to stop bringing tissues and focused on the status window in front of me.


“You said 3 minutes.

Why are 3 minutes so long”


The puppy at the bottom of the status window jumped into the air with its short legs as if to soothe me with cute acts.


It seemed a little cute, but that wasn’t the point now.


[Terms and conditions – It is considered you have agreed to the quest in advance-]


They really take it however they want.

I wanted to complain if they knew this was against the commercial law… But I didn’t think it would work.

First of all, I quietly shut my mouth.



The first test period for Lim Hyunsung to become Cheon Yise is about half a year]




If you pass the half-year test period, you are considered to have met the qualifications of “Idol, Cheon Yise”.

The main quest will begin]



During the quest, you are not allowed to intervene in the case related to Lim Hyunsung.]



If the final goal is not achieved within the duration of the quest or the test period is not passed, Cheon Yise will be considered to have exhausted his remaining life upon the expiration of the contract.

The penalty for the failure of the quest will be applied immediately, so please do your best during the test period.]


I didn’t know what the penalty was, but half a year…

It was too short, considering that Cheon Yise had not been able to rise for five years even with the support of the Cheonsu group on his back.


“Isn’t half a year too short How can you succeed as a celebrity within half a year if you haven’t been on stage for five years”


When I complained, a pop-up window with a beep and a warning sound came back.

In addition, the dog also growled, crumpling its face like a human.


[Half a year is a temporary deadline for the test period, and you can check the reason for the set period in the tutorial.]


[In addition, after half a year of testing, a deadline will be assigned according to the progress of the quest.

The Human Happiness Praying System calculates the optimal customization period for each quest.

We do not accept any objection to this.]


In the end, it meant I could only accept OK, OK, OK.

Even if I complained about it, this was better than having to leave for another world without a chance to get revenge.

I Scratched my head and accepted the situation.


[Shall we start the tutorial]]




If things were like this anyway, it was better to adapt quickly and find out what I could do.

I nodded as soon as I made up my mind.




[Before starting the tutorial, please name □□.]


The puppy next to the small status window spun around in the same place indicating □□ were a word referring to it.


“Oh, what a mess.

Just stay put.”


I muttered while nagging and the dog sat quietly as if it understood.

Being pretty smart made it cute… Well, it’s irrelevant anyway.

Soon after, a keyboard-like input window appeared.

I put together any words that came to mind.






The gentle puppy growled and shook its head in discontent.

What, there were so many complaints, you should just say OK and let me go.

I wrote down a few more things that came to mind roughly, but they were all rejected.

I finally raised my voice after my naming sense Yellow, White, and Tori were being denied one after another.


“You’re very picky!”


Since the fur is fluffy, let’s try fluffy for the last time.

At that time, my hand that tapped slowly on the keyboard slipped and made a typo.




Then, as if the puppy was satisfied, a flash of light shone.

Before I knew it, the keyboard melted underneath my fingertips and disappeared.




Then I heard the system boot up as if something was about to start.


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