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“Everyone feels good when you smile, so your smile is the greatest magic!”

Natalia smiled at Gong Jie, then turned and smiled at Hua Jin!

The actor looked startled for a moment, but he was quickly affected by her bright smile and found himself smiling back at her as though in reflex.

When Natalia saw that the actor was really smiling back at her, she was suddenly encouraged!

“Its true! Its true that when I smile at you, you smile back.

And hes smiling too! I really can do magic!”

Gong Jie rubbed her head in relief, then glanced meaningfully at Hua Jin.

The actor immediately crouched down and grinned.

“Natalias magic is amazing!”

In reality, he was amazed about something else.

Gong Jie had a hidden talent.

He didnt know that the man was so good at coaxing children! He could actually tell a kid something like that

The actor felt his emotional intelligence being crushed!

However… One had to say, if magic really existed, Natalia would be the best magician for sure.

Because just looking at her smile was so healing.

Actually, one doesnt need to be methodical in coaxing a child.

A child needs fantasy in his world.

There was no harm in creating a little fairy-tale for Natalia.

As for things that only an adult could understand, the girl would come to understand too, when she grew up.

Shouldnt she simply enjoy an innocent childhood while young

The hot-air balloon didnt float too far because of the limited distance placed on it.

When they arrived at their destination, Hua Jin picked up Natalia, and Gong Jie followed closely behind as they stepped off the balloon cabin.

Since Youyou and Yun Shishi would be a while yet, Gong Jie suggested waiting for them at a gazebo nearby that he had spotted.

The gazebo happened to face a dessert station that sold some milk tea and snacks.

Natalia was attracted by the doughnuts and milk tea.

Gong Jie ordered a drink for each of them and bought some snacks.

Then he sat in the gazebo and waited.

Not long after, Youyou and Yun Shishi arrived and disembarked their balloon.

Gong Jie rose to greet them, but saw how ashen Yun Shishi looked as they approached.

This got him anxious.

“Whats the matter”

Yun Shishi patted her chest, clearly shaken.

Youyou explained, “Maybe… the balloon was shaking too much.

Mommy thought it was malfunctioning and was afraid it would fall out of the sky!”

Gong Jie replied, “How could it possibly fall out of the sky”

“Accidents are unpredictable!”

The woman was still in shock as the boy muttered, “Thats because you dont trust your own son.”

“Eh How so”

Hua Jin could not stop himself from laughing at that.

“Your son invested in and started up this amusement park,” he reminded her quietly.

This realization then dawned upon her.

Youyou patted his own chest and said, “If anything happens to Mommy, Ill take responsibility!”

Gong Jie replied coolly, “But if something happens to your mother, youll be with her.

Whos going to vouch for your own accident”

The boy fell silent.

After a long silence, he said in disgust, “Must Uncle make things difficult for me”

Gong Jie said seriously, “I didnt!”

“Hmph.” The boy glanced at him and saw Natalia sitting in a chair, eating heartily.

As it happened, he was hungry, too.

Walking over, he saw that the girl was holding a chocolate doughnut and she had chocolate stains all around her mouth, looking like a gluttonous kitten.

Watching her eat, the boy actually felt his mouth watering.


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