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“You are here to see me”

Qin Xi sneered in her heart.

It was obvious that Qin Lan came for money.

Previously, she thought that Hu Xiaofeng would be the first to lose her patience and make a move.

She did not expect the person would turn out to be Qin Lan.

She glanced at Qin Lans pink dress and snorted disdainfully.

“Are you done seeing me now”

Qin Lan was stunned.

She felt that Qin Xi had changed greatly.

In the past, when Qin Xi saw her, she would lower her head and avoid looking at her in the eye.

But today, Qin Xi was looking her straight in the eye with a piercing gaze.

However, at the thought of the 400 yuan, Qin Lan endured the shame and continued to suck up to Qin Xi.

“Xi, I want to talk to you.” She looked at Han Dazhu and Luo Xiujuan and said gently, “Can you come out and talk”

Han Shi held Qin Xis hand and said, “Wifey, she doesnt look like a good person.

Dont go out with her.”

Qin Xi couldnt help but chuckle.

She gave Han Shi a thumbs up and said, “Stone is really good at evaluating people.

With a glance, you can tell what kind of a person she is.”

However, Qin Xi sighed in her heart.

Even Han Shi, who only had the intelligence of a five year old, could tell.

Why couldnt the Host tell

Qin Xi did not understand, nor did she want to understand.

However, she remembered one thing, which was that she had to get back at everyone who had hurt the Host in the past, no matter who they were.

Hearing the two of them making fun of her, Qin Lan almost burst out cursing, but she didnt let her anger gain the upper hand.

She put on an aggrieved expression and said sadly, “Xi, are you still blaming me for not stopping Grandma from marrying you to Han Shi I understand that youre angry with me, but Im a married woman and dont have much of a say in anything.

Also, Im your cousin after all.

Im really sad that you speak to me like that.”

Qin Lan was obviously trying to sow discord.

What she meant was that Qin Xi was forced to marry Han Shi.

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Hearing this, Han Dazhu and Luo Xiujuan subconsciously looked at Qin Xi.

Qin Xi exposed her hypocrisy mercilessly, “What does it have anything to do with me whether you are sad or not Also, do you think its better to sleep in the cowshed or on the warm bed If you want to sow discord, you need to come up with something better.

Dont go around showing off your sad face.

Those who dont know might think that Im bullying you.”

Qin Lan was stunned with her mouth wide open.

She could clearly feel that Qin Xi had changed.

Not only had her appearance and temperament changed, but even her personality had changed.

Could it be that people could really change so drastically after coming back from the verge of death.

Even if Qin Xi confronted Qin Lan with harsh words and attitude, Qin Lan still smiled warmly as if she did not hear it.

“Xi, stop fooling around.

We sisters havent spoken in a long time.

I came back today especially to see you.

Come out.

Lets take a walk around the village!”

Tsk, apparently, this woman wont give up until she is taught a lesson, Qin Xi thought to herself.

“Alright, its indeed time to have a good chat!”

Lets talk about how you bullied the Host all these years.

Qin Lan was delighted.

The two of them walked out onto the village road.

Han Shi followed behind the two of them warily.

He was afraid that Qin Lan would go crazy and bite his wife.


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