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“My sister is Qin Xi.

Grandpa Han, Im Qin Lan.

Dont you remember me”

Qin Lans voice was very soft and gentle, but it made people feel uncomfortable.

She sounded as if her throat was being choked.

It was especially jarring to the Han family.

Han Dazhus face darkened.

“Dont call me Grandpa.

I dont have a witch granddaughter like you.”


The smile on Qin Lans face instantly froze.

Did she look like a witch In order to show that her married life was comfortable, she had put in a lot of effort to dress herself up.

Was this old thing blind Couldnt he tell that she was wearing a new dress

A trace of ruthlessness flashed across Qin Lans eyes.

She wanted to walk away, but at the thought of the 400 yuan, she forced a smile and looked at Han Dazhu aggrievedly.

“Grandpa Han, how can you say that My sister married Stone, so it should be right for me to call you Grandpa Han.”

Luo Xiujuan did not like Qin Lan either.

She felt that she was up to no good.

“Dont you know that Xi has already cut ties with the Qin family.

Why are you still looking for her”

“Auntie Luo, I know that Xi has fallen out with the Qin family, but we used to be a family after all.” Qin Lan refused to give up.

“Besides, Xi and I have been very close since we were young.

I dont want to lose this dear sister of mine.”

Han Dazhu did not care about her feelings at all and mocked, “Cut that crap.

You two are close When you were sleeping under the warm blanket, did you ever think about Xi sleeping in a pile of straw mixed with cow dung When you were eating steamed buns, did you ever think about Xi eating leftover food in the cow shed When you were wearing flowery dresses, did you ever think about Xi wearing tattered clothes You two are close I think you must be up to no good.”

Luo Xiujuan added, “Xi was poisoned by her own brother.

I dont think you are any good.

Your family is simply a bunch of animals.

I wonder what Xi did to deserve such a family.”

Qin Lans face, which was thick with makeup, turned red.

She cursed Han Dazhu and Luo Xiujuan countless times in her mind, but on the surface, she forced a smile and said, “Han, Grandpa Han, I…”

Just as she was at a loss for words, Qin Xi and Han Shi walked out of the house chatting.

When Qin Xi saw her, she subconsciously frowned.

“Why are you here”

Qin Lans eyes lit up and she said sweetly, “Xi, I finally see you.”

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However, when she saw Qin Xis face, the jealousy in her heart intensified.

Qin Lan knew that Qin Xi was beautiful and gorgeous since she was young, so all these years, Qin Lan had been suppressing her and torturing her.

She even used all kinds of methods to humiliate Qin Xi and trample her confidence, making QIn Xi forever unable to raise her head in front of her.

Only by doing so could Qin Lan feel less threatened and more satisfied.

However, she did not expect to see Qin Xi showing up with fair skin, bright eyes, and nice dress today.

She exuded confidence and an indescribable aura.

Qin Lan never thought that Qin Xi, who used to live like an animal, would actually be so beautiful.


Why was she so pretty

Qin Xi even felt a sense of inferiority in front of Qin Xi.

Though wearing an expensive dress, she felt the plain dress Qin Xi was wearing was ten times more dazzling.

Qin Lan was consumed by jealousy.

She wanted to pounce on Qin Xi and ruin that pretty face, but on the surface, she still maintained a bright smile on her face.

“Am I not welcome here Im here to see you, Sister.”


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