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“Mom, Im going out for a while!”

Qin Lan stood up and tidied her dress.

She said with a smile, “I havent seen my friends in a long time.

I wanna check in on them to see how they are doing.

If Guosheng comes back, tell him Ill be back soon.”

Lin Guosheng, Qin Lans husband, went out with Qin Lans two brothers in the morning.

They said that they were going to the fish pond to fish.

The fish pond was muddy.

Qin Lan was afraid of smudging her shoes and dress, so she did not go.

“Alright, its good to go out for a walk! That way, you wont have to listen to them arguing and complaining.” Zhang Cuiyun didnt think too much about it.


At the Han family.

“Dad, did you really sell so many vegetables Also, why did Stone get a set of new clothes This tricycle… whose tricycle is it”

As soon as Qin Xi and the other two returned home, Luo Xiujuan was stunned to see what they brought back.

She subconsciously asked, “Xi, tell me, how many vegetables did you sell Where did you get the money to buy so many things”

Before Qin Xi could answer, Han Dazhu laughed out loud and raised two fingers.

“This number!”

Luo Xiujuan was overjoyed.


As soon as she finished saying, she continued with a shake of her head, “Thats not right.

I think the things you bought are far more than 20 yuan…”

“Mom, not 20 but 200 yuan.

We sold the vegetables for 200 yuan,” Qin Xi said with a smile.

Luo Xiujuan gasped.

She thought she was hard of hearing and asked again with a lowered voice, “200 Xi, are you sure its 200”

200 yuan was undoubtedly a huge sum for them.

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It has to be noted that in the early 80s, tea farmers income wasnt high.

More precisely, it was dismally low.

Although the yield of tea every year was very impressive, it was more than what was demanded, causing the total value of the tea to decrease rapidly.

The income of the tea farmers was worse year by year.

Moreover, the merchants who bought their tea were taking a big portion.

Over the years, many tea farmers had been forced to change their trades.

Han Dazhu and his family worked hard for an entire year, but they could only earn as much as 100 Yuan at most.

That was why Luo Xiujuan looked so shocked.

“Not only that, Mom, I earned 100 yuan from treating a patient today.

Stone caught a thief and she gave him 200 yuan.

After everything we bought, we still have 340 yuan left.

Mom, I also bought fabric and cotton.

I think our blankets are too worn out.

Lets make a new one when we have time!”

The smile on Qin Xis face never faded.

As she spoke, she moved the things into the house.

Han Shi followed her and helped her carry the stuff.

Luo Xiujuan never expected that they would earn so much money just by going out to sell vegetables.

“Dad, are the vegetables we sell too… overpriced” she asked worriedly.

Han Dazhu said truthfully, “Its not overpriced at all.

They are worth this price.”

Actually, he knew very well that Cheng Haizhong was probably ripped off.

Xi knew he was easy to fool.

If they went out to sell vegetables in the future, they probably wouldnt earn so much.

Luo Xiujuan was about to ask more when Han Dazhu said, “Xiujuan, were all hungry.

Go and cook something! Weve been busy all day.

Were starving.”

“Meal is ready.

I put the dishes in the pot to keep them warm.

Dad, go wash your hands and lets eat,” Luo Xiujuan said with a smile.

At this moment, a gentle voice was heard from outside the door.

“May I know if my sister is home”

Han Dazhu and Luo Xiujuan looked over and saw Qin Lan, who was wearing a pink dress, standing at the door like a beautiful flower.

“Your sister Whos your sister” Han Dazhu asked the obvious, the smile on his face instantly gone.


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