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“Buying vegetables”

Qin Xi blinked in confusion.

She wouldnt be surprised if anyone came to ask her to treat them.

But buying vegetables

Han Dazhu thought that the middle-aged man was the person in charge of the restaurant, so he quickly took out the big potatoes with a smile.

“Sir, look at the big potatoes I planted.

Not only are they fresh, but the texture is also very good.

Look at this potato.

Its cheap but also good.”

As he spoke, Han Dazhu patted the potato like he was patting a watermelon.

The middle-aged man opened his mouth in shock.

“Isnt this size… a little too exaggerated”

He had never seen such a big potato in his life.

“Hahaha, its a little exaggerated, but the taste is even more exaggerated.

Sir, why dont you try the cucumber first You definitely wont be able to stop after taking a bite.”

Han Dazhu turned around and took out a cucumber the length of a human arm.

Looking at the juicy cucumber, the middle-aged man opened his eyes even wider.


He thought to himself, “Is the vegetable injected with steroids Why are they so… well-built”


Seeing that he was a little suspicious, Qin Xi snapped the cucumber in half.

Instantly, a fragrance unique to cucumbers filled the air.

She took a big bite without even wiping it.

Then, she handed the other half of it to the man and said, “Try it, and you will find out for yourself.”

The man knew that he was being unnecessarily suspicious.

He took the fragrant cucumber and took a big bite.

The moment he bit down, the mans eyes widened.

This taste was unimaginably fresh and sweet.

It tasted exactly like cucumber.

“Is… is this really a cucumber” The man blurted out.

Han Dazhu couldnt help but laugh.

“Hey, if this isnt a cucumber, what is it”

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The man explained awkwardly, “Im sorry.

I was just in shock.

How about this I want all these vegetables.

How much are they”

“Dont you want to try something else I still have tomatoes here.

Try them.

Theyre very sweet.” Han Dazhu dug into the sack and took out a tomato that was no smaller than the potato.

“Alright, alright, alright.

There is no need to show me anything else.

Ill buy all of them.

Give me a price!”

The man looked around nervously and saw that many people were looking over and discussing.

He quickly put the tomato back into the sack and tied the sack, afraid that someone would come and fight with him over the vegetables.

The middle-aged man suddenly turned from a gentleman to a sneak-eyed man.

Qin Xi found him really interesting.

Han Dazhu thought about it and was about to give a price he thought was very reasonable.

When he was about to say 50 yuan, Qin Xi smiled and offered a sky-high price.

“200 yuan!”

Cough, cough, cough…

Han Dazhu was shocked!

He immediately swallowed down the 50 yuan that was on the tip of his tongue.

He thought to himself, “Is Xi crazy How can she ask for so much”

Although this gentleman did not look like he was short of money, this price was simply too much!

Just as Han Dazhu was about to lower the price, the man agreed with a nod.

He took out a money clip from his pocket and took out 200 yuan.

Han Dazhu shut up again and stopped talking.

Qin Xi took the money and handed it to Han Dazhu.

“Grandpa, take the money!”

“Oh, ok!” Han Dazhu subconsciously took the money.


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