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“I have to apologize to Alicia….

I’m sure she won’t forgive me.”


Eric muttered pathetically.


No, you don’t have to be so bitter.

Alicia was trying her best to be seen as a villainess too…


She had a happy life, and she also got the exile she had longed for… Two birds with one stone.


“Alicia never got angry in the first place.”


Duke said to Eric.

That should help Eric a little.


He hardly said anything to Liz Cather….


Maybe he didn’t dare to say anything because he knew that if he was too nice to her, she’d expect something from him.

Not saying anything was probably Duke’s way of being kind.


Duke was watching Liz more closely than expected….


“I wish I could see Alicia soon.”


Duke muttered to himself as he gazed outside the window.


It was rare for him to say something like that, and I suppose Duke wanted to see Alicia more than anyone else.


As I pondered this, I thought about Alicia.


The longer we didn’t see each other, the less we knew whether the person was real or not.


It was like she was a phantom.

She would appear and disappear before our eyes, like a legendary hero.


“Alicia’s thoughts were correct from the beginning.

I made the wrong choice as one of the Five Noblemen…as the one who stands on top.”


“If they are not expecting anything from you right now, it’ll be easy because all you have to do is make up for it.”


Duke immediately responded to Eric’s words.



Even if Eric and the others were currently at the bottom, they could easily climb back up.


If that were not the case, it would be very hard for Duke and others.

If they accomplish something, they will be expected to do it again… They would have to live up to the never-ending expectations.


I looked at Liz Cather.


She was the most likeable saint in this school.

But she would only be falling further and further away from now on.


Liz Cather’s life would drastically change going forward.

She would be going through hell…but maybe that would help her.

But she might not be the kind of person who would let it get the best of her.


“Good luck.”


Duke said to Liz Cather.

I was certain that he meant it.


Liz sighed as she looked at Duke, then chuckled softly.


“Geez, I don’t know why I fell in love with this guy.

Eric would have made me happier!”


“Hey, you think I’m a softy, don’t you!”


Liz Cather’s words made Eric raise his voice.


Where was that weak voice from earlier Duke smiled wickedly, like he always does.


“I don’t have anything to make people like me, you know.”


“”Are you picking a fight.””


Eric and Henry’s words overlapped.

Suddenly, Henry began to join the conversation.


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