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Perhaps I have stayed in a gay bar for too long that my thoughts have unconsciously turned gay too.

As a result, my brain actually sent out a signal of joy like a bottom when a stunning, unparalleled beauty had shown interest me out of nowhere.

Fuck, I got too into it.

Fortunately, my sanity kicked in just in time and gave me a ruthlessly hard slap.

‘What the heck are you thinking about! Straighten yourself back!

Oh right, Im straight.

I almost forgot.

That was close, that was close.

After pulling back my precarious thoughts in a precipitous manner, I began to seriously consider the situation at hand.

Half a minute ago, this pretty, handsome man took out a stack of red bills and said he wants to ** me.

How about me What the ** did I said to him

“Ge ge…I dont know how to be the one on top…”

Shit!! I screw up!!

It is said that it takes hundred years to cultivate into a 0.51.

and thousand years in exchange for one nights sleep together.

Someone as naïve as me would have never imagined that I, a ordinary, broke college student – whose only unique trait in this gay bar is being extremely straight – would be hit on one day as well.

Oh, what would my fellow sisters in this bar survive like this.

Ah, **.

What sisters! I need to stop talking so much with the head of bottoms, the waiter ge ge next time.

I almost got carried away by him.

Anyways, coming back to the main topic where the real question is, what are the chances of not getting beaten up if I were to tell this person in front of me that Im in fact a straight guy

It points infinitely at zero.

…I hate the number zero.

When I stared blankly at fair and beautiful hand on top of that stack of red bills, falling into a deep contemplation, he noticed the situation and impatiently narrowed his eyes.

As if misunderstanding the context, he pulled out another stack of bills from his wallet without a change of expressions and placed them on the table.

Damn, how rich.

Do people still bring out that much cash these days Dont people use Alipay instead…wait, thats not it.

Does he think this is a matter of money now

I, an irrefutably and utterly straight man! My straight-as-a-pine sexual orientation, how could it be easily bent by just money!

Heh, absolutely not…

I stared at that thick stack of money under his hand and couldnt help but gulped.

Ten minutes later, in front of the bar.

The beauty in a white shirt walked ahead of me in long strides with his long legs.

I followed behind with feeble steps, my brain still in a floating, malfunctioning state.

I have yet to fully snap out of what just happened.

“Do you have your ID with you” The beauty stopped next to a dark grey Audi and asked while opening the door.

The moment I saw that luxury car, my brain jolted instantly and I realized exactly what I had done.

Fuck, what difference is this from selling my body

I may be short of money, but not to the point of selling my ass off! Where is my dignity as a straight man

The beauty and money got to me and possessed me earlier, but now that I have come back to my senses, there was a layer of sweat on my back.

What do I do Is it too late to regret it now

Looking up into those cold and mysterious eyes, I stumbled and threw out a lie, “I think I…uhm…didnt bring it.”

So how about we forget it! As high as the hills and as long as the rivers go, there would be plenty of other chances.

Handsome man, how about we meet again another time!

However, he seemed to be not surprised at all as he nodded, “No worries, I brought mine.”

……Then why the ** did you ask that for!

Disregarding how I thought, that guy had already opened the car door and pushed me into the passenger seat with an irresistible gesture.

My legs are like sieve and just as I was about to be forced to step into the car, something lit up in my brain.

“Wait, wait, wait…how can you drive after drinking”

He was visibly stunned for a bit before reacting in a logical manner, “You drive then.”

I originally wanted to lie and said I couldnt drive to avoid this disaster, but a different thought came to me then.

What if he called a chauffeur instead If I were to be seen by others while someone did this and that to me in the car, then wouldnt my innocence as a straight man be ruined forever

And so, I endured the humiliation and got into the drivers seat.

My hands were shaking while I was on the road, so I drove really, really slowly.

Despite that, I still feel like Im walking straight towards a harbour with no other routes, never to return.

When I drove near to my university, I finally couldnt help it and stepped on the brakes.

The car came to a sudden stop and the napping beauty beside me snapped his eyes open and looked at me.

I took a deep breath and mustered up all my strength before saying, “Ge! Im actually a straight guy!”

He raised an eyebrow when he heard that, his eyes clearly showing that he didnt believe it.

I widened my eyes and continued to express my sincerity, “Ive wronged you, handsome.

My brain just malfunctioned earlier on and lied to you.

Im really not gay!”

That man stared at me with a sparkle in his eyes.

After a moment, he asked me back, “Straight”

I immediately flashed him a sincere smile and said, “Yes, if Im lying again, then Ill never be able to get a girlfriend my entire life!”

“What do we do then” He lowered his voice and leaned closer towards me.

“Ive already paid you.”

As soon as I picked up on his attitude relaxing a little, I was overjoyed and accidentally overlooked that unpredictable expression of his and the distance between us that kept shrinking.

“Ill pay you back now! If youre still unsatisfied with that, Ill make it up to you later…mmpf—”

Before I could finish my sentence, my mouth was sealed.

This guy held my chin up and kissed me then.

He! Kissed! Me!

My brain instantly exploded into a mushy mess, followed by a complete blank.

The overwhelming shock made me forget to resist.

I stared directly into his eyes like an idiot, letting him do whatever he wanted.

By the time I came back to my senses and wanted to push him away, a tongue invaded and brazenly stirred up the insides of my mouth.

When he pulled away, I could even hear embarrassingly wet sounds.

In this moment, it felt like I was struck by lightning, the top of my head was numb all the way to my feet.

Due to the lack of oxygen from earlier, I slumped back into the car seat and blankly took two deep breaths.

In the midst of my confusion, I heard the guy in front of me chuckle softly.

Those dark pupils of his with long eyelashes surrounding them stared at me with a hint of smile.

He asked me back, “Straight”

Before I could make any strong rebuttal to that mocking tone of his, his thumb that was cupping my chin earlier suddenly moved to the left side of my mouth as he rubbed suggestively twice.

For real Again

I was caught off guard the first time but I wont let him take advantage of me this easily agin!

Despite being in a state of panic, I reached out quickly and pushed the person on top of me away.

Then, I opened the car door and fled outside.

Due to the position I was in, I tumbled out the second the door opened as my entire weight shifted and became unbalanced.

I landed on my butt and rolled on the ground twice.

Truly an extremely tragic scene.

However, my fierce and strong desire to survive helped me ignore the pain on my upper body as I crawled and scrambled to get up before quickly leaping towards the university entrance.

I wasnt sure if my agile movements had given him a scare, but that guy didnt chase after me and stayed in the car.

I ran like a madman all the way back to my dorm and collapsed on my bed the second I reached my room and slammed the door shut.

My heart was still beating wildly from the intense running.

I took a few deep breaths to try to calm myself down, but the moment I thought about what just happened, I couldnt resist letting out a string of curses.

Im an innocent little straight man who has retained his first kiss for twenty years.

Yet, it was lost to a man!!

Im mad; so, so mad.

But that wasnt the worst.

What got me questioning life the most was— when I was forcefully kissed in the car earlier, I actually…**ing got hard….

Fuck, Im done for.

Footnotes 1 refers to top, 0 refers to bottom and 0.5 is a switch.


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