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After ten minutes, Yuei Vu quickly felt the enthusiasm of the new companions from “Nightcrawler World”.

Although the title of “Shadow Duelist” sounded a bit sinister, in fact, this did not mean that they were villains.

It was just a name for the users of “Shadow Game”.

The world of Yu-Gi-Oh was different from the worldview of many other works.

Here, light did not always represent justice, and the darkness did not necessarily mean evil.

If it must be said, Yami Yugi as the protagonist also used dark power, but no one would ever think that he was the villain.

In addition, Yuki Judai, the protagonist of the follow-up work Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, was also a representative figure with dark power, but this did not prevent him from being a sunny and bright young man.

Power was just a simple weapon, depending on the person who used it.

After passing the dueling test, President Kawasawa Gai announced on the spot that he accepted Yuei Vu as a new member of the Nightcrawler World.

Yuei Vu quickly received a card from the president—a card that could not be used in actual combat and was purely made by the guild, but the card surface was designed to be exquisite, and there would be a special effect of fluorescent sparkles when facing the light source.

The image on the card was a black Duel Disk, shaped like a pistol.

The president explained that this was the representative LOGO of their Nightcrawler World, and this card was equivalent to a membership card, so he should keep it properly.

After the brief membership procedure was completed, Yuei Vu officially joined the guild.

In his own system panel, the faction information of the “Nightcrawler World” was also added, which means that he has officially changed from a non-aligned person to a member of the association.

Next was the time for the warm welcome of the seniors.

This night, Yuei Vu had an unforgettable experience.

A group of strong men enthusiastically surrounded him in the middle, offering him food and drink… The drink was oolong tea.

Because Yuei Vu said that he was underage and could not drink, although a group of strong men showed their frustration unabashedly on their faces, they did not insist.

Actually, Yuei Vu did not lie.

He has been reborn for less than a month, so it stood to reason that he was only less than a month old.


They were Shadow Duelists, but everyone unexpectedly obeyed the rules…

After drinking for a while, someone would naturally ask: Little brother Yuei Vu, why are you so strong Can you reveal the secret

Yuei Vu smiled slightly and answered succinctly: Among all dueling skills, only the divine draw can hardly be countered.

Someone asked again: Where did you get your “Elemental HERO” card I’ve never seen it before.

Yuei Vu only replied that he had his own way, but did not answer this question directly.

However, when he said this, he patted his forehead as if he suddenly remembered something, saying that he had a treasure to show everyone.

As everyone looked forward with anticipation, Yuei Vu took out a spare card box from the inner pocket of his jacket, opened the card box, and took out a stack of cards from it.

He took out the first one on the top and put it on the table.

“Hey, it’s the ‘Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1’, a rare card!” Someone recognized it immediately.

“It’s a good card.”

“I took it out from the card pack half a month ago, but I can’t use it myself.” Yuei Vu shrugged, “I’m thinking about finding a suitable price recently.

If any brother thinks this card is useful, I can trade it for half of the original price.”

The duelists suddenly became commotion.

Buy an SR at a 50% discount!

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Once you pass this change, you won’t meet it again.

Immediately, many people made bids, expressing their willingness to buy this “Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1”.

Yuei Vu thought for a while and finally handed this card to Mr.

Kuroda who fought against him in the first round.

“It was a beautiful duel before, thank you for your advice just now.”

Yuei Vu smiled politely, “This card is just a little gift, please accept it.

Kuroda was overjoyed, and hurriedly accepted this “SR” and nodded again and again: “Okay! Then I will thank you in advance, the money will be sent to your account in a while.

From now on, everyone will be brothers.

If you have anything, feel free to ask me for help… Oh, if you want to have another duel, feel free to ask! ”

Listening to what he said and looking at his excited look, he didn’t know what strange attribute he had unlocked and was obsessed with dancing in public.

Although it’s only half price, in Yuei Vu’s opinion, selling a card with zero value for SR’s price, in Yuei Vu’s opinion, was already a big profit.

But of course, it couldn’t be his real purpose, but just pavement for his next plan.

He then took out the second card…

“Battle Steer!” The sharp-eyed person recognized it immediately, “Rare card!”


This time, there were more people interested than before.

Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1 was just a simple “rare card”, As a Normie with 1400 ATK, in fact, this card had no other purpose other than to show off the owner’s wealth.

Battle Steer was different, this was not only a rare SR card but also had an attack power of 1800!

The attack power of 1800 was uncommon among Level 4 monsters.

The Giant Red Seasnake summoned by Kuroda before was such a rare card.

But there were only two copies of Giant Red Seasnake in Kuroda’s entire deck.

He was lucky to draw one last time.

As mentioned earlier, low-level, high-attack monsters were gradually becoming the mainstream among most duelists these days.

Because low-level monsters with high attack power could be summoned directly without Tributes, they could easily take the initiative in the game, so this kind of monster was even more popular than some high-star monsters.

“Thirty thousand!” After a moment of silence, someone immediately spoke up, “I give you thirty thousand, can you sell this card to me”

Even Yuei Vu, who originally planned to come here with a profiteer to sell cards, was a little surprised.

He guessed that these duelists would be very enthusiastic, but he did not expect the enthusiasm to be so high.

Are you sure you want to buy Normie for 30,000

Sure enough, I don’t understand the world of riches…

“Fifty thousand!” Someone immediately raised the price.

“Sixty thousand!”

“Eighty thousand!”

“Eighty thousand… plus one thousand!”

The bidding stopped suddenly, and countless people looked at Kuroda who was shouting with contempt.


Kuroda’s face hurt.

Then what can I do

Do you blame me for not being able to pay more


Even if he was mentally prepared, Yuei Vu still underestimated the obsession of these duelists for the 1800 low-star RBI.

In the end, after a round of fierce competition, this SR card, which made Yuei Vu feel it had no value at first, was sold at a price of 100,000.

On the surface, Yuei Vu was stoic, but inside he was happy.

MD, can you believe that a Normie that no one wanted in a previous life was sold for 100,000

Is it too easy to make a fortune

…Well, in theory, it’s not that easy.

Whether it’s “Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1” or “Battle Steer”, the reason these cards were “SR” was because they are indeed quite rare.

Yuei Vu took out these two cards from the card pack in one breath, and the opening of the pack might indeed be regarded as a lucky lottery (Although he really only wanted to open a Pot of Greed)

But the card he was going to take out next time was different.

Yuei Vu didn’t say a word, silently took out another card, and put it on the table in front of him.

Everyone’s eyes focused again.

This time, no one exclaimed for the first time, because none of the people present had seen this card.

“Chainsaw Insect What kind of monster is this Never heard of it.”

Everyone continued to read the card text.

The Level was 4, and the attack power…

……Attack power 2400!


(Author’s note: World Link Online is a parallel world different from reality, in which the currency is the unique currency of this world, please do not link with the currency of any country at any time in reality~)


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