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Although his rank wasnt high, the fragrance he emitted was still shocking.

Moreover, Lin Mo also sensed the auras of many experts nearby.

There were quite a number of nirvana realm experts.

Whoever dared to cause trouble here would probably die without a burial ground.

On the Board of Fame, quite a number of people with high rankings had come.

Lin Mo looked around, recalling the rankings on the Feng Yun Board in his mind.

Ninth place, Gu Yue holy maiden Xiao Yue.

Eighth place was him.

Seventh Place, Lei Ming Holy Maiden Ji Zixiao did not come, but his sister came, and she was also on the board.

Sixth Place, Jiang Xiyue, closed-door cultivation.

Fifth place, Zhang Nannan, the granddaughter of the Prince of Zhennan.

She was chatting with the tenth princess and Xiao Yue in a pavilion.

The fourth was a faceless person.

He claimed to be a wandering cultivator, but Jiang Xiyue told Lin Mo that he was backed by the emperor.

He was hidden in the army in order to assist the crown prince in the future.

As for the third Tianshan Holy Son, he was from the Tianshan Holy Land.

This was the Holy Land that was connected to the Yanhuang Divine Empire.

It was between the great ancient God dynasty and the Yanhuang dynasty.

Originally, the Tianshan Holy Land wanted to be closer to the Yanhuang dynasty, so they often sent juniors to train.

In the end, for some reason, they chose to cooperate with the Great Ancient Divine Empire.

Lin Mo was very familiar with the second place.

He had even invited the other party to a banquet, the Divine Secrets Holy Lands candidate holy son, Li Long.

This person was very close to the crown prince, and he was the crown princes senior brother.

The two of them had a very good relationship.

It seemed that because Lin Mo had killed Jin lie, the crown prince had lost his right-hand man, so he chose to come to the Yanhuang Divine Empire to help.

“There are quite a number of people here…”

Lin Mo sighed and picked up the wine on the table and began to drink.

“This young master wants to sit here.

Move aside.” An arrogant voice sounded.

A young man walked over with a group of people.

Under the signal of the young man, a person stepped forward and threw a thick fist at Lin Mo.

without any explanation, he directly launched an attack.


Lin Mo raised his hand and easily caught the fist.

As he shook his hand, a miserable cry was heard.

The person who attacked was currently hugging his arm and crying out in pain, with blood flowing out.

Everyone was extremely shocked and looked over.

That was a powerhouse at tier 28 of the Dragon Transformation Realm.

With just a casual slap from Lin Mo, the bones in his arm had been broken…

“You dare”

The youth who spoke first said coldly.

His eyes were filled with arrogance as he looked at Lin Mo.

“Boring…” Lin mo frowned.

Which familys young master was this so arrogant…

“Hes Zhao Ming, a disciple of the Divine Secrets Sacred Land.

Hes not to be trifled with.”

At this moment, a voice transmission entered Lin Mos ears.

He turned his head and saw Xiaoyue nodding at him from the pavilion on the other side.

“A disciple of the Divine Secrets Sacred Land, Huh However, this isnt the Divine Secrets Sacred Land.

Dont court death,” Lin Mo said coldly.

“Hmph, your name is Lin Mo, right It just so happens that this young master really wants to see your strength.

I want to kill you to avoid you being an eyesore,” Zhao Ming said coldly.

He was extremely arrogant.

His eyes were filled with a cold killing intent, causing Lin Mo to feel baffled.

“I dont think Ive offended you before” Lin Mo asked.

“Its nothing.

Ive only taken money from others.

There are people who dont want you to live, so you should just go and die.”

Zhao Mings voice wasnt loud, but his words caused everyone to be shocked.

This was too arrogant.

He simply didnt put anyone in his eyes.

Moreover, this was the imperial palace.

The people of the Divine Secrets Sacred Land were too arrogant.

Even the young masters and young ladies of the nobles were dissatisfied.

They looked over.

This was the imperial palace, their territory.

The disciples of the Divine Secrets Holy Land were so arrogant.

They really didnt have any respect.

“Attack Here” Lin Mo stood up and said.

A battle was inevitable.

At the same time, he also wanted to know if the person who followed him yesterday was related to Zhao Ming…

“This place is fine.

I dont need to change places to kill you.” A cruel smile appeared on Zhao Mings lips.

At this moment, they had already attracted the attention of many people.

Especially the famous geniuses on the ranking list.

They were all looking at Lin Mo, wanting to see how he would face them.

There were also some young masters and young ladies with angry expressions on their faces.

This was the imperial palace.

No matter what, Lin Mo was still the eighth princess subordinate.

If he was really killed here, how would the imperial palace retain its face

No matter how powerful the Divine Secrets Holy Land was, the entire eastern continent, the four great divine empires were divided into four parts.

“I hope your ability can surpass your tone.” A cold smile appeared on the corner of Lin Mos mouth.

“Dont worry.

Before you die, I will tell you who wants to kill you.” Zhao Ming looked at Lin Mo with a hint of greed in his eyes.

Lin Mo also looked at him.

The commotion here was very big, and all the Nirvana Realm experts nearby noticed it.

However, they didnt make a move.

It was obvious that they didnt want to get involved in this matter.

Therefore, this battle had to be carried out.

He also wanted to know how strong the Divine Secrets Holy Lands ability was.

“I heard that youre ranked eighth on the Board of Fame.

Youre somewhat famous, but I dont know how your true strength is.” Zhao Ming sneered, and a pale golden long spear appeared in his hand.

“This is the imperial palace.

Dont make too much noise.”

Zhang Nannan, the granddaughter of the Prince of Zhennan, spoke with a frown.

She had met Jiang Xiyue a few times.

Including Xiao Yue, the three of them were among the top ten on the ranking board, and they appreciated each other.

Since Lin Mo was related to Jiang Xiyue, she couldnt just sit by and watch.

“Hehe, if youre afraid, you can go down the stairs,” Zhao Ming said mockingly.

“Then lets fight.”

Lin Mo said as he took out the Ancient Sword of Desolation.

It was a spirit rank 9 magic weapon, and it emitted a sharp sword aura.

With such an aura, it would be hard not to attract attention.

“A growth type magic weapon…”

Some people exclaimed.

They didnt think that Lin Mo would be able to find such a magic weapon, and it had even grown to a spirit rank 9.

“Its that sword from back then…” Xiao Yue was shocked, and recognized the Ancient Sword of Desolation.

Back then, she had even competed with Lin Mo, but in the end, Lin Mo still managed to obtain it.

“Ive missed out on an opportunity…” Xiao Yue sighed helplessly.

The two of them instantly started fighting, and the surrounding crowd retreated.

At the same time, they worked together to form a protective barrier to protect this place.

Although Zhao Ming and the others werent too sure of their actual strength, they were still disciples of the Divine Secrets Holy Land.

Basically, no one who came from this sacred land was weak.

The young people of the Yanhuang Divine dynasty were no match for them.

However, Lin Mo wasnt bad either.

Although he had just risen this year, he was still a dark horse and was a powerful person.

At least, ever since Lin Mo had appeared, he didnt seem to have been at a disadvantage.

His ranking on the Board of Fame had also changed time and time again, and he had caught up from behind.

The sword ray flashed past, and Zhao Ming dodged it.

The long spear that was flashing with a golden luster stabbed towards Lin Mo.

His eyes carried a hint of wildness, as if it was the ferocity of a wild beast.

The long spear swept across, and the tip of the spear vibrated, causing the sword Qi to wither continuously.

Upon seeing this, Lin Mos expression was calm.

He stood in mid-air, calm and composed.

Although the two of them had only exchanged blows for a short period of time, an invisible killing intent had already appeared in their eyes.

The protective barrier was still stable, but cracks had appeared on the ground beneath the two.

It was somewhat unable to withstand their auras.


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