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“What do you mean, youre hitting on me What an ugly thing to say.”

Ji Qingyan spat, but she only said that Lin Yi didnt use the right words.

She didnt say anything else.

It seemed to be a tacit agreement to some extent.

In less than five minutes, the two reached the alley on Zhongxuan Road.

Lin Yi parked the car and followed Ji Qingyan in.

“Yi Bro!”

Kong Jing jogged over when she saw Lin Yi.

She slowed down when she saw Ji Qingyan.

This big sister was so pretty, but her mother said that it was difficult to win over beautiful women, so she didnt dare to get too close to Lin Yi.

“You are Kong Jing, right” Ji Qingyan greeted.

“I… I Am…”

Kong Jing asked nervously, “Are you Brother Yis girlfriend”

“Hes not being nice enough, so I dont want to be his girlfriend just yet.” Ji Qingyan said proudly.

After that, Ji Qingyan looked at Kong Jings parents and greeted them,

“Uncle Kong, Aunt Liu.”

“Hi, hi, hi…”

The two of them answered nervously.

They didnt expect Lin Yi to bring his girlfriend here.

The girl was really good-looking, making her a perfect match for Little Yi.

She was much better than the two women who came last time.

“Miss, what would you like to eat Let your Uncle Kong make it for you.”

Ji Qingyan pointed at the egg fried rice on the table.

“Ill have this.”

“This is too easy.

Ill make you a bacon fried rice.”

“Its okay, Auntie Liu.

Lin Yi buys your egg fried rice for me all the time.

I like it just as much as he does.”

“Alright then.

Ill ask Your Uncle Kong to make you a new plate.”

“Ill have to trouble you then, Auntie Liu.”

Lin Yi gave the fried rice to Ji Qingyan, then prepared to eat it.

“The semester is about to start.

Why didnt you tell me the results when you first got them Didnt I tell you before, to tell me when the results came out”

Kong Jing chuckled and said embarrassedly, “Its mainly because the results of the college entrance examination was much higher than I expected.

I forgot about updating you because I was so happy.

I just remembered today.”

“You still have the nerve to say that.” Lin Yi laughed.

“Hey hey, I knew you wouldnt be angry.”

“Is everything ready for you to go to university”

“Yes, yes.

My mom packed everything for me.

She packed two sets of blankets and other clothes.

I feel like Im moving to a new place.”

“Dont complain.

Youre still studying in the same city.

If you were going to another city, youd need to pack more.” Lin Yi said.

Lin Yi still remembered that when he came to Zhonghai to study, Mother Wang had prepared four bags of things for him.

If it wasnt for one of her good friends coming to Zhonghai and dropping him off along the way, he wouldnt even know how he would have carried so many things.

“Its much more convenient for you to go to university here.

You can just pick up whatever you need when you go home.”

“That makes sense.”

“When are you reporting in tomorrow Ill fetch you there.

You will have so many things, so you wont be able to carry it all.”

“No need, no need.” Kong Jing said.

“Weve already discussed it.

Well take a taxi tomorrow, so we wont trouble you.”

“Whats there to trouble Im just an idle person.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Ive eaten so much of your familys egg fried rice.

You have to give me a chance to pay you back.”

“Hehehe, in that case, I have to thank you, Brother Yi.”

“What are you talking about, Kid Your Brother Yi is someone who does big things.

Dont waste your Brother Yis time on this.” Kong Jings father said as he handed the newly prepared egg fried rice to Lin Yi.

“Hmph!” Kong Jing stuck out her tongue after being scolded, not daring to speak.

“Uncle Kong, this is such a small matter.

Theres no need to blow it up.

Its only right that we help each other.” Lin Yi said.

“Its settled then.

Ill pick you up tomorrow and we can report to school together.”

Seeing that Lin Yi was adamant about this, Kong Jings parents didnt refuse.

“Well have to thank you then.”

“Youre welcome.”

Meanwhile, Ji Qingyan struggled to finish the plate of egg fried rice while panting.

She still had more than half the plate left.

“Im not eating anymore.

You can have it.”

“That much”

“Thats quite a lot.” Ji Qingyan said.

“Uncle Kong prepared too much.

I really cant eat anymore.”

“Thats fine too.

Its a good time for you to start losing weight.”

“What are you talking about” Ji Qingyan pouted.

A few minutes later, Lin Yi finished the remaining half of the egg fried rice.

He stood up and said to Kong Jing,

“Lets go.

Brother Yi will take you out for a walk.”

“Where are we going” Kong Jings eyes were filled with anticipation.

“Dont ask, just follow me.” Lin Yi smiled.

“Are you afraid that Im going to traffic you”

“Hehehe, Im not afraid.”

Lin Yi smiled as he stood up.

“Uncle Kong, Auntie Liu, Ill take her out for a walk.

You dont have to wait for her, Ill send her back tonight.”

“Alright then.” Auntie Liu said.

“Follow your Lil Yi Bro out and be good, dont trouble him.”


The three of them packed up and left.

Ji Qingyan and Kong Jing soon got along and walked arm in arm, leaving Lin Yi to the side.

After that, Lin Yi drove the three of them to Wanda Plaza.

“Brother Yi, are we getting out here”

“Yeah, lets go for a walk.”

“Oh, ok.”

Kong Jing followed closely behind Ji Qingyan.

Places like Wanda Plaza were unheard of to her and she had never been here before.

The luxurious and exquisite decorations inside, as well as the shocking numbers on the price tag, surprised her.

The clothes here were too expensive.

Her dad couldnt even afford a single item after selling egg fried rice all day.

The three of them strolled along and arrived at the digital zone.

“Come, Jing Jing, drinkthis.” Ji Qingyan was bored and bought two Frappuccino without Lin Yi.

“Is this Starbucks” Kong Jing asked.

“I saw my classmate drink it before.

It costs more than forty yuan per cup.”

Ji Qingyan noticed Kong Jings sensitivity and smiled.

“Sister has two credit cards that give you one free drink every month.

With this promotion, we get to buy a Starbucks each.

Your Brother Yi wont get one.”

“So you can even buy a Starbucks with one yuan…” Kong Jing was delighted when she heard the price.

“I want to get a credit card in the future too.

Itll be much cheaper this way.”

“Of course, itll be a waste if we dont take advantage of these promotions.”

“Hehe, youre right.”

Lin Yi sighed when he saw the two chatting and laughing.

Not only was Ji Qingyan good-looking, but her EQ was also good.

“Youre already in college, so Yi Bro will give you a phone and a computer to use.

These are things you will need in college.”

“Ah! You want to buy me a phone and a computer”

“These things are too expensive.

I cant accept them.”

Kong Jing turned around to leave.

“If I take your gifts, my parents will beat me to death.”

“Its just a phone and a computer.

How expensive can they be Hurry up and pick one,” Lin Yi said with a straight face.

“Otherwise, Ill buy you Apple products.”

“No, no, no, Brother Yi, Im not used to the Apple system.”

Kong Jing looked around and pointed at the Lenovo counter.

“I think the Lenovo K5 is pretty good.”

“Lenovo K5”

Lin Yi and Ji Qingyan looked at each other.

They were a little unfamiliar with this model.

“Sir, the Lenovo K 5 is a phone that focuses on offering bang for your buck.

Its priced at 439, making it very suitable for students nowadays,” the saleswoman said enthusiastically.

Looking at Lin Yi, Ji Qingyan shook her head quietly.

Although she didnt know much about digital products, she knew that this price meant that it didnt have great performance.

She didnt want to buy such a cheap thing for Kong Jing.

“Then lets just take a look around.”

After receiving Ji Qingyans signal, Lin Yi rejected the saleswoman and prepared to look at other brands.

He also felt that a 400 yuan phone was indeed a bit cheap.

The saleswoman could also see that this man had rejected her because of Ji Qingyans cue.

There was a trace of resentment in her heart.

“I saw an advertisement a few days ago.

It said that Huaweis P40 Pro was pretty good,” Ji Qingyan said casually.

“And Huaweis notebooks seem pretty good too.

You can consider that.”

“You want to buy a P40 Pro and a laptop” The saleswoman crossed her arms in front of her chest and said,

“People who need to use their credit card promotions to get Starbucks actually want to spend more than 8,000 on mobile phones and computers.

Wheres the logic in that”


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