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He had also developed a drug that was not available domestically.

As soon as this drug was released, it directly reduced the price of similar drugs domestically and abroad.

Foreign drugs had no choice but to be covered by health insurance.

Countless people benefited from this.

Qin Lin always admired such people from the bottom of his heart.

“Boss Qin is really young and promising.” Professor Liu sighed.

Professor Ren said in embarrassment, “Boss Qin, Im really sorry about what happened online previously.

I didnt know when the video was uploaded online.”

“Professor Ren, since its a misunderstanding, why mention the past” Qin Lin immediately waved his hand and led Professor Ren and the others to the tea table.

“Professor Ren, sit down.

Ill make tea for you.”

Li Kai sat down without hesitation.

“Professor Ren, I told you that Brother Qin is a very open-minded person.

He wont take the past to heart.”

“Im the one whos still caught up in it.” Professor Ren smiled and nodded.

He could naturally tell that Boss Qins attitude was not fake.

Sincerity could touch people.

If it was an act, he could tell at a glance.

Professor Liu looked at Qin Lin, who was focused on making tea, and could not help but praise, “There arent many young people like Boss Qin.”

Professor Ren nodded in agreement.

After the two professors sat down, they soon smelled the pleasant fragrance floating in the office.

They even felt that the mental fatigue from the entire journey was gone.

Their bodies were comfortable, and they felt refreshed.

This made the two of them look at each other and guess that this must be the top-notch incense.

Boss Qin actually had such a thing.

However, they did not want to pry into this.

After all, this had nothing to do with them.

Qin Lin made tea and poured a cup for Professor Ren and the others before saying, “Professor Ren, have some tea first.

Ill get the medicinal wine later and accompany you to verify the effect.”

When Professor Ren heard this, he hurriedly said, “Boss Qin, theres no need to verify it.

Xiao Li has already verified the medicinal wine with me.

The effect is very strong.

Im really ashamed of the previous video.”

Qin Lin smiled and said, “Professor Ren, I already said not to mention what happened before.

Otherwise, I wont invite you here.”

“Alright, I wont mention it,” Professor Ren replied with a smile.

Then, he asked in embarrassment, “Boss Qin, actually, I have a presumptuous request.

Can I stay in the villa for a while to study your medicinal wine I guess theres some kind of scientific denaturation element in your medicinal wine.”

Professor Ren was clearly anxious.

This was because he had already experienced the Qinglin Medicine Wine himself.

Even he, an expert in this field, was shocked by its effect, okay

He drank 30ml of wine and strolled out of the Triangular Plum Blossom Sea.

His hemorrhoids completely improved.

If he could study what the denaturation element in that medicinal wine was, he might be able to develop a special medicine that was very effective for hemorrhoids.

It could also greatly promote other aspects of life health science.

“Professor Ren, thats not a problem.

Ill get someone to arrange a place for you to stay.” Qin Lin naturally did not refuse Professor Rens request.

He hoped that Professor Ren could study the denaturation element from this medicinal wine.

In that case, there would be a lot of things in the game.

Would he be able to use it for similar research in the future

Naturally, it would be best if Professor Ren could develop any more hemorrhoid medicine.

After all, hemorrhoids were torture to everyone.

Most importantly, the medicine developed by Professor Rens department could really benefit everyone.

That was a scientific research department directly led by the country.

It was either to earn money or to benefit the people.

One of the drugs his father used for cancer was the kind that Professor Ren had developed in this department.

Then it went into health insurance and was 20 times cheaper than similar drugs.

Now, those similar medicines had no choice but to enter health insurance and reduce the price by 20 times.

If not for Professor Rens medicine, his family might have owed even more.

His father might not have lasted that long.

Many of the drugs that entered health insurance had dropped their prices drastically.

Was it because those pharmaceutical companies had a conscience That was because there was a country behind them.

Professor Rens department was constantly working hard.

It was precisely because he had received a favor that he decisively agreed to Professor Rens request.

After all, a medicinal wine for hemorrhoids did not affect him much.

He did not need to earn money from this now.

Furthermore, even if Professor Qin really researched the medicine to treat hemorrhoids through this denaturation element, it might not be comparable to his medicinal wine.

In the eyes of many people, his method might be very stupid.

Some people might even label him brainless.

They might think that if he gave his things to others to study, others might take them to earn money.

But compared to such possibilities, he believed more in heroes like Professor Ren and the country.

He was not the kind of person who enjoyed the welfare of the country, enjoyed the favors of the country, lived in peaceful land guarded by the country, and cursed at the country and questioned it in all kinds of ways.

When Professor Ren saw that Qin Lin agreed so readily, he was stunned.

“Boss Qin, you agreed just like that If I use this to research a medicine to treat hemorrhoids, arent you afraid that it will affect your wine”

Qin Lin had long understood this question, so he naturally did not care.

“Professor Ren, its just wine.

I really hope you can develop a medicine for hemorrhoids that can benefit everyone.”


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