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Chapter 4645: Golden Fist Dao

“Fine, lets see how much power you can muster out of that dao lord weapon.” Li Qiye jumped up the stage.

He then looked around and added: “Feel free to get up here and play.

However, it is best to prepare your funeral arrangements first, Im not sure if Golden Gate can bury so many people in a short period.”

Everyone came for the same thing.

Though some had no chance of winning the battle stage, there was still a sliver of hope.

Li Qiyes scenario erased this tiny window.

“Do you think you can take on the entire world” Someone shouted at Li Qiye.

“No problem at all.

There are myriad races in the countless realms yet none can match me.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Hes insane.” One commenter said.

The rest exchanged glances and thought that his words were illogical and exaggerated.

Not to mention Li Qiye, none of the successors of the behemoths would dare to make this claim.

Fighting the entire world was suicidal.

“Wow.” Tian Feng was amazed to hear this.

Some started jeering but Li Qiye ignored them.

“You have to defeat me first before talking about fighting the entire world.” True Immortal Spirit uttered coldly.

“Thats fine, Ill slay you first.” Li Qiye nonchalantly said.

True Immortal Spirit became livid.

The insults were one thing but he had a dao lord weapon with him.

Everyone knew just how mighty these weapons were yet Li Qiye showed nothing but disdain.

He was insulting their weapon, dao lords, and all of True Immortal.

“True Immortal Spirit with a dao lord weapon will have no problem killing this arrogant brat.” A clan disciple spoke up for him.

“This wont end until your death.” True Immortal Spirit threatened menacingly.

Each word had a suppressive nature like a sharp chain crucifying the soul.

“Looks like itll be a fight to the death.” A big shot murmured after hearing this.

“Make your move whilst you still have the chance.” Li Qiye stood there, not bothering to assume a defensive stance.

His lackadaisical pose was interpreted as sheer contempt for True Immortal Spirit.

It was as if the guy couldnt do anything to injure him.

“Vey well!” True Immortal Spirits complexion turned red.

This was not the reaction he expected after bringing a dao lord weapon along.

“Boom!” His body became as large as a mountain and clouds floated around his waist.

“Rumble!” Explosions detonated continuously from his power channeling.

Energy gales hurt the spectators and forced them back.

Rays filled with dao lord aura emanated from him, making him look like the ruler of the myriad realms.

This naturally startled spectators since they felt as if they had just been struck in the chest with a hammer.

Keep in mind that they have yet to see the weapon.

“So strong!” One cultivator dropped down on their buttocks and shouted.

True Immortal Spirit was already a tiger.

Having the dao lord weapon meant gaining wings.

Who would be able to stop him

“Li QIye will have to pay a high price.” A young supporter said.

“No, Li Qiye is unfathomable, he easily defeated True Immortal Spirit last time.

The dao lord weapon might not be enough and plus, Li Qiye might have one too if his backer is Ancestral Divine Temple.” A last-gen expert disagreed.

Everyone agreed with this logic.

Li Qiye should have a dao lord weapon if the rumors were true.

“Activate!” True Immortal Spirit had gathered enough energy to open a dao lord portal.

His aura alone was enough to crush someones spine at this point.

Some turned toward Li Qiye, wondering what he would do to stop the incoming attack.

“Lets begin.” Li Qiye smiled and raised one hand while the crowd watched with bated breath.

They couldnt wait to see a peerless technique or a supreme weapon.

This was especially true for Ye Tingrong and Paramount Scion since they wished to see how strong he is.

“Boom!” The ground shook as Li Qiye clenched his fingers together to make a fist.

A golden radiance pulsed with the emergence of a fist dao.

“Golden Fist Dao!” Jaws dropped to the ground afterward.

Even Ye Tingrong and Mad Fist couldnt believe it.

No one expected Li Qiye to use Golden Gates ultimate art.

This wasnt something available to all members of Golen Gate, let alone an outsider.

How the hell did he know their secret art

True Immortal Spirit and his allies found this astonishing as well.

“Hes from Golden Gate!” One expert shouted.

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