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“Why dont we return to Wano Country for now”

Jack said softly as he looked at the unscathed warship on Wexfords side.

It was unknown if Jack had said this himself, or if he had said it for Kaido.

However, after Kaido heard Jack, one of the three All-Stars under his command, his tightly knitted brows loosened.

He turned to his subordinates and said, “Turn the bow! Return!”

“Jack, you go to the Whole Cake Island to contact the Big Mom Pirates.

We should discuss the cooperation.”

Although Kaido had a reputation of courting death, his IQ was not low.

If he only relied on himself, he would never be the Emperor.

After that, Kaido didnt wait for Jack to reply, he turned into an Azure Dragon and flew directly to the sky.

Wexford, who had just returned to the pirate ship, saw this and said, “Is Kaido ready to leave”

“I have had contact with Kaido, he is not a stupid person.

In a situation where he knows that he will lose, he will definitely think of a way.” Katakuri walked to the side of Wexford, looked at Kaido who had already flown to the sky and said.

“Yes, Kaido is a smart person.” Doflamingo crossed his arms, but his eyes werent looking at too much, but at Dressrosa.

Compared to Kaido in the air, Doflamingo was more concerned about the Donquixote Family on the island.

If he was not wrong, the Donquixote Family in this world should not be too far from his own world.

If possible, Doflamingo was ready to take over the Donquixote Family on the island.

With Kaidos sudden departure, the battle suddenly stopped.

Not only did Wexford not expect Kaido to be like this, even Morgans and Stussy, who were watching the battle, had an expression of disbelief.

“Kaido, ran away just like that” Morgans looked at Kaido who was getting farther and farther in the sky and said with shock.

At this time, Kaidos body was covered with blood, so the blue dragon form seemed to have turned dark red.

“Your big news is going to drop by a level.” Stussy stared at Kaido and said calmly.

Although Stussy said this, Morgans didnt think so.

After a brief moment of shock, the boss of the newspaper grinned and said, “No! This is the big news!”

After saying that, Morgans turned to his opponent, who was holding the Den Den Mushi, and said, “Turn off the Den Den Mushi.

Todays live broadcast is over!”

“Yes, president.”


Under the actions of the members of the newspaper, the video was directly shut down.

At this time, in the four seas, the people who were watching the video transmitted by Morgans Den Den Mushi were stunned.

“Why is it closed Didnt Kaido just fly up”

The people watching the video still didnt know that Kaido was already flying away.

In their eyes, only Kaido turned into a dragon-shaped creature, but after Kaido moved, the image didnt appear.

“Did someone from the newspaper get hit”

Because they didnt know what happened in Dressrosa, the people of the four seas could only guess.

“Its possible.

After all, it was a battle between two Sea Emperors.

The battle scene is too terrifying.”

“Yes, it is absolutely impossible to have such a battle scene in the first half of our Grand Line.”

Just as the people of the four seas were wondering what was going on in Dressrosa, above him, Morgans ordered his men to put away the video and said to the other members of the airship, “All of you, move! Start making the newspapers for tomorrow.”

“The title is called, A blow to Scare off Kaido, the Emperor Above the Sea!”

Under Morgans shout, the surrounding newspaper members immediately began to move.

Stussy who was beside them, saw this and smiled, “You really dare to write.”

“No, this is the truth.” Morgans did not agree with Stussys words and retorted, “After defeating the two sea Emperors, if Wexford is not the Emperor of the sea, what is he”

“I even think that he has long surpassed Roger and will create a New World.”

“But after that, the big news will probably be much less.”

At this time, Morgans was already worried that after Wexford unified the New World, his ownbig news would decline.

After all, a peaceful New World would never have such big news appearing one after another like this.

“Wexford will definitely enter Dressrosa.

If we stay here any longer, we wont be able to stop the sea king you mentioned.” Stussy was not going to continue discussing the changes on the sea with Morgans.

She only wanted to leave Dressrosa as soon as possible to report to the World Government what she had seen and heard today.

“Yes, it is time to leave.”

Morgans certainly didnt want to have direct contact with Wexford.

After all, he didnt have any friendship with Wexford.

Who knew what kind of character this powerhouse had.

If the other side attacked him as soon as they met, then the road of Morgans big news would have to end.

Therefore, with the reminder of Stussy, Morgans airship also began to move away from Dressrosa with Kaidos pace, flying towards the depths of the new world.

Just as the bystanders were about to leave, Wexford began to mobilize his crew.

“Katakuri, Rosinante, the two of you are responsible for chasing the Beast Pirates.”

Because Kaido ran too fast, in just a blink of an eye, Kaido escaped from the attack range of everyone, so now Wexford could only vent his anger on the Beast Pirates ship that was still turning around.

Although there were still King and Jack from the All-Stars on the ship, the two of them were definitely unable to do so.

“Alright, captain.”

After Katakuri and Rosinante received the order, they boarded the small boat that Bucky had prepared and chased after the Beasts Pirate Ship.

After Katakuri and Rosinante chased after them, Wexford also had Garp turn the bow and drove towards Dressrosa.

At this time, because of the Gura Gura no Mi, a circle of boulders surrounding the island had been completely collapsed.

If someone familiar with the island came here, they would never recognize that this was the original Dressrosa.

However, the dock of the island was still intact, and when Wexford Pirate ship approached the dock, the Donquixote Family controlling the island had already lined up on the dock to welcome Wexford and his group.

And at the front of the Donquixote Familyamily was theirYoung Lord, the Donquixote Doflamingo known asHeavenly Yaksa.

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