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Chapter 11 Pampering the “new love”

For a brief period, it appeared like the surrounding air had become thick, and the ambiguous breaths had caused people to flush and get hot.

He’d been holding back for quite a long time now, and every drop of blood in his veins was howling.

“You are the one who initially provoked this King…”

Yuzhen began yelling and scolding again, but understood later that it had little effect on Emperor Yan.

Emperor Yan’s touch, on the other hand, did not irritate him.

After that moment of realization, his blood immediately boiled.

The sensational ambiance only made Emperor Yan’s handsome features more charming.

“If you don’t let go, I’ll beat you.” Yuzhen’s body shuddered so strongly that Emperor Yan grasped the waving fists at once.

“Don’t move, I don’t want to hurt you,” Emperor Yan massaged his body and feverishly kissed his pale lips.

Yuzhen resisted being kissed by a big man at first, but he had to admit that Emperor Yan’s kissing skills were quite good.

The tongue that crept inside rolled and sucked every crevice and nook.

He couldn’t help but be enticed to do so in return.

Has he ever been kissed in this way before All his first kiss was done by this man.

Yuzhen knew that resolute resistance was futile.

He figured that if he bit the Emperor, the good times would be over.

Liu Yuzhen pondered for a moment, “Well, compared to eating and resting in a big bed, integrity counts as hair.” Bastard Emperor Yan, don’t you like kissing me If it’s just kissing then I will too , then head straight to bed after……

(t/n hair(adjective)- small and insignificant)

Emperor Yan felt further pleased as he noticed Yuzhen gradually becoming accustomed to his own kisses, and his big hands tenderly gripped Yuzhen’s cheeks, his powerful and strong body slowly encircled Yuzhen’s.

“Do you like it” Emperor Yan left Yuzhen’s lovely lips and shifted his tongue to lick his ear.

His heavy breathing made his tone quite seductive.  “You appeared as though you genuinely liked it.”

“You endless tyrant, just wait and see when I recover my strength!” Yuzhen’s face flushed red.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to leave, but his body was so soft that he didn’t have the strength to do so.

It’s as if Emperor Yan was a huge attraction that he could not escape from.

“No, no, no**…”

How could Emperor Yan listen to him His slender fingers stroked his slender legs, stimulating his sensitive nerves.

Yuzhen resisted with his psychological effort, maintaining an indifferent expression, however the redness on his cheeks had long since betrayed him. 

No no no, this is crazy!

Emperor Yan kissed more and more, his warm tongue stirred his lower abdomen.


“I’m a man…” Liu Yuzhen repeated his normal sexual orientation for the last time, but was ignored by Emperor Yan once again, the heavy force was like Wuzhi Mountain, which made him feel suffocated.

“Do you often do something…like this Did no one ever tell you that a man can’t be on a receiving end You are a pig brain who didn’t learn biology well!”

(t/n Wuzhi Mountain-located in the central part of Hainan Island, is named Wuzhi Mountain because of its five peaks standing like people’s fingers.)

Emperor Yan dismissed his curse from some other realm and immediately unfastened his garment, revealing his powerful body.

“This King naturally knows that you are a man.

Male style is prominent in today’s era, so why not” He gazed at Yuzhen with an enticing grin, “Now you are this King’s person.

Before Zhijun returns, you will stay with this King and will not go elsewhere.”

(t/n male style- male homosexuality)

“Well…” Yuzhen’s blood was boiling hot from the taunting, and he couldn’t stop twisting his body in protest.

He knew that if he didn’t resist, he’d lose his chastity, so he kicked King Yan hard.

“No way! You can’t do that, let me go…let go.

How dare you do something like that to this police!”

Liu Yuzhen used all of his strength, yet it was neither painful or itchy in Emperor Yan’s perspective.

Emperor Yan swiftly pushed forth on him again, eager to lean forward.

“Ah!” Yu Zhen raised his head and shouted, feeling that his whole world was shaking.

He really hoped that this was just a joke played by Emperor Yan, and now, he really hoped that some kind person would come to save him quickly.

Emperor Yan had no urge to stop, on the contrary, the more he looked at this soft and charming body, the more he liked it.

Yuzhen felt pain in his body and seized Emperor Yan’s forearm with both hands, yelling, “No, no, ah!”

“Don’t be afraid, Yuzhen.

It will hurt a little at first but it will be fine soon.” Emperor Yan’s intimate calling sounded over and over again in his ears, and his voice echoed like a hypnotic enchantment, which fascinated him.

Watching Yuzhen panting beneath his body with a pair of blurred black eyes on his delicate and lovely face, this left Emperor Yan unable to suppress himself and increased his force unconsciously.

Big drops of cold sweat oozed out from Yuzhen’s forehead.

He began to think he was crazy.

He must be crazy.

He actually let a man do him.

“Ah..ah..ah..” Yuzhen’s body responded violently, and in an instant, he felt the world spin, his eyes turned blank, then he fell unconscious.

“Yuzhen” Emperor Yan, who was still wrapped in excitement, noticed that the person beneath him did not respond.

His desire instantly receded.

There was even a tinge of red when he pulled out.

“How come it’s still like this…”

Emperor Yan’s face grew pale as he gazed at the gorgeous man fast asleep and frowning across from him.

His heart trembled slightly.

He swiftly took him in his arms, enveloped him in a warm blanket, and placed one palm on his dantian to gradually transfer internal energy.

He couldn’t call the imperial physician, otherwise it would be meaningless to bring Yuzhen to his bedroom.

The less people know about this, the better.

Prime Minister Liu was born feeble and unwell, which was an undeniable reality.

He not only denied medical supplements, but he was also subjected to daily interrogation and confession extortion.

His physiological strength is dwindling.

Even fundamental activities are tough on ordinary days, let alone resisting Emperor Yan.

Emperor Yan saw that he was invigorated and kicking recently, he even freed himself  from the iron chain .

He must have recovered well, but he didn’t anticipate him to be still a vase that can be shattered with a single touch.

But this imperfect vase has become so exquisite and beautiful in his heart.

After a few minutes of transmitting internal force, he dressed and left the bed, retrieved a wound ointment from the bedroom’s wooden cabinet, and applied it to the comatose Yuzhen.

This was the first time he had personally administered medicine to Yuzhen since the moment he started tormenting him.

He had nowhere to vent his self reproach.

He had forced himself on Yuzhen and he didn’t know if it would cause internal injuries.

Yan Tenghua stared and brushed lightly on the frowning man’s lips in search of a kiss.

He was quite amused.

“He was only a short distance away from seeing Liu Ling, but he didn’t step forward.

The possibility of him being an assassin is too unlikely, but how could such a graceful person be Prime Minister Liu” He pinched Yuzhen’s chin, savoring the beauty.

“This King will train you appropriately when you awake.”

“Your Majesty, General Qinglin has an important announcement and is waiting outside the palace.”

Which ignorant eunuch disturbed his viewing.

Emperor Yan sighed and let go of Yuzhen’s beautiful face.

“Pass on a message and let him come in.”

The moment he turned his gaze back, he immediately heard Xiao Zipei’s voice ringing outside the door, “This subordinate is here.”

Emperor Yan had a feeling of being disturbed a second time, and felt quite unhappy in his heart.

Outside a while ago, this Xiao Zipei was rather friendly with Liu Yuzhen, but he simply instructed him to monitor Liu Yuzhen and to not follow him closely.

Emperor Yan stared at him coldly and said, “Prime Minister Liu is injured.

When he wakes up, he must not be allowed to move around at will.”

“As ordered.”

“Also, if this person wakes up and complains, you will not listen to it.

This King will deal with him when this King comes back.”

“As ordered.”

This Xiao Zipei followed every command without question.

But he was irritated when he remembered Liu Yuzhen calling him “Xiao Pei” fondly.

This individual was obviously a member of his own Regiment, but why was Prime Minister Liu so fond of him He couldn’t stop glaring at Xiao Zipei as he lowered his head and accepted the orders.


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