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“Hes out, hes out!”

“Damn, Tyrant is unharmed!”

“This is impossible! Even we as spectators were injured, so why is he still in the same state as when he entered”

“After two rounds of battle, this persons combat state is still perfect.”


The group of Immortals and true Gods looked at the youth in shock.

These people werent the only ones in the waiting area.

Someone saw the blood on the spectators bodies and said in surprise, “Strange, why are your ears bleeding”

The wolf-eared orc standing next to the person who had asked the question knew a little about the situation and replied, “They seem to have just come from a small battlefield observation zone, probably injured while watching the battle.”

Another person asked, “But arent there barriers protecting the spectators outside of the illusory worlds battlefields”

The wolf-eared orc nodded, “Thats true, but every battlefield barrier has a limit.

Someone must have unleashed a power that exceeded the limit of the spatial barrier, which is why the bystanders were injured.”

“In that case, that person must be super strong!”

Some creatures noticed the blood-stained bystanders while some others noticed something else.

[Battle rankings – Immortal]


Central divine region: Human, Charoen]


Eastern divine region: Human, Shi Kong]

[ … ]


Southern divine region: Diamond Tortoise, Solon]


Eastern divine region: Human, Tyrant]


Northern divine region: Blood Sea Demon, Kamora (gray)]

Upon seeing the update of the immortal battle rankings, some immortals were shocked, “Hey, why is the Blood Sea Demons name gray”

Upon hearing this, most of the spectators shook their heads.

“I dont know.”

“Ive never seen such a situation.”

“Could it be that theres a bug”

Some looked at the line of gray characters and speculated about it, while others laughed.

After a while, an elder replied, “This situation seemed to have happened millions of years ago.

Its said to happen when one party destroys the other partys spirit domain.”

Following that, someone was puzzled, “Destroy Wouldnt the person be dead then But no one can truly die in the illusory world!”

The person being questioned didnt get annoyed.

Instead, he continued to state calmly, “In the real world, if ones spirit collapses, one will enter a vegetative state where only the bodys survival instinct is left.

It can also be called brain dead.

In the illusory world, if one dies normally here, it would only take a few days at most to recover.

But if one partys strength is crushing, then theres a 0.00…1% chance of breaking through the illusory worlds barrier and directly attacking the other partys soul! In other words, an extremely powerful force coincidentally broke through the layers of protective barriers, causing the destructive power to multiply.”

Upon hearing this, someone let out a puzzled sound and interjected, “The one who destroyed the blood sea demon races Kamora was an immortal Beastmaster named Tyrant.

Could it be that his actual combat strength is already at the true God-level”

A bystander chimed in, “That should be the case.

Its said that this persons name is Chu Feng, and he has already killed several God Kings in real life!”

“I saw that many in the waiting zone were injured.

They must have watched Tyrants battle.”

“Your news is too outdated.

I heard that Chu Feng can even kill a God Venerable!”

“Oh my God, that cant be true, right”

“Really Why havent I heard about it”

“If you want to know the ins and outs of this matter, Ill have to mention the Bloody Pagoda in the eastern divine region…”


As the main character of the topic, Chu Feng came out of the small battlefield and looked at the freshly obtained 10,000 virtual currency in the warehouse.

He raised his eyebrows slightly and continued to issue a challenge.

Although the ghosts in the previous battle were annoying, they could temper ones character.

Chu Feng believed that he had not done anything wrong, so he did not think too much about it.

With his current strength, he could be kind and good, but there was no need for that.

Just developing and protecting the Blue Planet was enough.

As for breaking through the cage and trapping the cage-maker, it could only be said that the road to doing that was long and arduous.

Not long after, the challenge was accepted.

[One hour later, the person ranked 11th on the immortal battle rankings, the eastern divine regions human, Tyrant, will battle the person ranked 10th, the southern divine regions diamond tortoise, Solon.]

There was still one hour before the start of the battle, so Chu Feng decided to go to the other areas of the illusory world for a stroll.

Upon entering the illusory world, the token had transformed into an accessory.

Wristbands, computers, AIs, ear accessories, epaulets, inanimate pets… There were many forms of them.

Chu Feng casually found a virtual tea shop and sat down, ordering some tea and snacks.

Even though there were many experts in the illusory world, this conclusion was more suitable for the inheritance zone and battle zone.

As for the other two zones, especially the living zone, there werent many experts.

Just like the little store Chu Feng was currently in, the store manager was at most at the immortal region lord level.

He couldnt even be ranked in the power rankings of the five divine regions.

The Blue Planet Mirage Butterfly old totem that had roamed the sky region for 10,000 years, Moer, had once said that there were countless totems outside the Blue Planet.

All of them were as insignificant as dust.

Right now, even in this store that was less than 100 square feet, the weakest amongst them was an immortal star lord.

The tea and snacks that Chu Feng ordered were quickly served, and he tasted them.

Truth be told, the food in the illusory world was just for taste.

One couldnt get physically full by eating the food here.

Even so, a plate of snacks plus a pot of tea couldnt be considered cheap.

Chu Feng had just won two matches, so he didnt bother to look at the virtual currency he had now.

Of course, not everyone could spend money as they wished.

In addition, there were always those who were untactful enough to disturb the peace and quiet here.

“Whats wrong with the Yinyun Store You dont even have the most basic refreshments, yet you still have the nerve to open a shop in the illusory world”

“Stop talking, lets go quickly.

Someone is already looking over, its really embarrassing!”

A fat man was being pulled by a delicate woman, who tried to stop the other party from acting recklessly here.

Unfortunately, the fat man who looked as if he was a few months pregnant became even more despotic when he noticed everyones gaze.

He raised his fat right hand and pointed at the waiter while cursing.

He looked like a pig who had turned into a human.

“Idiot… Hurry up and serve me the best refreshments here to apologize! Be careful that Ill tell my sister about all this, then you wont be able to continue operating on this street!” As he spoke, he grabbed the exquisite snacks on the counter with his hands and stuffed them into his fat, sausage-like lips.

This gesture immediately made a few of the customers vomit.

The immortal Beastmaster who saw his plate of good snacks being ruined couldnt help but frown.


A sound of something tearing through space rang out, followed by a series of cries of pain as if a pig was being castrated.


Chu Feng raised his left hand slightly, and the ruined plate of snacks instantly floated before being thrown onto the fat man whose eyes had been squeezed into two thin slits by the fat on his face while tears streamed down his face.

“If you scream again, youll really become a castrated pig.”

The scream came to an abrupt end.

Before that person could cause any more trouble, he was sent out of the tea shop by an invisible wave.

Vaguely, vicious words mixed with profanity were heard, “@&%… Damn you #$… When my parents come, Ill tear you apart!”


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