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2 days later -

[ Sub Quest : ( 85 / 100 ) Kilometres ]

Almost done, only 15 more to go.

In two days time, Leos legs were almost healed. He wasn wearing the arm sling pouch either, instead it was replaced with some bandages wrapped around his arm.

It was early in the morning, Leo was swinging his right arm, stretching his legs, skipping and doing workout.

At first both the Uncle and Lucas couldn believe how quickly Leo was recovering but now it seemed like its nothing new.

Leo was doing workout as usual, Lucas as sleeping late as usual. Uncle Welfred was extremely satisfied having kids around him. His eyes looked more relaxed then usual, he wakes up earlier then before too.

Welfred was reading the newspaper as usual, a hot cup of tea was placed in the table.

It was 6:00 am in the morning, Leo was already getting ready to head out.

As Leo was about to head out, his Uncle puts his hands on his pocket, takes out 30 dollars and hands him the money.

"Its not much but this is all Ive got, here take it."

With a look of content Leo looked at his Uncle. It was his first time having money after a long time, his past memories were painful to remember but he wasn sad at the moment, especially after looking at Welfred smiling.

"Thanks Uncle. but I would like you to keep it"

Leo knows it better than anyone, how hard Welfred works, his hands were always full of bruises.

"Use this money to help yourself get better. Bye Uncle, I really appreciate your willingness."


It was the fifth day, Leo was jogging effortlessly. His arms was also getting better, he kept moving his arms around throughout the jog.

Coincidentally, Diana meets him again but this time Clara and Halsey was also with her. "Hey isn he that new guy? Didn they made a big deal about him getting serious injury? Why does he look fine right now?" Halsey looked confused.

"Maybe it was a false rumour." Clara speaks while starring at her phone.

No he was definitely injured, I saw him myself struggling to walk just 2 days ago. Just what on earth happened to him.

"Diana, hey Dianna!"


"Why are you so spaced out? Don tell me you like him." Halsey started teasing.

"Its not like that. The thing is, the rumour about him being seriously injured was true and I saw it by my own eyes but I don understand how he recovered so fast."

"Maybe he was putting up an act?" Clara intervened in the middle of the discussion.

"That is possible." Halsey agreed.

"No you guys are not getting it. What a pain"

"Anyways lets go, we are gonna get late for school or else."

[ Sub Quest : ( 95 / 100 ) Kilometres ]

Almost there. The tired Leo decides to call it a break. He lies in the same chair from the previous park.

As Leo was having his packed food, a heavy wind passes by through Leos food. It was a young guy riding a bicycle extremely fast that the wind was blowing along with him.

Few seconds later, two guys also passed by. They were riding in bikes, from the looks of it those guys looked like bunch of gangsters.

They were chasing the young boy.

Leo didn cared, he knew that even if he wanted he couldn catch them, it was too fast. And even if he captured them he wouldn be able to defeat them in a fight, unless it was a 1v1.

My hand is still injured and Im exhausted. Its pointless thinking about others matters.

Although Leo was impressed by the kids cycling speed. No ordinary kid could pedal a bike that fast. All I can do it hope for the best.




[ Sub Quest : ( 100 / 100 ) kilometres ]

[ Congratulations, You have successfully completed your quest ]

[ You have obtained 5 stat points ]

[ You have obtained 100 exp ]

[ You have obtained 20 coins ]

What is the coins for? some kind of money?

Stat points, I should use it on defence and strength since over the past two days my agility and stamina has been increasing.

And what is this exp for?


Player Level : 1 (100/250) exp

Strength : 7

Agility : 10

Stamina : 9

Defence : 5

Skills -



My stamina had gone upto 2 stat and agility upto 1 stat in these two days. I should use 3 stat on defence and 2 stat on strength to balance myself.

But what are coins used for? Leo sees MENU option in the corner of the status window.

[ Access denied! ]

[ Your level is too low! ]

After finishing the quest, Leo got a little bit carefree and was passing down the street heading to home. He was drinking coke as he walked casually. Drinks were one of Leos favourite, he didn liked when anyone interfered when he is having his drink.

As he walked by a large building, he could see some people beating a guy in the side of the building. It was in the corner of the building so he couldn see them properly. There were about four people ganging up on a guy.

Leo knew that he was easily outnumbered so he quietly left the place.

As he was walking by, he saw the wind blows right through his face. It was the kid riding bicycle from earlier. The kid jumped out of his cycle causing the cycle to fall midair, and he charged right through the four men.

"Leave my brother alone." The kid shouted as he ran towards them.

"This place is dangerous, get out of here Mark!" The helpless brother was screaming at the young kid named Mark.

The gang couldn help but feel amused at the small kid charging towards them. It was then, the kid tooked out a baseball bat from his back and swing it towards the guys head.

The guy was able to block it with his hands but the impact of the metal bat cracked his hand. As he blocked the bat, he kicked the kid in his stomach, the impact of the kick made the kid flew in the air.

Mark flew 2 meters far. "Somebody help" Mark gets up and looked his left and right asking for help. His voice was becoming desperate as tears started coming from his eyes.

"Somebody please, my brother is gonna"

"Its alright, Ill take care of the rest." Leo gets down on his one knee and gazes at the young Mark.

Few minutes ago -

[ A new sub quest has been created ]

[ Would you like to accept ? ]

[ Defeat all the enemies ]

[ Sub Quest : ( 0 / 4 ) Enemies defeated ]

[ Reward : (100 Exp) (2 Stat Point) (5 Coins) ]

"Ill put all my stats point on Strength"

[ Due to consuming too much of stats, the digestion will take 3 minutes ]

3 minutes? I didn knew it was like this.

Suddenly Leo could feel his body feeling stronger and it kept on increasing, his veins were starting to pop up, his chest felt like it was getting bigger and his spine felt like it could break anytime. He was barely standing, saliva was coming out from his mouth and his throat felt like being choked.

After three minutes, he came back to normal. It was so normal that he had doubts whether he really changed.

My new improved strength, agility and stamina. Compared to my old self, I feel so much stronger.

As Leo stretches a bit, he kneels his one leg down and looks straight at Mark.

"Its alright, Ill take care of the rest."

"Who are you?"

"Just your friendly neighborhood."

Mark felt a bit calm but he couldn help but be worried. The enemies totally outnumbered the man.

"Be careful, if its too much you can just leave us and run away."

"Thanks for the advice but I think you should say that to this dogs."

"If you say so." Mark gives his metal bat to Leo.

"Oi hero, why don you leave quietly, it is non of your concern."

Leo didn respond as he looks at the Guy lying in the wall, He was barely able to stay concious.

"If you are that eager to die then be it. Khara don show him any mercy."

Khara was about 182 cm tall and and his body was extremely large, so much that itll easily scare even a grown adult. Their leader hands him a brass knuckle. " Go finish him"

Leo jumps on top of Khara and aims it on his head, as khara tried to defend it, Leo changes the bats direction and swings it at his stomach. Khara was barely able to dodge it, but his position got disturbed and Leo immediately tries to kick him in his legs.

The leader jumps at Leo to prevent it, but Leos agility was faster than average at this point and draws out all his strength into that one punch.


The leader was immediately slammed in the ground.

Khara was shocked and so was Mark.

"He defeated the boss in one shot, wasn the boss stronger than Khara too? What a monster." Marks eyes were wide open.

Next to the fight was a hotel and inside the building was some people having food. It was Haze and his group.

"Is something wrong Haze?" One of the guys asked seeing Haze distracted.

"Seems like there is a fight outside."

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