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The two managed to get in before the Civil Affairs Bureau got off work.

The little girl behind the counter was packing things up when she heard footsteps rush in.

“It’s ten minutes before work closes.

I don’t have time to fill out the form, so come back tomorrow.”

Qi Jinran went straight to the counter.

Catching a glimpse of a man approaching in the corner of her light, the little girl raised her head impatiently.

She was stunned when she saw Qi Jinran’s handsome face.

“Ten minutes is enough, we fill out the form quickly.” The man’s voice was low and pleasant.

Wen Yuan stuck his face out from behind Qi Jinran, and said embarrassedly, “Please help, we’re really sorry.”

Looking at these two handsome guys, the little girl lost her temper.

“Ok, go, fill out the form first, and prepare your household registrations and ID cards.”

Because they are eager to finish work, the efficiency of the staff was extraordinarily high.

As soon as the form was filled out, Qi Jinran and Wen Yuan went to the room to take pictures.

Both of them were dressed in formalwear today, which was unexpectedly appropriate for a wedding photo with a red background.

The photographer didn’t even bother to edit the picture.

After adjusting the lighting, he uploaded the picture to the system.


The bright red stencil landed, and a red marriage certificate was handed to them.

The little girl smiled.

“I hope you two gentlemen will get along well for a hundred years.”

Wen Yuan held the marriage certificate with a dazed expression on his face.

It still all felt like a dream.

Qi Jinran was much calmer than him.

He took back the household registration book with a calm expression, put it in his coat pocket, opened the marriage certificate in his hand, and glanced at it.

Their shoulders are close together in the photo, feeling indescribably intimate.

Finally, this person belongs to him.

No one can covet him anymore.

He smiled involuntarily.

Wen Yuan did not see that short-lived smile.

When he looked at Qi Jinran, the latter had returned to his usual calm expression.

“Jinran… that…”

After getting in the car, there were millions of things Wen Yuan wanted to say.

He didn’t even know where to start.

“What do you want to ask” Qi Jinran looked at him.

He probably guessed what Wen Yuan was struggling with.

“Why did you suddenly… want to get the certificate with me”

Wen Yuan thought of Zhou Yunqing.

Did his appearance somehow stimulate Qi Jinran

“Anyway, we were going to get married.

Does it matter if we get the certificate earlier or later” Qi Jinran’s tone was calm.

“Is that so.”

Wen Yuan realized he was thinking too much again.1As in thinking more about the situation than it actually is But Qi Jinran hadn’t explained the kiss in the corridor just now.

Should he ask

Secretly glancing at Qi Jinran’s face, his eyes fell on his pale red lips, and Wen Yuan remembered the moment that made his knees go weak.

He had always thought that Qi Jinran should be a flower on the high mountain of abstinence and restraint, having nothing to do with sexual desire.

But in that moment, he clearly felt the possessive and predatory desires hidden under the cold surface.

Qi Jinran, does he care a little about him

Spreading the marriage certificate out, Wen Yuan rubbed his fingers on the couple photo, and the corners of his mouth curled unconsciously.

It should be, otherwise, he wouldn’t be so close to himself…

When they got home, the skies were dark.

Xue Rong was happier than anyone else to hear that Qi Jinran and Wen Yuan went to get their marriage certificate.

Pulling the housekeeper to help, she cooked a large table of dishes, and placed candlesticks and flowers on the table.

When Wen Yuan walked in and saw the warm and romantic dining table, he couldn’t help sighing “wow”.

“Master, you and Xiao Wen eat slowly.

I’ll go home and rest first.” Xue Rong wiped her hands on her apron and left the space for the owners of the house with a smile.

“There’s even red wine.” Wen Yuan sat down at the table.

Picking up the aged Bordeaux in the ice bucket2General rule is don’t ice red wine until after the bottle is open…, he looked at the rays of color in the light with emotion.

“The color is so beautiful.”

“Waste ful.”

Frowning, Qi Jinran sat down at the dining table.

“Do you know how to drink wine” He looked at the boy opposite.

“It’s okay, many desserts taste better with wine, so I have some knowledge about it.”

Wen Yuan pried open the cork in the glass bottle and was about to pour Qi Jinran wine when he suddenly remembered something.

“Your leg… can you drink”

Qi Jinran sneered.

“I didn’t have a car accident yesterday, what are you afraid of”

“True.” Wen Yuan smiled awkwardly and helped him pour a glass.

“Mind3As in mind what you’re eating yourself yourself, don’t worry about me.”


After pouring red wine into his glass, Wen Yuan returned to his seat and started eating.

In the beating candlelight, Qi Jinran’s handsome face seemed to be a little softer than before.

Wen Yuan held the glass and took a deep breath before looking at Qi Jinran.

“Jinran, do we want to… toast”

Wiping his mouth with a napkin, Qi Jinran looked at him with quiet black eyes.

Just when Wen Yuan thought he was going to reject him, the man raised his jaw and picked up the wine glass with his slender fingers.

Wen Yuan was overjoyed and hurriedly touched glasses with him.

“Happy wedding to us!”

After speaking, he suddenly realized that the two had a business marriage, and this kind of celebratory language seemed inappropriate.

After thinking for a while, he changed his mind and said, “I made a mistake just now.

Isn’t the Lunar New Year4Spring festival = LNY = CNY coming soon.

I wish you a happy Lunar New Year in advance! Hope work goes well! Everything goes well!”

Qi Jinran: …

He finished the cup with a complicated expression.


Wen Yuan was slightly drunk when he returned to his room.

Taking out the marriage certificate from his coat, he touched it preciously, and opened the drawer of the bedside table to put it in.

However, his eyes narrowed when he saw the contents.

In the drawer, lay a black and white prenuptial agreement

They got the certificate today, which means that the countdown to their one-year wedding has begun.

Wen Yuan’s woke up from his drunkenness instantly.

His face stiffened, and a guess suddenly crossed his mind.

Did Qi Jinran rush to get a certificate from him because he is eager to end this unsatisfactory marriage

Thinking of this possibility, Wen Yuan’s chest felt as if he had been pricked by a needle, dully aching.

Putting the marriage certificate in the depths of the closet, Wen Yuan lay on the bed, unable to fall asleep.

Thinking of the bottle of red wine left in the kitchen, Wen Yuan suddenly sat up from the bed.

He knew that Qi Jinran usually worked in the study, so he quietly ran downstairs and brought the bottle back to his room.

After finishing the rest of the wine with melancholic expression, Wen Yuan still couldn’t fall asleep.

He threw the empty bottle aside, lay on the pillow at the head of the bed, and called Ji Hong.

Ji Hong was soaking his feet in the dormitory.

When the phone in his pocket rang, his hand shook and he almost threw the phone into the water.

“Ji Hong…” Wen Yuan didn’t seem very happy, his tone was muffled and nasal.

“I seem…really…in love with Qi Jinran…”

Ji Hong was not surprised at all, showing a proud expression of “just as brother expected”.

“Look, I said you liked him earlier.

In fact, I’ve noticed the signs since the barbecue.

At that time—”

“Ji Hong, there’s one more thing… hiccup, I want to tell you.”

“What’s the matter You say”

“Qi Jinran and I got the certificate today.”

Ji Hong stood up abruptly, and water splashed all over the floor.

“Got the certificate A marriage certificate You are married!”


“Then why do you sound so unhappy You like him, and have now obtained a certificate with him,.

What else is there to be dissatisfied with” Ji Hong puzzled.

“You… don’t understand anything…”

There was a bunch of words suffocating in his chest, but he couldn’t tell Ji Hong in detail, so he simply hung up.

Has anyone ever seen newlyweds who have just received the marriage certificate that sleep in separate rooms at night

Their relationship isn’t even as good as their roommates!

Feeling unwilling and aggrieved, and driven by alcohol, he changed into pajamas and went to the study on the second floor.


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