Upholstered Sleeper furniture: Mood Rocking Bed by Joe Manus for Shiner International

Designer Joe Manus of Shiner International, his rocking bed change our mood submerging us in an interesting and relaxing experience.

Talk about this season, it’s almost impossible not to relate it with pleasure, relaxation and comfort. But relax in the summer does not necessarily mean being ensconced in a chair facing the sea or a swimming pool, comfort and relaxation can also be in a bed and even more if we have one like you see in the image, this Mood Rocking Bed ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

A new piece of Upholstered Sleeper furniture was made of the carbon steel as material for its structure, combined with detailed wooden furniture but also has the ability to balance our movement, automatically giving the feeling of relaxation and comfort. In addition, the bed has many sizes: Twin, Full, Queen and King size.

Definitely a good option to renew your bedroom or add new furniture to the outside of your home.


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